Chapter 1:

Different Ability Signet

The Great God system

                  “Mum, are you home, Alice!!, were is everyone.” A boy with red hair, 6 foot and 1 inches tall, he had sky blue eyes, he also looked out spoken, “Alice, were the hell are you.” He walked into his home and was shocked to meet the house empty “Amber is that you.” A lady says, “yes mom, where’s Alice, I have to tell him something.” The woman Is identified as his mother “what do you want, Amber am tired I need to rest.” Another voice is heard, its identified as Alice Yuma, Amber’s twin brother, “its about Joe, he just got an emerald sword pendant and he’s moving to the camp tomorrow he said I should come tell you, that he can’t come again.” Amber and his brother are the only child of their parents and they haven’t yet gotten their stones, normally the rule states once you have your stones you go to the camp, but in this world not everyone gets a stone, Amber and Alice have tried and tried but it was always a no, “Why us, why don’t we get stones, is our family that weak, I hate this family, always humiliating me.”                      “Alice, shut up, why do you always blame our family, mom and dad try their best, if we weren’t meant to get stones then, so be it.” Clearly they have had bad lucks since they’ve been checking, and all their friends have gone off to the camp, anyone who doesn’t get a stone stays behind keep the city in order, “Amber you’ve always been weak, but am not you, I’m go to beat my luck, this time I’m getting my stone.” Alice leaves the scenery and walks out of the house, “Amber, please go with your brother, he’s headed for the Gem shrine again, don’t let him misbehave.” Their mom sends Amber off with his brother, as Amber and his brother headed to the shrine, they both said some ugly things to themselves, “Amber you’re weak to the extent you want nothing more than to sit at home peacefully while people die on the field saving your ass, I detest such a life, when I get my gem stone today I’ll show you with power I can attain more strength to protect even you.” Alice lashes out on Amber, “I don’t like sitting home while people die, but we can’t keep building our hope were it won’t flourish, we have been trying since we were fourteen and now we are 17, we’ve wasted three years on mere wishes, but no more this time I’ll spend my time thinking about a better future, like helping dad at the shop and other stuff and you should too, you know our parents didn’t have abilities so there are no chances that we’d have.” Their parents didn’t have abilities so they were not sure to have one, “granddad had one if for anything I still know I have an ability just so you know.” Their grand father had an ability, a creation ability that let him create weapons he’s seen for battle. They got to the Gem shrine a line was there and a man was standing outside, he was giving them an information which the twins have heard countless times, “good day future warriors, welcome to the gem shrine, once you take this line in, a man will be waiting for you to assign you your Signet, a signet is like a bracelet sealed to your body carrying the ability you possess, this man can’t form your signet only you can, he will put on your right hand a metal foil, if a signet doesn’t form it means no ability stones for you this year, once he wraps the foil around your hands it will take its shape, there are 5 different types of signets, but accessible to you now are only three, you have copper bracelet, iron and bronze, the weakest is iron, this signet will be what your weapons will be made of during combat whether you are a close range ability user or not, on that signet you’ll see the initials of your abilities.” The young man kept on saying “once you get your signet it would normally come out with a chain if it doesn’t then you’ll be like us, you can see my hand, we work within the city we are called adventurers, we belong to a different house, when you go in another information will be passed to you, now you can all go in.” They all headed in, one after the other and like the man said they would meet a man that foils the wrist, Amber and Alice were on the same line, “Alice, let’s follow the line, don’t cut in front of someone.” Alice left his brother and skipped to the front where only three people were in front of him, no one spoke a thing because he looked troublesome, “Next person.” The man said, a boy stepped forward “stretch forth your hands, am sorry no abilities for you.” The boy left sad and ashamed, “Next person.” A girl stepped forward, “stretch your hands, ohh, you have a iron signet and your ability, Healing.” And as they said the signet brought out chains that had a gem seat in them, “Next person.” A boy steps forward, “Stretch forth your hands, your ability, Hydro-kinesis, your signet copper.” The first copper signet had just been revealed, “Next person.” And Alice stepped forward, “I can see, your back this year, we’ll hope you get a signet, stretch forth your hand, wow, lucks on your side today, your ability, Pyro-kinesis, your bracelet copper.” Alice finally got his bracelet, and a copper one, “why did I get a fire ability, I was hoping for a creation like granddad.” Alice thought to himself, fire isn’t all that convincing, the line went on for long and someone came to Amber, “your brother’s really luck, he should count he’s starts lucky, he only took the test only trice, this is my fifth time if this doesn’t work then I’m off to find myself a job, well it’s my turn, wish me luck, “your ability is pyro-kinesis, your signet is bronze.” The boy was the first to get the bronze signet in all that was lined up, “wow I actually got in, then I can’t wait to meet you inside Good luck I’ll be waiting inside for you.” And he went in, alot of people went in and it was now Amber’s turn, “Next person.” Amber walked in and then stretch forth his arm, “your brother was lucky, now let’s see if what they say is true, does the luck of a twin apply to the other.” The man place the foil on Amber’s hands and then the foil melted and turn into a signet, one that has never been seen a platinum with the letter C on it, there was also a plus, the process was painful and it felt like the signet was glued to his skin, “you have a iron platinum, but How come you have these rare abilities, your ability, creation and what is this plus I don’t know what it means, and I don’t know what a platinum signet means too.” everyone’s signet had one chain while Amber’s had two, one join from each opposite ends.