Chapter 143:

Vol. 9 Chapter 3: Saka, the Emissary of Darkness Part 3

Hour Empty Child

The morning sun rose from the horizon. Through the window glass that filtered the beaming sunlight, the light itself fell onto the eyes of the tanned girl with silver hair that was practically eating at her face.Bookmark here

Her eyes fluttered before opening, an annoyed expression marring her face.Bookmark here

“Cursed sun… giveth me more slumber…”Bookmark here

Saka muttered in her sleep before she turned the covers over her face and groaned.Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

Unfortunately for her, Saka came to the living room where everyone was already prepped up and ready. The living room was the same as usual—the giant television that can be mistaken as a movie screen from the theatre. Several furnitures lined up around it, with every party member sitting on it who waited for their comrade to arrive. Kudo and company looked at their new arrival with a surprised face after noticing something new about her appearance.Bookmark here

Her hair was disheveled, and her eyes were practically dragging to try to stay awake. Her back was hunched as if her body was ready to fall over and go back to sleep at any time.Bookmark here

“Did you had a good sleep?” Kudo asked, bringing a beaming smile to her face.Bookmark here

“Ghh… more time…” Saka pleaded.Bookmark here

“Haha, sleeping in Master’s home is like being in heaven! The beds are so soft and comfortable.”Bookmark here

Tsuchi said as the party agreed since they all slept over in the mansion instead of their usual inns. For Kudo and Hinota, it was the same usual routine, but they also agreed on the comfortable beds being a blessing.Bookmark here

“Of course,” Hikari came over, with two other maids by her side. “My maids make it so that the beds are always soft and comfortable whenever we rest. It’s their job to make sure that we’re prepped for anything for the day—ain’t that right, Shokan?”Bookmark here

“Yes, Master,” Shokan, the head maid, nodded her head once. “We always work hard to provide excellent service.”Bookmark here

“Mmh!” Hikari nodded her head. “Now then, some bit of news for you all!”Bookmark here

The party quickly turned their attention to her as Hikari moved over to where the furniture was and sat down at her big luxurious chair reserved for her.Bookmark here

“I heard from a good source last night that a new dungeon popped up near the border of Roprase.”Bookmark here

Hikari said, getting everyone to pop their eyes open and gasped.Bookmark here

“A new dungeon?!” Kudo repeated. “For real? How does that happen?”Bookmark here

“Oh, that happens all the time,” Hikari waved her hands up and down as if it was an ordinary happening. “When a dungeon is cleared, it goes back to the ground and it pops up again in a different location, designed differently for the next time.”Bookmark here

“B-But I thought dungeons are usually there for hundreds of years, ever since the gods first put them there as a challenge…” Hinota said, remembering what she learned from in Peranim.Bookmark here

“Probably because in Peranim, nobody has ever successfully completed the dungeon, am I right?”Bookmark here

Kudo and Hinota both nodded their heads in agreement.Bookmark here

“Then, that happens. Though the time it takes for a new dungeon to arrive is usually a couple of years. This time, a new dungeon appeared in just a year, which is a surprise but not uncommon.”Bookmark here

Hikari snapped her fingers, and instantly Shokan grabbed a rolled-up map from her inventory screen and handed it to her. Hikari then rolled open the map and turned it over, showing the location to the party.Bookmark here

“Currently, the DMC is trying to get a hold of it. If you hurry, you can be the first ones there and beat everyone else!”Bookmark here

“No way!” Kudo jumped up from his seat, his fists practically flying into the air. “Alright! This is awesome! I never thought we could actually go for another dungeon here in Roprase!”Bookmark here

“Whoa, you two went to a dungeon before?” Kuki asked.Bookmark here

“Yeah, we did,” Hinota smiled from the memories. “Though we failed, we gained a lot of good loot from it. Lots of experience too. It’s a great place with a good challenge.”Bookmark here

“And we’ll be heading to another dungeon too! Over at…” Kudo checked the map quickly. “ Haeldom! Haeldom, we go!”Bookmark here

Kudo made a fist as he punched the sky. Hinota agreed and shouted too, but the other party members weren’t exactly so keen.Bookmark here

“B-But I heard a dungeon is really difficult… I heard there’s always a powerful boss after every floor!” Raika said.Bookmark here

“It’s actually every 10 floors,” Kudo corrected.Bookmark here

“But we still gotta fight a boss every time, right?!”Bookmark here

“Oh come on, Rai! It’ll be great!” Mizuri shouted.Bookmark here

“Hey, if everyone’s going for it, I am too!” Tsuchi said.Bookmark here

“But, uhh… do we go, like, right now?” Kuki asked.Bookmark here

“Yep! Right now!”Bookmark here

Kudo replied, getting Kuki and Raika’s spirit to lower as they slumped back onto their seats’ cushion and sighed.Bookmark here

As the party talked about what to do, Saka walked forward, pulling the sleeve on Kudo’s shirt. Kudo turned around, noticing Saka’s deep stare.Bookmark here

Saka cleared her throat. “I believe my power is suited for this kind of leisure battling. Let me at the beasts, and you will not regret it.”Bookmark here

“Oh, so you wanna help us out?” Kudo understood her immediately. “Awesome! I… umm, Mom, how do we include Saka into our party? Usually, it’s only allowed up to six members, right?”Bookmark here

“The 6-man party rule is mostly an unspoken rule. It’s usually followed, but it can be broken as long as everyone agrees on the loot distribution. Parties with more members than 6 usually often fight over the loot and end up breaking apart.”Bookmark here

“We always distribute our loot fair and square, so Saka, you can join us!”Bookmark here

Kudo laid a hand on Saka’s shoulder, admitting her to the party. Saka lowered her head, hiding her light blush on her cheeks from the person in front of her.Bookmark here

“G-Good…” Saka muttered to herself.Bookmark here

The party then headed over to the guild. After a few moments spent, Kudo admitted Saka into the E-Plus without a hassle. As the rustle and tussle of the adventurers continued in the guild lobby, Hinota moved towards Saka and asked.Bookmark here

“Saka, that scythe of yours…”Bookmark here

Hinota pointed at the scythe currently strapped behind Saka. Saka turned around and looked at the scythe before turning back to Hinota.Bookmark here

“What is the issue with my Nightingale?”Bookmark here

(So she named it, huh?) Hinota lightly smiled. “Actually, I was thinking that maybe the… Nightingale needed a good fixing. You can lend it to Kudo to have it fixed. He’s an experienced blacksmith, and he can repair it for free since you’re part of the party.”Bookmark here

“A-Absolutely not!”Bookmark here

Saka unstrapped her scythe and held it tight, as if Hinota was ready to nab it and take it for herself.Bookmark here

“Nightingale belongs to me! I shan’t let anyone grasp it!”Bookmark here

“Whoa… easy there,” Hinota raised both her hands. “I didn’t mean anything like that.”Bookmark here

“Saka, don’t worry.”Bookmark here

Both the girls turned over to Kudo who moved over to their side as he happened to listen in on their conversation.Bookmark here

“I’ll treasure Nightingale like it’s my own weapon. I promise nothing bad will happen to it. Will you trust me, Saka?”Bookmark here

Kudo said in a sincere tone, putting out his hand for Saka to give her weapon to. Saka looked at the hand for a moment, pursed her lips, and let out a big puff of air through her nose.Bookmark here

“…Please, care for it like it is your livelihood.”Bookmark here

“I will.”Bookmark here

Saka said as Kudo replied in a heartbeat. Saka handed over the scythe to Kudo, which he took a moment to stare at in his hands and marveled at the sight.Bookmark here

“Wow, it looks pretty worn out, but it still has a good edge… it won’t take too long. I’ll be back later with it.”Bookmark here

Kudo said as he waved at Saka before heading to the Crafting Garage to clean up the scythe. Saka waved back for just a moment before crossing her arms over her chest as if already missing the scythe with a sigh.Bookmark here

(Somehow, it looks like Saka is more friendly with Kudo more than even us…)Bookmark here

Hinota lowered her brows in suspicion as she herself crossed her arms. But without her noticing, someone else crept up behind her and chuckled.Bookmark here

“She’s gonna take him away if you don’t hurry, Hino~” Mizuri whispered, causing Hinota to flinch and turned around.Bookmark here

“Oh, shut up!”Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

Since Kudo was away at the moment, Saka sat on the chair that she used to sit on before by herself as usual. She stared at the deep abyss known as the Alpha Heart, looking at all the adventurers who were constantly throwing themselves into their fun antics.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the other party members watched her side with a gaze filled with concern and worry, knowing that she was the sort of girl who will never initiate the first conversation.Bookmark here

“Alright, we gotta talk to her at least in some point,” Mizuri said to the party members. “We can’t be scared of a pretty girl!”Bookmark here

“Easy for you to say,” Kuki said, scratching the back of his head. “She’s kinda scary in a way.”Bookmark here

“Where did your balls go? And you call yourself a man!”Bookmark here

Mizuri’s venomous words hit Kuki deep as she told everyone to follow her lead to talk to her. Being the first, Mizuri stepped in to talk to her.Bookmark here

However, Saka did not even reply.Bookmark here

Going with the list, Tsuchi went on next.Bookmark here

Not a single word.Bookmark here

Then, it was the fearful Raika.Bookmark here

Again, no word at all.Bookmark here

Finally, the coward Kuki.Bookmark here

He was shot down before he even had a chance from the way she turned her head to the side.Bookmark here

“Gah… it hurts too much when a girl so bluntly ignores you…”Bookmark here

Kuki walked back in shame, his feet dragging to the party members with his head craned down in defeat.Bookmark here

“Sorry…” Mizuri apologized. “I spoke too harsh. That was pretty brutal.”Bookmark here

“Nah, that’s just how Kui always is with other girls.”Bookmark here

“Rai! The hell?! Don’t say that out loud for everyone to hear!”Bookmark here

Raika flipped her hair as she admitted Kuki’s faults, getting Kuki to scream back with a throbbing vein on his forehead. Mizuri and Tsuchi then turned to the only one with an answer on how to ask her.Bookmark here

“Hino, you know any way to talk to her? I mean, you’re always able to talk to her.”Bookmark here

“In this case, I won’t be able to.”Bookmark here

“Huh?” Mizuri tilted her head.Bookmark here

“That girl, she’s nervous without her weapon,” Hinota surmised. “She’s probably too nervous to even talk without a weapon in hand. Only person she’s willing to talk to would probably be Kudo. Somehow, he’s the only one whom she’s more comfortable talking to.”Bookmark here

“I see…” Mizuri understood a little, looking back at Saka sitting on her chair.Bookmark here

Now that Mizuri noticed, Saka was actually darting her head around multiple times, as if being watchful of any other person going to talk to her. Her legs fidgeted and her arms squirmed slightly. Mizuri was only able to notice this after carefully analyzing her from the distance.Bookmark here

“Wow, she really does look nervous.”Bookmark here

“So there was no point in me getting shot down?!” Kuki shouted, receiving a karate chop from Hinota.Bookmark here

“We’re not talking about that now,” Hinota said as Kuki rubbed his head from the playful pain. “Still, we can’t just let her be. I’ll go ahead and talk to her.”Bookmark here

“What if she ignores you too?” Raika asked.Bookmark here

“She won’t,” Hinota smiled. “I won’t let her.”Bookmark here

Hinota spoke with a courageous tone as she moved forward, getting the party to look back in awe at their co-leader.Bookmark here

“Our spirit is with you, Hinota-chii~!” Tsuchi waved at his hero with a welling tear in his eye.Bookmark here

Hinota kept moving forward until she met up with Saka, who looked back at her with a fright and immediately hunched her back.Bookmark here

“I-I wish to be alone now. This emissary of darkness does not require any sort of companionship.”Bookmark here

Saka said to scare her off, but Hinota remained firm and dragged a chair from another table and moved it beside her. She sat down on it, turning her attention to Saka fully which only caused her to groan.Bookmark here

“Mmh, you conniving…”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Hinota answered. “I’m a conniving woman.”Bookmark here

Hearing that, Saka turned her head without another word, a slight ‘hmph’ sound escaped from her lips as if she was done with her already.Bookmark here

A moment passed as Hinota and Saka remained seated together in silence. Saka kept looking down at the ground, fiddling with her thumbs to pass her nerves as Hinota figured that it was just about time.Bookmark here

“Saka… can I ask where did you come from?”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Saka didn’t answer. Rather, from the way Hinota studied her expression, it was as if she couldn’t answer.Bookmark here

“…Do you have any family members?” Hinota asked again.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Saka did not answer as well. Hinota lowered her gaze as she couldn’t find an answer from that expression she wore—a sullen and empty expression that was hard to describe.Bookmark here

(It’s like this girl’s mystery just gets deeper and deeper. She won’t let us inside.) Hinota closed her eyes to be deep in thought. (But… Kudo wants to help her. He’s not even asking any questions—just wants to help her in any way he can. I gotta at least try.)Bookmark here

After another moment of deep thought, which for Hinota’s highly advanced mind, it was mere nanoseconds, she thought of an idea that could do the trick.Bookmark here

“Hey, Saka,” Hinota started. “Do you wanna know more about Kudo?”Bookmark here

Saka’s head rose. Her ears perked as she turned her head towards Hinota’s direction, her curious eyes telling all that Hinota wanted to hear.Bookmark here

“…Well,” Saka cleared her throat. “I-I do not need to know any crucial details… but… I suppose I can let you advance with your discussion…”Bookmark here

Saka tried hard to hide her blush, but Hinota smiled knowing that she got her right where she wanted her. Though something aggravated slightly deep inside of her, Hinota continued.Bookmark here

“Well, did you know that before becoming an adventurer, he was a farmer kid?”Bookmark here

Saka widened her eyes. “For certain?”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Hinota answered with a smile. “It’s surprising, isn’t it? He’s the most veteran adventurer, but he was a farmer before he started. And he was so skinny back then too.”Bookmark here

“I see…” Saka nodded, continuing to listen in on the discussion.Bookmark here

“And then…”Bookmark here

Hinota continued speaking more on how she knew Kudo from his stories, getting Saka to listen in on every one with an attentive expression.Bookmark here

An hour passed, and before long, the girls were laughing together, their voices becoming higher as if they were long-time friends catching up with one another.Bookmark here

“Wow!” Raika said in amazement. “Hinota managed to cheer her up!”Bookmark here

“Gotta give it to her,” Kuki said, whistling slightly at the two. “She got skills.”Bookmark here

“What do you expect?” Tsuchi asked. “She’s Hinota-chii, after all!”Bookmark here

The party members continued to gaze in awe at Hinota who also continued to talk about Kudo to Saka. Saka finished her laughter and then asked another question.Bookmark here

“Then, what of his kin?” Saka asked. “Who were Kudo’s foster mother and father?”Bookmark here

When Saka asked, knowing the circumstances of Kudo’s birth from the earlier stories, something stung in Hinota’s heart. Her usual beaming smile and laughter ceased, replacing it with a sullen expression in an instant. Saka knew immediately that what she asked caused such a change.Bookmark here

“That’s…” Hinota tried to answer. “Well, they were farmers, like Kudo was. They taught him everything he knew… and…”Bookmark here

Hinota still had a hard time to explain about his parents, getting Saka to listen intently.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound depressed,” Hinota apologized, noticing her own change. “It’s just… recently, Kudo’s parents passed away about 4 months ago.”Bookmark here

Saka flinched, the light within her eyes beginning to shift as she returned to her seat, her head lowered down. “I-I see… what happened to them?”Bookmark here

“…It was a murder. A Dark Player took them away, along with a lot of people.”Bookmark here

Saka’s shoulders shuddered. Her hands grasped onto each other’s tightly as her lips pursed.Bookmark here

“Then… what that gigantic woman was talking about at the bath… about Kudo’s history…”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Hinota answered. “Before we moved here, a Dark Player came over and blew up an entire building, bringing along everyone within it to die, including his parents. Ever since then, Kudo carried that heavy burden on his back.”Bookmark here

Hinota and Saka both looked forward, viewing the adventurers who were having fun within the jolly atmosphere outside of the deep atmosphere they were having. Saka kept grasping at her arm, her bandaged arm as she asked another question.Bookmark here

“Does… Kudo has a seething rage towards Dark Players?”Bookmark here

Hinota had no clue on how to answer that. It was clear as day, though—he had extreme hate for the Dark Players. The time when he faced against Sherald was the one thing she could never forget, even if she wanted to. Even the time when he faced the slime Dark Player just a few days ago as well.Bookmark here

“Kudo has… a thing for Dark Players. He would go ballistic when he sees a Dark Player hurting other people. He just couldn’t stand it.”Bookmark here

“I… see.”Bookmark here

Saka kept looking down at her lap, looking at her bandaged arm. Her arm continued to burn, even now, fiercer than ever. She grasped at her bandaged arm, hoping to relieve it at least just a little bit.Bookmark here

“Hey guys, I’m back!”Bookmark here

Kudo shouted, getting the attention of the girls. He had the Nightingale scythe in hand, the blade more polished and sheen thanks to his careful care. Saka lifted herself up from her chair and grabbed the scythe from Kudo’s hands.Bookmark here

“Nightingale!”Bookmark here

Saka cooed, moving the scythe towards her face as she nuzzled it with great love and care. However, this brought the others to look at her in an endearing way, getting her to quickly let go of the scythe and strapped it back to her backside.Bookmark here

Saka then cleared her throat. “I… thank you for your service, Kudo.”Bookmark here

“Heh, no problem,” Kudo replied. Then he turned to Hinota for a moment before he switched back to Saka. “What were you guys talking about before I came in here?”Bookmark here

The two girls glanced at one another, then like clockwork, the two replied: “It was nothing.”Bookmark here

“Oh… uhh, okay,” Kudo tilted his head from the sudden simultaneously response. “Hinota, is everything ready?”Bookmark here

“Mmh? Ah, yes…”Bookmark here

The two leaders started their conversation, leaving Saka to herself as she held onto her bandaged arm even tighter, grasping it with her hand. Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

“Everyone, how’s our progress going?”Bookmark here

Kudo said to his party members who were standing in front of him at their table.Bookmark here

“We got everything we needed, right, Saka?” Hinota asked.Bookmark here

“Yes,” Saka nodded. “Everything is going as fate commands. There will be no issue.”Bookmark here

(Oh… the two seem closer now,) Kudo tilted his head. (How did that happen…? Well, as long as they’re getting along, that’s fine.)Bookmark here

Kudo smiled warmly at the two who were talking to each other with excited expressions. He then pulled something out of his Magic Bag inventory and grabbed some chainmail out of it.Bookmark here

“Saka, this is for you. This is reinforced with my blacksmithing, so it should provide some more defense for you if you wear it underneath.”Bookmark here

“Oh… I thank you,” Saka said, grabbing the chainmail with a surprised look.Bookmark here

“Mmh, how is everyone else doing?”Bookmark here

“I’m going to start making some short meals for our dungeon raiding,” Raika said, grabbing her arm as she flexed it in front. “I gotta put my best buffs there.”Bookmark here

“Good,” Kudo replied with a nod. “And Mizuri, how are the potions?”Bookmark here

“Going good,” Mizuri said while pinching both her index finger and thumb together. “Almost done with the mana potions and health potions with some added buffs for good measure.”Bookmark here

“Good!” Kudo replied loudly. “Alright, I’m getting excited! This will be our second time going to the dungeon, Hinota.”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Hinota said. “It’s time for our much-needed looting.”Bookmark here

“Man, I can’t wait!” Tsuchi said in excitement, rubbing his hands together.Bookmark here

“I wonder what a dungeon is gonna be… I can’t even imagine it,” Kuki said, his lips rising upwards.Bookmark here

“Then, let’s aim for the hundredth floor in the dungeon, guys!”Bookmark here

Kudo raised his fist into the air, getting everyone along to do the same.Bookmark here

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