Chapter 2:

The melancholy of Elusia Nulls

Cyberpunk Ghostwriter

Elusia Nulls had a problem. She sighed as she headed back to her room in the temple. I couldn’t even land a scratch on him… she thought. If only I could freaking use magic!

You see, Elusia Nulls couldn’t use breakers. The specific cause was unknown, but she had come to the conclusion that her brainwaves were just incompatible with the technology.

Well, in terms of physical ability I’m probably the best in the ‘class’.

Elusia wasn’t over exaggerating. During her first 5 years of training she was unrivaled in her combat prowess. She could run over 5 kilometers in 10 minutes, parkour over walls and and rooftops like nobody’s business, and she even managed to beat a cybernetic enhanced mercenary who came to train the ‘students’ in hand to hand combat. ‘Are you even human!?’ had been the mercenary’s parting words after the match. 

However, no matter how much physical prowess one possesses, they simply can’t hold a candle to someone enhanced with magical powers. 

With magical buffs, like body enforcement spells, and a variety of insane reality bending attacks they could easily wipe the floor with any regular human being. The fact that she was still alive and in training was a testament to her own personal skill and hardworking(or rather stubborn) personality. 

The self proclaimed beauty slowly walked through the halls of the temple while collecting her thoughts and found herself at the entranceway to her door. In one quick motion she opened the door, slammed it behind her, and sprawled herself onto her bed. She lazed around for a while, taking a good look at her room. It was a small, white room with no windows and barely and furniture. The only things inside were the bed she currently laid on and her desk across the room. The temple had only provided the bare minimum for each of the disciple’s living conditions to prevent in-fighting due to individuality and to save costs in case the disciple didn’t survive the training process.

What am even doing here… Elusia thought as she lay in her room. I should just leave already.

Elusia never wanted to become an Exorcist. She had been brought into the temple with several other infants that had been abandoned and sold to the organization. She had trained harder than any of the others and survived the whole ordeal, but due to her lack of magical abilities, she was much weaker and less suited to become an Exorcist than the others who survived. As such she was unsure as to what she could even do if she ever got an assignment.

Well…it’s not like I have anywhere else to go. Plus the organization would probably try to silence me if I ever escaped.

Elusia could easily escape by hijacking a passing tourist’s vehicle, but there was nowhere she could to escape to, and there was no guarantee that the organization would just let that slide and not send someone to retrieve or kill her. As such Elusia Nulls was stuck.

After a while of moping around, Elusia got off her bed and sat down at her desk. She slowly opened one of the drawers below her and pulled out some artificial paper. This paper had been made by artificially flash cloning trees and then mass processing the material created into a realistic paper substitute.

Technology is awesome.

Elusia had stolen some from the gift shop. Elusia hesitated for a moment as she reached down to open the second drawer, but quickly pulled it out and took out the thing she had been hiding in there. She held it up in front of her. It was an ancient brush that looked as if it had been made centuries prior, yet somehow new. The handle was made of glossy wood and had ancient carvings and patterns drawn into it. The head of the brush seemed to be made of a shiny black material that resembled human hair and the tip somehow was dripping with an unknown type of ink.

5 days ago Elusia had been walking back to her room as usual, but decided to stop by the statue room for some alone time. She was about to head out, when she noticed that one of the statues had a crooked arm. Feeling a bit mischievous, she tried to push it back in place and unwittingly ended up opening a secret passageway behind the idol. She panicked, but the curiosity got the better of her and she went inside. Behind the idol was an altar with a indiscernible message carved into it. Right below the altar was an ancient book, or rather tome, that looked like it was definitely cursed, and a single brush. The book looked like bad news, so she started by looking at the brush. Suddenly she heard someone coming from the hallway behind her and in her panic, she had grabbed the brush and dashed out of the room, closing the entrance behind her and headed towards her room.

I wonder what’s the deal with that secret room. Well I guess that book was some kind of sealed holy text or something, but what’s the deal with this weird brush?

Elusia observed the weird thing in her hand. She had never seen anything like it before. The brush let out an ominous aura and seemed to be dripping with ink, even thought she had never even dipped it. It seemed to be pushing her to write something.

Oh well…what’s the worse that could happen!

A lot. A lot could happen.

Suddenly an old memory flashed into her mind.

“There are 4 main elements in magic.”

The image of her old magic teacher was explaining the fundamental basics of magic.

“The light element, the water element, the fire element, and the life element.”

Her teacher had drawn four different magical pattern circles on the holographic display.

“These elements make up the foundations of all magic spells.”

“But how do we cast more spells?”

She had asked.

“Good question. Allow me to demonstrate.”

The teacher had erased the patterns and drawn the pattern for light on the display.

“If you cast the magic circle with just one elemental pattern, you get the basic form of the spell”

The teacher then demonstrated by casting light, creating a bright flash.

“But if you draw another circle around the first one…you can create a chain effect.”

The teacher then drew smaller light patterns along the surrounding circle. They then activated the spell, creating a blinding light, much stronger than the first.

“By inputting different pattern combinations, you can also create a different spell effect entirely. Imagine that the magical circle is an atom. The main magic pattern is the nucleus, while the smaller magical patterns on the surrounding circle are the protons and electrons”

The teacher erased the smaller light patterns and drew 2 fire patterns and a water pattern. This time the spell instead created a dark mist that encompassed the entire room.

The memory ends.

Elusia knew what the brush wanted her to do. Carefully, she drew a light magic circle pattern on the paper in front of her.

“Well here goes nothing!”

She slams their palm into the pattern and a bright flash bursts out. Elusia stumbles backwards and falls to the ground in response to the attack on the senses. After a moment of silence with a blank stare on her face she slowly starts to sit up.

“Was that…magic?”

Slowly a large toothy grin spreads onto her face.


Good job. Let’s get started.