Chapter 3:

13 the luckiest number.


----luto----Bookmark here

After about I don't know how many hours of that cramped plane ride I finally got to stretch my legs. I grabbed my bags and if I remember correctly there should be a bus it side waiting for me to take me to a private hotel.Bookmark here

I really am ready for a shower, and some peace and quiet. I had to listen to that damn girl who broke my phone snore all the way here. She drules to, kinda very gross girl if you ask me. Even my sister wouldn't do something like that. She really pisses me off.Bookmark here

"Do I really piss you off that much? Mr.Think out loud like a protagonist"
She heard that? Must of said it under my breath.
"Oh shut up. You damned wench, yah broke my phone so pay up"
"Oh, poor baby gots a temperament and an accent, freaking westerner"Bookmark here

Who the hell raised this girl? She needs to learn common decency in handling these situations. Breaking my phone, and she acts all high and mighty. She sighed and scratched the back of her head.Bookmark here

"Are you headed for that bus to?"Bookmark here

I looked over to where she was pointing and turned back to her. Around her neck was the same pass I got with the number 13. I guess this means she is also one of the contributors to this event. The higher the number the higher the contribution to making this new place.Bookmark here

"Quit your gawking, unless you really do think I'm that pretty"Bookmark here

I glared at her and wondered what her deal was. Who would ever thing this sarcastic, insensitive peace of trash girl is pretty. I mean just look at her.Bookmark here

I heard something whisper in my ear, "Nice round bust, decently looking firm butt, a good athletic figure, taller then your self, beautifully dyed red and black hair, and cute a face with a good smile is what your thinking right?"Bookmark here

" I guess I agree,she's cute, but not ideal type bu.... Hey what the hell!"
I pushed her away and tripped over my own feet then fell down with all red faced.Bookmark here

"Well at least I know how you really feel"
She smiled and kicked me in the back telling me to hurry up or we'd be late for the bus. Bookmark here

I sat down and she sat beside me. She looked at me, then away, and said, what is your type?"
I looked at her embarrassed and then looked down. "Why the hell do you need to know?"Bookmark here

"A benevolent goddess sees a weak little toy and she just can't help her self, she must fix what's broken."Bookmark here

I looked back at her confused, "What are you getting at?"Bookmark here

"This is my payment for breaking your phone. I don't got money right now but... you can have me for today only."Bookmark here

Her sarcasm really hit me hard this time.Bookmark here

Just wow, she really is a wench. Does she have no respect for anything!? Actually now that I think about it she has a bit to much self vanity. I sighed, "Its not that I'm thinking about you or anything I'm just pissed about you breaking my phone."Bookmark here

"Well my tsundere companion looks like you playing your role quite well."Bookmark here

She leaned close to me and whispered in my ear, "Thirteen really is the luckiest number" she proceeded to get up and said that'd she'd give me some space. Although I wouldn't call it space since she sat in the seat in front of me.Bookmark here

What'd she mean by that anyway? Thirteen is super unlucky...Bookmark here

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