Chapter 1:


Maid School

“Look out!”  Mona loudly screamed when she dropped another tray of glasses on the century-old wooden floor.

“Mona, you klutz, this is the third tray you dropped this week.”  the teacher proclaims in an angry voice.

“Those glasses aren’t cheap, you are costing me a fortune! You better get your act together or choose another career.”

“I am so sorry ma'am. It just slipped out of my hands. It won’t happen again I swear” Mona said in a quiet voice while looking down at the floor.

“You keep giving me the same story, but I see little improvement. We had a girl like you a few years ago that wasn’t even able to do as little as carrying a tray across the room without making a mess. I don’t need to explain that she didn’t get far in the service industry.”

After seeing the devastating look in Mona’s eyes the teacher quietly added: “Promise to keep doing your best, miss, and please mob up the floor.”

While Mona was still shocked by the teacher’s harsh words, Ti grabbed a mob from the closet and came to comfort her friend. “Don’t get it all twisted, you will get it right next time”.

“Just keep working really hard and before you know it you will be the best maid in the class.”

 Mona giggled and whispered in a sarcastic voice: “Best in the world”.

Mona and Ti started mopping the floor together. During the cleaning, Ti asked Mona hesitantly: “Why did you decide to come to this school Mona?”

Mona sighed and said: “You also don’t think I am gonna make it huh? You should become a teacher here one day.”

“I didn’t mmmean it like that…” Ti stuttered.

“It’s alright, this was the only school where I got accepted. Apparently, they're really struggling if they have to resort to people like me.”

After this uncomfortable conversation, they decided to quietly finish the cleaning.

“I am starting to see some improvement since you all started last month, but there is still a lot you have to learn”. The teacher said at the end of the class.

“We at this prestigious academy only teach the best of the best. Remember you will become servants for this country's most accomplished families. You have to hold yourself up to that high standard. After all your maids, no ordinary cleaning lady’s.”

 “Yes, ma’am” the class proclaimed in unison.

“For today’s homework I want you to take off your bed today, fold the sheets, and put it back on the bed 5 times as I taught you today.”

Mona whispered a bit too loudly: “There goes my game time.”

“Especially you miss Mona” said the teacher in an angry voice after she overheard the statement.

Since this was the last class for today, Ti and Mona decided to head to the school's dorm building.

After wandering through the school's windy hallways, they arrive at Mona’s dorm room.

“Do you want to join me for a bit Ti-chan?”

In the room, there is a black-haired girl sitting quietly beside the window reading an old romance novel.

“Hey Serena” Mona said with an enthusiastic voice, relieved the hard school day has finally come to a close.

“Your roommate is not much of a talker” Ti said after Serena quietly nodded.

“How come I’ve never met your roommate, Ti-chan?” Mona asked her.

Ti suddenly looked really nervous, she started shaking and a red blush became visible on her face. “I don’t have one” she said in an embarrassed voice."

“You want to play some games?” Mona asked in an attempt to turn around the uncomfortable atmosphere.

“Sure but not for too long, remember we have homework.”

Mona handed Ti a controller and they started playing a racing game. Although Ti had a great start, Mona was quickly able to overtake her by the second round. After that Mona’s victory was quickly decided.

 “You cheater! You always win” Ti screamed in rage.

 “I was trying to give you a head start today, but you keep messing up at the hill section.”

Always wanting to improve herself, Ti asked Mona for a rematch but with no better result. When Ti left for the bathroom, Mona came up with the great idea to let Ti feel like a winner for once. She decided to switch around the controllers so Ti would think she won, while in actuality Mona was the one controlling Ti’s character.

“Yes finally!” Ti screamed loudly after she won her first race ever against Mona.

Serena looked up from her book and gave Ti a quick slime, knowing what was up.

“It’s time for homework.” Ti said just before leaving the room.

“Make sure you do yours too!”

“Sure, see you tomorrow” Mona answered with a condescending voice.

After that, Mona proceeded to play video games until deep into the night. When Serena woke up in the middle of the night, she found Mona sleeping on the couch with the controller still in her hand. Serena put the controller away and grabbed a blanket which she put over the fast-asleep Mona.

“Have a nice rest.” she whispered unintelligibly.