Chapter 0:

Prologue: The Author and His Little Sister

Precious Hearts Letters ~ Soulmates ~

Hi! What was my introduction again? Right! I'm AwesomeNerd on this site but you can call me Alice. I was wondering lately and dove into my weird imaginations. I thought to myself, why don't I write a love story and put myself as the main character? The world has endless possibilities, and we have different versions of ourselves in another universe. And so I thought, "What if my life turned out to be like this?"

Writing a love story isn't easy. But it's not just for the faint of heart. Although, I thought of many kinds of stories I'm lazy to expand those. For now, I’m staring at my computer screen, thinking about how the story will happen, and suddenly my little sister is nagging me to go outside.

“Big brother, big brother!!”

She’s currently wearing a white shirt and pink jogging pants. Her hair is wearing a ponytail and a blue headband on her forehead.

“What is it?” I asked while staring at her.

“Let’s go outside and exercise!” She said excitedly while jogging her feet.

I’m still staring at my computer and didn’t pay attention to her. I’m sure she just wants to annoy me again like she’s doing every day to me.

“There are many beautiful girls outside!”

I sighed heavily while typing on what will be the title of my story. I’m not so sure if the story is interesting or perfectly matches the initial synopsis. While I’m thinking of it, I want my time to be productive.

“Maui, I want my time to be productive. I don’t have time to chat with some girls, even if they are beautiful as you said.”

“Here you go again. That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. You always read and write love stories, while you didn’t have a love life.” She said like she was scolding me for some reason.

As I stare at her, she stops from jogging her feet and she looks at me annoyingly. She looks at my computer screen and sees the synopsis of my story. Well, she’s not wrong. I enjoy writing and reading love stories. I don’t have time to have a relationship yet because I think it’s not suitable for me.

“Did you include me in your story?” She asked me, as she stares at me first while being annoyed by me.

Ugh… I don’t want my little sister to be angry at me because I’m sure she will tell my mom. Even though she’s so annoying, I’m still her big brother. What a pain in the neck.

“Okay, okay! I’ll include you. But if you don’t shut up, I’ll remove your name from this story.”

Her face suddenly turned bright, as if she was angry at me earlier. I guess it’ll do to make her quiet for now.

“I-I’m sorry, big brother. I love you!!” She said happily and suddenly hugs my arm. Having a little sister is a pain in the neck. But what can I do about it? She’s still my little sister.

“So, what will be your first story, big brother?”

Suddenly, I just thought of a perfect first story, thanks to her.