Chapter 3:

The Camp

The Great God system

                  Its the next day and the Yuma’s were ready to be off, “Amber, you have an ability like your granddad, he told me something, one day before he died, he gave me a book, this book had a lock, he told me that if I ever have an ability like his I should use it, but i didn’t get an ability, I feel like you’ll need it more than I, this is the only remaining thing I have from my dad and I’m giving it to you, take care of it.” She entrust some kind of book to Amber, the book looked old and had like a diary lock on it, Amber wasn’t so interested in it, he only took it to show his mom he appreciated it, “Boys be good for me and your mother, come out fine and strong and do what we could never do .” their father stayed back to see them off, “yeah, yeah old man, Amber let’s move out I don’t want others seeing you being lovey-dovey with mom and dad, I’m out.” As usual Alice leaves the scenery, “Amber you have an idiot for a brother, don’t let him spoil my father’s name or I’ll kill him.” Their mom show the same attitude as Alice, “sheesh!!, mom don’t act like Alice, now I know why he acts that way, I’m out bye mom, bye dad.” Amber also leaves.

The bus arrives and the Yuma twins were standing at the bus park waiting, as the doors to the bus opens, a man in a military uniform, at the back of the uniform was written ‘Green cities Shielder’, their cities name was green city, they named it green city because of the rapid growth the city had after the petrification, their military were called Shielder because they guarded the town from dangers of the kuroi, the man came out of the bus, “are you the Yuma twins?, if yes get in we have a long journey ahead.” Amber and Alice get in, Alice walks over to the back suddenly Amber was signalled by Dread, He walks over to him, “bro, nice everyone is in now we head for the camp.” They moved, looking in the bus Amber saw everyone that had passed from the screening the other day, the man who opened the door to the bus stood up and looked at them all, and then he said, “everyone attention.” And then the bus was suddenly quiet, “my name is lieutenant Harrow, I was task with the responsibility of taking care of this company, from today you all are my responsibility, we are headed for the camp where you’ll be thought how to activate your signets, after that there will be a summoning of all the new recruits, you will be given a test there and after that test I want to meet you all.” The man had given them a clue of the test and the signet activation every one was pumped, they got to a cave and the lieutenant got out of the bus, he folded his sleeve showing his signet he was a sapphire house, “Spatial Displacement.” He said those words his signets started glowing and then he open what seemed like a portal, they drove though it and all of a sudden they were at the camp, “”everyone go, like I told you, first thing you’ll all be called to activate your abilities, follow the other recruits to the ground and after that go take your tests when you’re done I’ll meet you all, Good luck.” They move in at the same pace, “Amber are you feeling anxious, because I am.” Dread was shaking a bit, “I’m anxious also, if we get separated during this and you see my brother make sure you keep him from doing something stupid.” Amber was very worried about Alice, “you mean your sick brother, I’m not promising but I’ll try my best.” They got to a gate, an information was been passed there, “please listen, elemental abilities follow the left gate and other abilities take right.”

They split them up and then Amber and Dread were separated, once they got in, they went through a door, another man was there, the man sat on a chair, the man was some how old, a girl got to the man and the man asked her, “what’s your ability young child.” The girl replied nervous, “umm, my ability is healing.” The girl replied, “okay can I see your signet.” She give him her hands with the signet, the man holds it and suddenly his signets starts to glow, “self-activation.” The girl was an emerald, her signets glow, “your ability has been awakened but for now all you can do is a minor self regeneration, but don’t feel bad, you can battle more for class upgrades, you’ll be able to improved your ability then, emerald in this camp is perceived as weak but I believe it’s not weak, because I am one.” The man shows her his emerald signet and then called the next person, three people went before Amber they were from another company, “Next person.” The man called, this time Amber steps forward, “young man what’s your ability.” The man asked him, “creation.” Amber replied, the man looked as though he was shocked, “self-activation.” Amber’s signet starts glowing, and suddenly his ring glowed as well, the man asked him, “your signet isn’t made of one of the five classes, you have a rare type, platinum, looks like silver but its not, you can make weapons you have seen before with your signet, but a weak tier class and only one at a time, you’re very special kid, you might even be like me, anytime you need help come to me.” The man spoke like he knew something, “Next person.” Amber left that place and followed others, he arrived at a ground where he regrouped with, Dread who was keeping his brother occupied, “your brother is a real pain in the ass, you know that right.” Dread said to Amber, “I know, why are we here, what’s wrong, why are we together and so are the others.” Amber asked as he looked around others were in group of thirties, just like them, “we were told to line up according to out companies, we belong to lieutenant Harrow’s company.” Dread replied and then another man walks in, “good day Shielder Recruits, I am General mal, The general in charge of your batch 024 this batch has roughly 500 or more if I’m not mistaking, this is the Shielder camp 024, I will give you all tests and those tests including you sparing against another company, this would help your lieutenants decide which profession you will take in this batch, we have six profession which are, Knights, who are all offensive, Guardians, who are all defensive, Mages, who provide support during battles, Rangers, special people who can be offensive and Defensive, and even capable of providing support, Scouts, who have the ability to work both from inside the base or outside and also we send them on errands to the leaders of the city sometimes, finally we have the engineers, who work on the weapons used in battles, as you are now you are no longer in green city, this is the territory of the Kuroi’s, train yourself and be strong in these two years, the whole city is counting on you, now the test, we will put two companies against themselves in a sparing battle, check the holographic images of your companies to view the fixtures, to access this each person from each company touches the orb on the wall, activate your signets, once your signets are active, your opponents will be shown, good luck to you all.” They all were excited to use their abilities, except Amber who didn’t know how to use his ability.

The Great God System

The Great God system