Chapter 6:

salut d'amour

love sick delinquent

" music competition? "

"Yes I would like to know which teacher is in charge "Ah it would be glenn "Glenn Yes, yes,glenn is the one who teaches music

" Sir Glenn,a student wants to ask you about the Concours" i eyes when i saw i man leaning its.back arros the wall and glared at me

i gulp

"Who you?"he me again and stood properly

woah he seems grumpy

" Yes!sorry for coming to look for you so suddenly. Katarina Campbell from third year" ''Katarina?s its me. What happened? are you hurt?gabriel! gabriel are you okay?''i asked worriedly but he just sat down and did not respond

what's wrong with him?i thought to myself

''i'm hungry''


''I'm so hungry i feel like I'm gonna die''he said as he leaned on me

''you're just hungry??''

gabriel nodded''i need food"

what the?!what's with him geez . i was relieved knowing that he was fine'' oh yeah i have macaroons so go ahead and eat them''i said as opened my backpack and look for it

''really are you sure?he asked excitedly then he swiftly sat up straight and extended his hand towards me

geez he keeps on acting like a kid.did he bump.his head or something

with no other choice i took a package of macaroons and give it to him

wow this looks so good he took all the macaroons from the package and relishing ate them all up right away some pieces of macaroons were stick on the edge this mouth

heh he's so cute like a little kid i just cant leave him alone right?

"you have crumbs on your mouth

"hm "he asked innocently and slightly tilted his head

i sigh as i wiped the corner of his mouth with my fingers

now that I think out it i've never touched a man like this before'' it ''i said awkwardly''you really surprise me"it was the first time i ever saw someone faint from hunger why didn't you eat anything before that happened?''

he went silent for a moment as if thinking of something good to answer"i was with reiji and we had a gig''he started as he sat down properly in the grass''we give them lessons''he cheerfully added

this guy looks like he just got out of bed''then we ate together at a restaurant. They ran outta toy number 4.i gots angry for not having it but Reiji pulled a toy number 4 from his pocket and made me happy. After eating, I felt sleepy and Reiji carried me,"he said like a kid.

''yay good boy gabriel''i said patting his head like a puppy

"teeheehee"he responded happily

i guess i shouldn't have praised him and I feel sorry for that reiji..babysitting an old baby like him

''i'm so glad that it was you who found me....'' gabriel said as he started rubbing his eyes



What did he just say all of sudden?

I'm full now and it's making me so sleepy. Can I take a nap?

: are you really going to sleep here?''i asked but he just leaned on my shoulder without a word


within a seconds, he was already snoring softly

What the? seriously? he's already asleep?!how could someone fall asleep so quickly I can't believe it

he seems to be living a life of freedom

his fluffy hair is touching my kind of tickles

his soft blonde hair was like that but hia broadahoulser and height thatofalmansit doesn't feel like he's older when were talking but he probably is right? his arms are long and his hands are much bigger than mine I shyly looked away feeling embarrassed when i remember that facetgezz

what should i do in this situationoumack hes cute his sleeping face seemed more masculine and i could tell that he was exceptionally handsome but even so i began to feel drowsy as i watched him sleep

the warm sunlight felt pleasant and gentle breeze was stroking my cheeky .when i opened my eyes,gabriel's face was very ne...ecksurry i was just surprised

you fell asleep with ne huhsigurithat bap.was.great u feel relaxed when i'm with you kyashi

me tii I was so relaxed that i feel asleep

i think we will get along well he he you're eight you're amazing.i've never felt so relaxed around a girl before”

“it's getting late,where you going?should i walk you home?''

hehe he's really weird.but somehow he is really comfortable to be around

How do I get out of here?...why is this place so complicated...?

I look around but the sun was already set and there wasn't a single soul in the school buildingThis is bad..I should have goofed of with gabriel so much

It was when I heard the faint sound of a violin playing it sounds just like a beautiful sunset....its making my heart warm it's making me relieved it's like notes are gently engulfing meit

Hear that gabriel?

Gabriel looked at me and paid attention by listening carefully to the surrounding“salut d'amour?”he responded”Salut' d'amour is one of my favorite violin pieces. It is one of Edward Elgar's best-known works and has inspired numerous arrangements for widely varying instrumental combinations”

salut d'amour?”

yeah quite romantic isn't it?Salut d'amour has another Germaname"Liebesgruss" greetings of love''gabriel said and cheerfully smiled''I want to talk to you more kyashi''i got surprised of what i've heard

does that mean i can be friends with gabriel?in that case i can be more close to so happy

i didn't realize i was staring at gabriel's face and he just looked at me with a confused look on his face

ack!how cute

''lets do something fun tomorrow''he murmured and pouted

i nodded in agreement" looking forward to see you tomorrow''saying that gabriel waved goodbye and run away

i gently smiled staring back at him as i watched him until he's too far to see

♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫....i heard it again

Though I couldn't hear it too clearly, the short sound of the melody drew me in with their beauty. Where is it coming from?

I walked down the corridor, looking form the source of the sound here?I softly my hand to the door then I slowly opened bis.this face could be seen clearly

The man in from of me looked exactly like the prince in the story!It was a handsome teenage boy with straight tousled black hair

hey you!what are you doing over there?!

what was that music just now?its a very beautiful piece

"Please don't speak so rationally..."A violin performance, this is the first time for me to hear it properly performed

"I didn't know the violin could make such a beautiful sound.."

"The high notes sound transparent.. It sounds really sweet"Why did I tell him those things so straight-forwardly!

he stared at me without speaking a word silently and envering without a blink for that long moment, his face was as vacant and expressionless as a doll

despite these oddness, he was simply and indescribably beautiful so beautiful that it sent shivers down my spines

"I'm very sorry for interrupting your practice!"

" you"i shrugged