Chapter 352:

Chapter 352: The Return of Kazan

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 352: The Return of Kazan

Narrator: The ritual was successful and Kazan has been unsealed into Zeth’s body!

*Zeth’s body is now Kazan’s body*

Kazan: Now that I’m unsealed, I will destroy my enemies.

*Kazan charges up his magic and then launches himself upwards. His power causes the volcano to begin erupting*

Kazan: Yes! This feels so great!

*Kazan is now in the air above the volcano as it erupts and he looks down at all the fighting with a sinister grin. The bodies of all the sacrifices are blasted out of the volcano*

*Kazan lands on the ground and walks towards the battle. He is then flanked by Leonis on his left and Asina on his right*

Leonis: It’s good to have you back, my lord.

Asina: We have dedicated everything to bringing you back.

Kazan: And now we have some bugs to squash.

*All of the allied forces look disheartened. So do the flying angels in the sky*

Zaydra: We failed…

*The bodies of the sacrifices land nearby and while they have some damage from the volcano eruption, they begin to wake up*

*Zaydra sees Zenfaro*

Zaydra: Zenfaro…? Is that really you!?

*Zenfaro looks angrily at the vampires*

Zenfaro: Yeah, sis. It’s me. I was never dead. They just suppressed my life force. I don’t know how much time has passed but I’m sad to see that the vampires succeeded in their mission.

Zaydra: We tried to stop them… but we ran out of time…

Keith: W- Where am I?

RAG: I’m wondering the same thing.

*They both see the battle*

RAG: We appear to be in the middle of a warzone.

*Dom and Jane landed near Kurt, Emily, and Joe*

Kurt: Mom! Master Dom!

Jane: K- Kurt!?

Kurt: It’s okay. I have been reincarnated as an angel.

Dom: You must have had a very high moral standing. I’m glad.

Kurt: (Thinking) Something is strange about them. Why do they look younger than when I last saw them? And that was at least 42 years ago. And the same thing applies to RAG… I’ll figure that out later. There is immediate business to tend to.

*Kurt looks at Kazan*

Kurt: I hate that my first sight of Zeth in 42 years is him having a demon in possession of his body.

*Kazan’s Zeth body is starting to take on the appearance of Kazan’s actual body. Starting with his hair which is becoming backward spiky and black colored*

Kazan: That’s too bad because it will get worse. You will be killed by your friend’s body. Hmhmhmhm. But as this body starts to look more like mine, I get more of my power back.

*The other sacrifices (Author’s Note: Who are not established characters in the story.) landed in various places*

Asina: I’m surprised the sacrifices survived. It’s not much of a sacrifice if they live.

Leonis: Oh well. We still got what we want.

*Sasha’s Black Devil form has ended and she is on her knees in tears*

Sasha: No… Why? What did he do to deserve this?

*Kyle stares at Sasha for a moment*

Leonis: You’ve all wasted your time. If you couldn’t beat Asina and me, you stand no chance in Hell against Kazan.

*Kyle looks over towards Leonis and then starts walking towards him*

Asina: The forces of Light are about to suffer a significant blow. Maybe if you agree to become our livestock, we will let you live.

Leonis: Maybe we will only kill off some of you and decide who to take as livestock through a random draw.

*Kyle continues walking towards Leonis*

Zaydra: Don’t hold your breath. We most certainly would rather die than become your livestock.

Zenfaro: Listen Zaydra, it’s not too late. If we defeat Kazan, we can still save Zeth. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible. I certainly would like to meet my little brother for the first time. We have hope.

*He smiles while looking at Zaydra and then she smiles too with her renewed hope*

Leonis: Sorry, none of you scum stands a chance! Lord Kazan will burn you in the fiery pits of Hell! Hahahahahah— guhh!

*Leonis has been pierced from behind by someone’s hand*

*It was Kyle*

Leonis: K- Kyle!?

*Some blood flows out of Leonis’s mouth*

*Everyone except Kazan is shocked by what just happened*

Leonis: W- Why…?

Kyle: Now that Kazan has been unsealed, I no longer need to pretend to side with you.

Leonis: T- That doesn’t make any sense…! *cough cough* You would pretend to side with me for the sake of unsealing Kazan…?

*Kyle has a flashback to when he had finished capturing Zeth in Chapter 341*

*The flashback finally reveals what Kyle said out loud which the reader was not allowed to see. Kyle holds Zeth and looks out towards the volcano from the top of the castle*

Kyle: It was indeed a mistake to seal away Kazan. I will unseal Kazan… because I intend to destroy him. My dear son, I will break you away from this curse forever!

*End of flashback*

Kyle: That’s right. But my reason for unsealing Kazan was so I could kill him and rid my son of his curse forever. He does not deserve to suffer for my mistakes.

*Kyle thinks of the things that Sasha has said and a tear drops from his eye*

Kyle: I will kill all of you evil vampire bastards!

Narrator: Kyle has revealed his true intentions and that is to destroy Kazan forever, even if he has to unseal Kazan into Zeth’s body to get the chance! Can Kyle kill Kazan this time? How did he even get to this point?

Chapter 352 END

To be Continued in Chapter 353: Kyle’s Story Part 1 – Depression and Answers