Chapter 353:

Chapter 353: Kyle’s Story Part 1 – Depression and Answers

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 353: Kyle’s Story Part 1 – Depression and Answers

Narrator: With many mysteries about Kyle, the secrets of his life are revealed.

Kyle: (Narrating) After the Great Chaos ended, Harmona had used a powerful magic on me that can halt aging, at least temporarily. From there, I became famous among many people and did my best to help out. I hadn’t really thought of the curse that Kazan had put on my genetic line when I sealed him away. But, over nearly the next 100 years, Harmona and I fell in love. It was then when I found out she was pregnant that Kazan’s curse really came to mind. Knowing my child would be under the effects of Kazan’s curse tore me up on the inside. I became depressed. I needed to find answers. It hurt but I had to leave. I set out on a journey.

Kyle: (Narrating) During my travels, I visited various Underworlds over the next several years. I was failing to find the answers I wanted and I had become a mess. That was until I met the Queen of the Undead, Zonbi, at a bar in the Dark Jungle Underworld.

*Kyle sits on a stool next to Zonbi. He looks miserable. Zonbi takes a look at him*

Zonbi: You look like something the cat dragged in. What’s got you so down?

Kyle: For years, I have been looking for answers to a curse but I can’t find any.

Zonbi: Tell you what. Let me get you some beers and you go over the details. Maybe I can help.

Kyle: (Narrating) I told her everything.

Zonbi: A genetic line curse, huh? That is definitely a tough one to deal with. Unlike most curses, it isn’t placed directly on you but rather on any future children one might have. Though, I’m impressed that you actually went toe to toe with Kazan.

Kyle: Is there any hope?

Zonbi: Maybe. Let’s go back to where I live and see what we can do.

Kyle: (Narrating) I went back with her to where she lived in the Undead Underworld. We spent a lot of time together and not just for research. Eventually, being with Zonbi was also something that helped heal me from my depression. We found out that the ritual to make the curse effective required the name of the cursed victim. By this point, more than a decade had passed and I was sure that my child had already been born so it was too late to pass on that information. In the end, we never did find a way to actually remove the curse.

(Author’s Note: As a reminder, divine pregnancies are 10 years.)

*Kyle is packing up in Zonbi’s room. Zonbi enters the room. She is pregnant*

Zonbi: Are you leaving?

Kyle: Yes. I have to. We didn’t find a true answer but I don’t regret the years we have spent together one bit.

Zonbi: It’s fine. I always knew you would leave one day.

*Kyle begins leaving*

Kyle: I think I know what I must do now. Hopefully it pays off. Anyway, just don’t give that child a name. At least not until I accomplish my goal.

Zonbi: Don’t worry. I won’t. I don’t know what you have planned but good luck.

Kyle: (Narrating) I came to the conclusion that my only option was to unseal Kazan and then kill him. I decided to go to the country of Vandox where the vampires had taken over. But first, I made a quick stop by the Angel Sanctuary where I let one of my good angel friends be aware of my plan. He became my spy and promised he wouldn’t tell anyone. I then immediately went to Vandox. My first priority was to get stronger so that I could kill Kazan. I decided the first step to that was to become a vampire.

*In a field in Vandox, Kyle encounters five vampires that are just sitting around*

Male Vampire 1: A human approaching us? What do you want? We don’t usually see humans that just offer to become livestock.

Kyle: I want you to turn me into a vampire.

*The vampires are shocked*

Female Vampire 1: Humans that desire to become one of us aren’t that common either.

Male Vampire 1: Alright then. Let me test your power and if I feel you are worthy, I will let you become one of us.

*The vampire prepares to fight Kyle*

Male Vampire 1: Show me your power!

*The vampire rushes towards Kyle and tries to punch him. However, Kyle dodges*

*Kyle dodges a few more punches before grabbing the vampire’s shoulders and thrusting his knee into the vampire’s gut. Kyle then twists the vampire’s left arm and pins him down on the ground*

Kyle: I win.

*All of the vampires are shocked at how easily Kyle won*

Male Vampire 2: Very impressive!

Female Vampire 1: I think you would make a great addition to our ranks.

*The female vampire looks at Male Vampire 1*

Female Vampire 1: Don’t you think so too?

*Kyle lets go of the vampire*

Male Vampire 1: Alright fine. We will turn you into a vampire. You don’t look like a native of this country though. What is your motive?

Kyle: I plan to unseal Kazan. I’m joining the vampires.

*The vampires look intrigued*

Female Vampire 1: We can always use more help. And turning into a vampire would certainly increase your resolve to make that happen. Your request shall now be fulfilled.

*Female Vampire 1 bites Kyle on the shoulder*

Kyle: (Narrating) From that point on, I was a vampire and committed to my goals. I was determined to kill Kazan and free my child from the curse no matter what. If I had to, I would become the devil.

*Kyle opens his eyes and he then has the eyes of a standard vampire*

Narrator: Kyle reveals his story and he became a vampire in order to become strong enough to kill Kazan!

Chapter 353 END

To be Continued in Chapter 354: Kyle’s Story Part 2 – Plan in Motion