Chapter 351:

Chapter 351: Stop the Ritual!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 351: Stop the Ritual!

Narrator: Recently in the area of Heaven where mortals go when they die. This place is known as Paradise.

*Kurt meets with his father, Beck, on the nice sunny beach. Beck is sitting on a beach chair*

Kurt: Father, the Light Goddess has come to me and told me that my moral standing is high enough that I can be reincarnated as an angel.

Beck: And I’m guessing you’re asking for my advice on whether you should accept?

Kurt: …Yes.

Beck: This is a no-brainer. Of course you should accept.

Kurt: But I don’t want you to—

Beck: No, listen son. I’m fine with that meaning I won’t see you for a long time. You died too young. You deserve to experience living again. You would get the chance to see your friends again. Don’t forget your mother. She lost us both. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? You die and you come back here permanently. You have all eternity to be here.

*Tears start to flow down Kurt’s face but he starts to smile*

Kurt: Thank you…

Beck: Don’t forget it also gives you the opportunity to get revenge on the bastard that killed us…

*Beck smirks*

Beck: Kick his ass.

*Tears are still flowing down Kurt’s face but he confidently smiles*

Kurt: I will!


Narrator: Back to the present.

*Kurt is still talking with Joe and Emily*

Kurt: My father convinced me. Now I’m here to help. I should note that you can only be reincarnated once. Once you die again, you can’t be reincarnated again.

Emily: Understood.

Joe: Now let’s kick their asses!

*Zaydra momentarily gets away from her battle to command the Air Attack Squad*

Zaydra: Listen to me! The ritual to unseal Kazan is currently in progress! Fly into that volcano and stop it!

Flying Angels: Yes Ma’am!

*All the flying angels begin flying towards the volcano*

*Leonis looks at all the flying angels heading towards the volcano*

Leonis: They won’t make it! They will be destroyed by the Sanctum Vampires!

*The distraction allows the Nameless One to land a powerful punch to Leonis*


Narrator: Over to Sasha, a little bit farther away.

*Sasha is still in her Black Devil Form and fighting Kyle. Kyle is in his Raging Impact Mode*

*Sasha ragingly falls from above trying to smash Kyle into the ground. Kyle jumps out of the way. Sasha’s hand releases a powerful wave of dark energy where her hand hits the ground*

Sasha: What’s the matter!? You haven’t tried to land a serious attack on me at all! You’ve just been completely defensive!

Kyle: I don’t need to be offensive against you. You’re on a time limit, not me.

*Sasha suddenly feels stupid and the expression on her face reflects that*

Sasha: No… What have I been doing…? I shouldn’t be trying to kill him. I should be trying to get past him and get to the volcano…

Kyle: And now you will be too late. The ritual is nearly complete.


Narrator: Over to the flying angels.

*The flying angels are near the volcano. However, the Sanctum Vampires prepare to hold them off*

Helen: Get ready. We’re going to blow them out of the sky.

*Helen forms her trident in her hand and she starts charging it to do an attack. The other Sanctum Vampires release a barrage of vampiric blasts. The angels get ready to fight back*

*The angels release waves of their magic at the vampires to try and stop the vampiric blasts. Their waves of magic get through the vampiric blasts and towards the vampires. However, the Sanctum Vampires are able to dodge*

Helen: Feel the power of my trident!

*Helen releases a blast of magic that seeks the angels and it hits many of them and knocks the ones it hits out of the sky*

*Helen smirks*

Helen: I knew you angels couldn’t handle it.

*Some angels get close and fight in close combat with the Sanctum Vampires. They have trouble with Helen as she can attack them with her trident*

*As they fight, the energy being released out of the volcano starts to end. Inside the volcano, the relic releases its grip on the sacrifices and they fall down unconscious*

*Zeth still stands with his eyes closed. Soon, Zeth’s eyes open but he now has the eye features of a top-class vampire. He has a sinister grin*

Zeth: At last, I, the great Kazan, have returned.

Narrator: Despite the best efforts from the allied forces, the ritual to unseal Kazan was successful and Zeth’s body is now Kazan’s! Is this situation hopeless for the allied forces?

Chapter 351 END

To be Continued in Chapter 352: The Return of Kazan