Chapter 2:


Fantasy Life

The next day Kaida went to Tsuda's office during lunchtime. She knocked on the door and then entered gingerly, not wanting to disturb any other teachers. "Excuse me, Tsuda sensei?"

Tsuda was sitting in his chair eating a sandwich. He set the sandwich down when Kaida came into the room. "Ah, Fujihara. Glad to see you came."

"I know I'm early but I really want to know what your friend said about using two mythical creatures."

"Well, he talked it over with some others and have come to an agreement that you can use both to compete. Not at once but you are welcome to alternate between Chiyo and Yami for different events."

Kaida's face was a glow. "That's wonderful! I can't wait to let Rei know!"

"The two of you are both planning to compete, correct?"

"Yes sir. We have always wanted to enter the Fantasy Life League together."

"Well, the two of you are big contenders for next week's contest. But don't slack off you hear?"

"You can count on us, sir!" Kaida exclaimed with enthusiasm.

"Good then." Tsuda stood and packed his half-eaten sandwich away. "Lunch is almost over. Why don't we head down to the field for class?"

The rest of the class had already assembled by the time the two made their way down to the field. Kaida could see Yami laying next to Rei who was petting a white unicorn. As Kaida walked toward the group the unicorn galloped over to her. "Chiyo!" Kaida patted the unicorn on its muzzle. When Kaida removed her hand, Chiyo gave a high whiny wanting more attention.

Rei walked over to greet Kaida. "So what did he say about the competition?"

"He said that I am allowed to compete using both on a rotating basis. So long as I don't use both Chiyo and Yami at the same time, there shouldn't be a problem."

There was a clap, and everyone turned and looked at Tsuda. "Alright, class let us begin! We have a long day's work ahead of us to prepare you for next week." He waited for Rei and Kaida to return to their places before he continued to speak. "Now that everyone is here let me go through what you will be working on today. You will pair up with someone in your class. You will be doing some sparing with your partner. Now don't get too out of hand because tomorrow we will have a race to gauge the speed of everyone's mythical creature. and I want everyone in tip-top shape. Now take a few minutes and pair up."

Everyone except Rei hustled away from Kaida. She let out a sigh and slouched. "I guess no one wants to spar with me."

"I do!" Rei exclaimed. Kaida looked up at her, happy her friend was still there. "Everyone else might be too afraid to spar against Yami and Chiyo but I know Asa can handle it." Asa came and stood beside Rei. She was a mummy, wrapped from head to toe in bandages with just enough room to let some of her frail hair stick out. Though a creature with the capabilities to talk, the bandages around Asa's mouth permitted her to only mumble her words in a way only Rei could understand.

One of the other girls in the class passed by and said, "It's not that we're afraid, but who wants to fight someone with an obvious advantage. I bet Fujihara thinks she's all that because she has two mythical creatures." The girl scowled and looked Asa up and down. Then smirked, "Hope your mummy doesn't turn to dust during your little match." She giggled then ran off, followed by her cyclops.

"Why that little-" Rei was cut off by a gentle hand laid on her shoulder. It was Kaida's.

"It's alright, Rei. Hirota is just being Hirota." Kaida removed her hand from Rei's shoulder. "Don't let what she says get to you. Ready to practice?"

Rei gave a cheerful nod. "You bet!"

The two girls and their creatures moved to a more secluded part of the field so as to not disturb the others. Kaida selected Chiyo to spar first. Asa was ready to begin and mumbled a few words that Rei translated. "She's excited to be sparring with you guys and wishes you luck."

"Thanks and good luck to you guys too," Kaida replied. Chiyo neighed with excitement. "Let's go over the rules."

"Good idea." Rei held up a finger and added one every time she described a new rule. "First each match will be five minutes. To win just knock your opponent out of the ring or try and get more points. Since we don't have a ring we will just go until the time runs out. Two, points are allotted by how many strikes a creature makes regardless of the damage. Three, the human companion can assist the creature but not get directly involved. And four, if the one human can make it across the stage and tag the other before time runs out it is an automatic win."

"That about sums it up. Would you like Asa to have the first move, Rei?"

"Gladly. Go, Asa! Let's show them how great of a team we are!"

Asa grunted and ran towards Chiyo, who also charged forward. Asa stepped to one side, missing a blow from Chiyo's horn. Before Chiyo could recover, Asa swung and hit Chiyo in the flank. Rei leaped with joy, "Woohoo! One point for us!"

Kaida thought to herself. "Asa is an undead creature resembling a human that was once alive. Chiyo, who resembles a horse, would have barely felt that punch. But still, it's annoying that it landed." Out loud she hollered, "Chiyo, kick it up a notch! Show them what we've been practicing!"

Chiyo reared up on her hind legs, her horn glowing a florescent green. She let out a mind-numbing whinny and slammed her front hooves down on the ground. Then, from the ground, the grass grew like wildfire, growing tall enough to hide Chiyo and Asa in the grass.

"Asa! Where are you?" Rei yelled. She clenched her teeth, "I can't see a thing." There was a thud and Asa came flying out of the thicket of grass. "Asa!" Rei ran over to her. Some of Asa's bandages came loose from Chiyo's charge. "Let me tie these up for you then get back out there." She hurried and tied the bandages back on Asa then glanced back at the grass covering. "Asa, I'll follow you in there. Kaida is using this to lower our guard but we can use it to surprise her. Ready?" Asa gave a nod and the two rushed into the grass in search of Chiyo and Kaida.

"That's just like Rei, always rushing into things," Kaida said, still in the same spot. "Let's give her a little surprise. Chiyo left the grass to meet her. "Good girl, let's finish this up."

In the grass, Asa and Rei were looking for Chiyo. "Kaida, I'm so getting you back for this!" Rei grunted. There was a rustle behind her. Asa looked to see what made the sound, when out from behind Chiyo landed another blow with her horn. "Asa! Not again." The instant she turned away, a hand reached out and grabbed her forearm.

"Got you!" Kaida shouted from behind Rei. "Match over."

Rei stared in disbelief at Kaida, thoughts swimming through her mind. How did she get behind me? Is Asa alright? Did I really lose? Even as she had those questions whirling around she managed a smile and said, "Good job, Kaida."

The group left the grass together and walked back over to where Yami was laying down, watching the match. Kaida took a look at Asa, whose bandages were tattered from getting trampled by Chiyo. "Let's stop. I think Asa could use a rest."

"You don't wanna keep going? Yami hasn't sparred yet."

"I know Asa can't feel pain but her body still needs rest. You guys can spar with Yami on a different day." Kaida turned to Chiyo and patted her muzzle. "Well done Chiyo. Well done."