Chapter 355:

Chapter 355: He Who Surpassed Royalty

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 355: He Who Surpassed Royalty

Narrator: Kyle has revealed his true intentions and is determined to fight the vampire royalty.

Kazan: Hmhmhmhm. So you did all that just to get another shot at me?

Kyle: Not just get another shot. This time I will kill you.

Kazan: Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

*Kazan looks at Leonis and Asina and nods his head*

Asina: You are a dead man, Kyle!

Leonis: This long con will cost you your life!

*Asina and the injured Leonis rush towards Kyle who goes back into Raging Impact Mode. Kyle smiles as they get close*

Kyle: I’m ready for anything you try.

*Kyle easily blocks a punch from Asina using his arm. Asina is shocked that Kyle easily blocked her attack. Kyle hits Asina in the chin using his elbow of the same arm and kicks Leonis at the same time*

Kyle: I have surpassed royalty!

*Kyle goes to attack Leonis. Leonis struggles to block a few of Kyle’s punches and then Kyle grabs his face and throws him towards Asina. Kyle follows up by using his Shattering Spears on them*

Asina: Here it comes!

*Asina tries to guard for them both but the Shattering Spears go out wide and converge around them which damages both of them. Before Asina can react, Kyle comes down from above and stomps down on Asina’s gut into the ground which causes her to cough up blood*

*Leonis and Asina stand up and are furious*

Asina: It’s been a very long time since I took a hit that hurt me that badly!

Leonis: We can’t hold anything back!

*Leonis and Asina both go into Stage 2 Blood Form which gives them monstrous arms*

Leonis: I will attack from range.

*Asina rushes towards Kyle*

*Leonis charges magic into his right arm*

*Asina tries to rapidly punch Kyle. Kyle is able to dodge most of the punches but is then hit in the chest. Kyle falls a bit but uses his hand to push off the ground and kick Asina in the face*

*Leonis releases a lot of vampiric energy from his arm. The vampiric energy heads towards Kyle and grabs onto him*

Asina: We got you now!

*Asina uses the chance to rapidly punch Kyle and she lands every hit. As she punches Kyle, he smiles. Asina looks stunned as she can’t figure out why Kyle is smiling*

*Kyle switches out his blue Raging Impact Aura for a red vampiric aura and stops Asina’s punches with his own punch*

Kyle: The purpose of Leonis’s attack was to drain my power. But maybe you forgot that I’m also a vampire. Vampiric draining doesn’t work on vampiric magic.

Leonis: Shit…

Kyle: Amateur move by the king of vampires.

*Kyle goes back into Raging Impact Mode and goes after Asina*

Kyle: Max Impact!

*Kyle does an extremely powerful punch which Asina tries to block. Even with the block, the punch does a lot of damage to Asina’s arm. It even cracks her bone a bit*

Asina: Aaaahhrrrrrr!!

*Asina is in a lot of pain as she is knocked back*

*Kazan looks disgusted*

Kazan: Tch.

*Kazan then looks at the main battle with all the vampires fighting the angels and humans*

*Kazan charges up magic into his arm and starts rushing towards the battle*

*Kyle notices and goes after Kazan*

Kyle: Oh no you don’t!

*Kyle catches up to Kazan and punches him to stop him from attacking the angels and humans. They both stop and face each other*

Kazan: So you would rather save some angels and humans over finishing off a couple of the strongest vampires?

*Kyle looks at the others for a moment*

Kyle: I leave the defeat of the king and queen to all of you. I’ve done heavy damage to them. You can do it! Finish them off!

*Kazan tries to attack Kyle but Kyle blocks the punch just in time*

Kyle: You thought you could catch me off guard? Too bad.

*Kazan jumps back from Kyle. Kazan continues to return to his original appearance*

Kazan: You were able to say that and keep your guard up. I’m impressed.

Kyle: As I said, I have the power to kill you now.

Narrator: Kyle has outclassed Leonis and Asina and weakened them! While he takes on Kazan, the others must finish off the king and queen.

Chapter 355 END

To be Continued in Chapter 356: Fight The Vampires Together!