Chapter 356:

Chapter 356: Fight The Vampires Together!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 356: Fight The Vampires Together!

Narrator: Kyle leaves taking down Leonis and Asina to the others.

Leonis: You all think you stand a chance against us? Maybe Kyle is stronger than us but the rest of you aren’t.

*Zenfaro steps forward*

Zenfaro: Maybe not individually, but together, we will overpower you. It’s all of us versus just you injured two.

Asina: Oh really?

*The five Sanctum Vampires arrive and stand behind the king and queen*

Helen: We are here to assist.

Leonis: Show no mercy.

*Leonis, Asina, and Helen all transform into their Pure Vampire Forms. The other four Sanctum Vampires go into a partially transformed state*

Zenfaro: Their transformations mean they see us as a legitimate threat! Do not fear them! Fight the vampires together! If we do, victory will be ours!

*Leonis and Asina still look injured despite their transformed states*

Zenfaro: Are you ready!?

*The heroes participating in the fight are Zenfaro, Zaydra, Sasha, Kurt, Emily, Joe, Daniel, Zonbi, the Nameless One, Keith, Dom, Jane, and RAG*

Heroes: Yes!

Zenfaro: Let’s go!!

*The heroes rush towards the vampires*

*Zaydra thinks to herself as they rush*

Zaydra: (Thinking) It’s so great to have Zenfaro back. He is a natural leader in this situation even though he just awakened.

*Helen steps in front of the other vampires*

Helen: Allow me to take first blood.

*Helen does a slashing motion with her trident and it causes a wave of energy in the shape of red bats to fly towards the heroes. The heroes dodge and Kurt flies above them before flying towards the vampires*

Kurt: Take this! Aura Fly Trap!

*Kurt forms his aura in the shape of a Venus Flytrap and tries to bite Helen with it but she flies up to avoid it*

Helen: You’re not the only one who will be flying in this battle. Hmhmhm.

*Helen flies towards Kurt and hits him with a punch*

*The others on the ground begin attacking the rest of the vampires*

Diane: Oh Daniel, why can’t you just see our way?

Daniel: Because your way sucks!

*Diane blocks Daniel’s kick but is then unable to block a kick from Joe. Daniel follows up on that and hits Diane with a vampiric blast*

Daniel: Mom, the nicest thing I can do for you and dad is to put you both down.

Rob: Is that what you think!?

*Rob comes in and slams Daniel to the ground and kicks Joe away*

Rob: It looks like we are going to have to ground you, son.

*Emily is repeatedly slashing at one of the unnamed male Sanctum Vampires (Author’s Note: Just consider him Sanctum Male 1) with her Shadow Sword but he has a sword too and their swords repeatedly clash*

*Keith comes in using his demon form and tries to punch Sanctum Male 1. However, Sanctum Male 1 slashes Keith’s arm and leaves a big cut on it but that allows Emily to get her own slash in on Sanctum Male 1*

*RAG is upper-cutted by Sanctum Male 2. Jane comes from above to try and kick Sanctum Male 2 but he has no trouble blocking*

*Sasha comes running in. She uses her Dark Spear to stab Sanctum Male 2 in the foot. She then jumps and kicks him in the chin. After that, she summons her Hellhounds*

Sasha: Rise, my Hellhounds!


*Zonbi and the Nameless One fight Leonis*

Zonbi: You’re crippled as far as I’m concerned.

*Zonbi tries to punch Leonis but he blocks*

Leonis: In my transformed state, I can still destroy you.

*Leonis grabs Zonbi’s arm and kicks her back*


*Zaydra and Zenfaro fight Asina. Zaydra tries to kick Asina but Asina slams her down to the ground. Zenfaro tries to punch Asina but she blocks with her arm, though she feels pain*

Asina: (Thinking) Damn it, my bone is cracking because of Kyle!


*As Kurt flies towards Helen, he creates an Aura Projection up and behind Helen*

Kurt: (Thinking) Aura Projection is an improved version of Aura Image. Let’s see how it holds up against this level of an opponent!

*Kurt dodges Helen’s punch and then the projection kicks Helen from behind*

Kurt: Don’t underestimate us. We’re just getting started. The heroes have begun fighting the strong vampires. Can their number advantage propel them to victory?

Chapter 356 END

To be Continued in Chapter 357: The New Combination Attacks