Chapter 354:

Chapter 354: Kyle’s Story Part 2 – Plan in Motion

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 354: Kyle’s Story Part 2 – Plan in Motion

Narrator: Kyle’s story of how he got to this point continues.

Kyle: (Narrating) After I became a vampire, I met Leonis and Asina for the first time.

*Kyle is sitting in a room in the castle. Soon, Leonis and Asina enter the room*

Leonis: So this is the powerful new recruit I have heard about?

Asina: What is your name?

Kyle: My name is Kyle Dredon.

Leonis: That name sounds familiar.

Kyle: I was the one that sealed Kazan away during the Great Chaos.

*Leonis and Asina are shocked*

Leonis: Impossible! That was over 100 years ago! Kyle was a mortal! He should have long since died by now!

Kyle: After the Great Chaos ended, the Light Goddess used magic on me to halt my aging.

Asina: Even so, if you are the same Kyle, why should we trust the one that sealed away our Lord!?

Kyle: I had a child with Harmona and that child carries Kazan’s curse. Over time, I can lure that child to this country.

Leonis: Oh? And how would you do that?

Kyle: I have a spy in Heaven. I will be kept updated on the child. You won’t unseal Kazan without my help so you might as well trust me.

Asina: Interesting. But we’re not fully convinced yet.

Leonis: There’s one thing you can do to gain our trust. Follow us.


Kyle: (Narrating) To gain their trust, I had to make perhaps the most difficult decision I have ever made…

*Kyle is sitting in a small room. Soon, Leonis and Asina come back in and they bring in a human teenage boy who they are grabbing by his arms*

Asina: This is how you will gain our trust.

Kyle: What exactly do you intend for me to do?

Leonis: This young human… We want you to kill him.

*Kyle has a serious expression on his face*

Kyle: That’s it?

Leonis: Yes, that’s it.

Asina: Humans consider murder to be the ultimate sin. If you kill this poor innocent boy, we can be absolutely certain that you share our goals.

*The teenage boy looks terrified*

Teenage Boy: Please don’t kill me! I didn’t do anything wrong! I’ve been good as livestock, haven’t I!? I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!! I don’t want to die!!!

*Kyle quickly pierces the teenage boy’s chest with his hand. The boy becomes silent and opens his eyes wide. Kyle then pulls his hand out and it is completely covered in the boy’s blood. The boy falls to the floor dead*

Kyle: (Narrating) And just like that, for the sake of completing my goals, I killed a teenage human boy without any hesitation. In my life prior to that point, I had been protecting humans from demons. As I said, to save my child from Kazan’s curse, I would become the devil if I had to. But, at the very least, I had made his death instantaneous so that he would not feel any pain.

*Leonis and Asina look surprised*

Leonis: Impressive!

Asina: I didn’t think you would actually do it.

Leonis: It’s even more impressive that you did not hesitate at all. We have our verdict.

Asina: We will trust you. Just remember that trust can be broken easily.

*Leonis and Asina leave the room and Kyle just stares at the door*

Kyle: (Narrating) After that, I put my plan in motion. I trained. I trained for long periods to increase my strength. But at the same time, I did more research. I found out more about the ritual itself. The ritual needed sacrifices to help power it. I figured abducting close friends of my child would be the best chance to lure him or her. The thought made me feel sick but I had no choice. My thinking then switched to wondering if it would be possible to use them as sacrifices without killing them? At that point, I began getting updates from my spy about my child. I learned the child was a boy named Zeth. The updates continued as time went on.

Kyle: (Narrating) Eventually, Leonis and Asina started to put pressure on me to lure Zeth here. But I wasn’t ready. I reached Elite Vampire status but that wasn’t enough. I needed to become a Top-Class Vampire. But then I caught a break. I was alerted by my spy that Zeth had become “corrupted” and was in a coma that would take decades to recover from. My spy would give me updates on his recovery periodically. When my spy told me that Zeth was about a year away from recovering, that is when I began giving orders to secret vampire squads to start capturing Zeth’s friends. At that point, I was ready. I was a Top-Class Vampire. Throughout the year, the squads succeeded in capturing most of his friends. I purposefully saved the closest of his friends for last. When I heard that he and Sasha were headed to an altar where Joe and Emily were located, I sent a team of two to capture Joe and Emily before Zeth got to them.

Kyle: (Narrating) The purpose was for Zeth to see the vampires with the captured friends as they were leaving. Though Zeth and Sasha got there first, the goal was still met as they still found out about the vampires. I then ordered some squads to keep an eye out on the coasts to watch for their arrival. I then went to the room where the sacrifices were kept in. I found a way to let them survive the ritual. The key was to fill the sacrifices with surplus power. So that is what I did. I then began going through the castle to make sure all my preparations were complete.

Kyle: (Narrating) After Zeth and his friends broke out of their jail cell, I checked up on what was going on at different locations, even seeing the concluding moments in the battle between Zonbi and Leonis. Then I got myself ready to fight my son. It hurt on the inside to play the role of villain to my son and his friends. But I needed to keep it up until this moment.

*End of backstory*


*Kyle pulls his hand out of Leonis*

*Leonis gets away from Kyle but he is wounded*

Kyle: It was from seeing the major wound that Zonbi gave you that I knew where to strike. You were definitely still vulnerable there.

Leonis: *huff huff* You used us. We played right into your hand. And the fact that your goals required the same as ours made it easy to do so… *huff huff* I hate you.

Asina: And that is how you quickly break trust. You will die with the rest of them.

*Kyle smiles*

Kyle: No. On the contrary, I’m more powerful than both of you. I can take on Kazan.

Narrator: Kyle’s story after the Great Chaos is complete! With determination, he claims to be stronger than Leonis and Asina and can take on Kazan. Can he back up his claims?

Chapter 354 END

To be Continued in Chapter 355: He Who Surpassed Royalty