Chapter 0:

The Start Of Two Beginnings

The City Of Corruption

A woman caring for a baby boy steps out of a black car into a dark rainy night and walks into an alleyway. A man in dark clothing steps out of the shadows and asks her “Is that the baby?” she replies with a weak “Yes''. Then she hands the baby to him with the man handing her a suitcase of money. The man asks her “What will you do with the money?” and she replies with a bold but still weak “I’m gonna get as far away from here as possible.'' Chuckling at the lady he tells her “You think you can run from him then you must be as crazy as he is”. She turns away without a word and walks away getting back into the backseat of a black car. The man driving the car asks her “Are you sure you are willing to do this? The boy is not even yours.” The lady just turns to stare out the window and tells the driver “Just get me to the airport mulish.”. He drives away in the direction of the airport. The man still standing in the same spot holding the baby stars at the car as it drives away, then someone asks him from an earpiece “Do you have it?”. Continuing to silently stare at the car the man in the ear pice asked him again more assertively “DO YOU HAVE IT YET AGENT!” answering the earpieces with a “Yes…yes I have him” the man from the earpiece asked “Him?” responding with “Yes sir it‘s a boy”. Responding from the earpiece with “It is a boy? But that’s not what was agreed upon” “Then what do you plan on doing Mr...” cutting the man off abruptly “Don’t you dare call me by that name. It is sir to you.” “Oh yes sir” responded the man. From the earpiece the man tells him “Bring him in. He can still be of use. Now at long last we can start the Schaduw project.”. In another part of the city, in a penthouse overlooking the city, a man is being watched yelling into a phone “I DON’T CARE WHO TOOK HIM OR WHERE HE IS FIND HIM AND TAKE OUT ANYONE THAT'S CONNECTED TO THIS!” From the other side of the line a lady responded with a ”Yes sir we have located the culprit and we are on their trail” he responded with a “WHOEVER IT IS I WANT THEM ALIVE AND BROUGHT TO ME!” the lady over the tells them with fear in her voice “Umm sir I'm sorry to inform you about this but all evidence is leading to an airport in the far south of the city there's a high chance that…” cutting the lady off the man tells her “I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO BUT IF THEY LEAVE THIS CITY THAT'S YOUR HEAD!” Hanging up the phone on the lady. The man takes a seat next to a fireplace and stares quietly into the fire while pouring a glass of alcohol. Suddenly there is a crash from upstairs. Thinking quickly he grabs a fire poker and silently makes his way towards the noise. When he gets to where the noise came from he sees a note next to a broken window. He puts down the fire poker and picks up the note to read it. As he is reading a figure jumps from out of the shadows onto him surprising him and dropping the note. In an attempt to fight back he slams the intruder on a glass table next to him and asks “How the hell do you get in here on the top floor”. Backing up he reaches for the fire poker, getting his fingers on it, but then the figure gets up and pulls him away before he can get his full grip on the weapon. He swings his fist and misses the person then gets killed to the floor by the person landing next to the note that was dropped. He tries getting back on his feet but the figure stomps on his back, knocking him back onto the floor. As he lays there the figure says in an angered tone “Not so tough when you're the one fighting are you?”. He pushes off the ground knocking the figure off balance and getting up. He leg sweeps the figure knocking the person to the floor saying “Nah I'm still pretty d*mn tough”. Flipping back to their feet the figure stands staring at the man right into his eyes. Lounging at the man he grabs the person and then tosses them out the broken window. He runs to the window and looks out of it for the figure but there is no sight of the person as if they had vanished. The man pulls a phone out of his pocket and calls someone. He tells the person on the other line as he is out of breath “Yes I'm gonna need you to up security for tomorrow’s event” the man on the other side of the line says “yes sir we will get on that right away”. Hanging up the phone he turns around and looks at the note on the ground, picks it up, and finishes reading the note that says “We have your son and if you don't meet their demands you have no chance of ever seeing him ever again. You are going to place $500,000 on the roof of your building and stop the event that is taking place tomorrow.”. He flips the note to the back and sees a black magpie linked on it. The man says in a calm tone as he looks out into the city “If they have Scientia, then where is Dýnami”.

End Of Chapter #1

Taylor Victoria