Chapter 358:

Chapter 358: Because You’re Wrong

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 358: Because You’re Wrong

Narrator: Two of the Sanctum Vampires are defeated but Helen is still going strong.

*Kurt and Helen continue to fly around attacking each other. Helen is able to pummel Kurt with the magic bats released from her trident*

Helen: Your ability to fight me is continuing to drop. You just can’t keep up with me. It was hopeless from the beginning!

*Suddenly, Helen is pierced in the back and she coughs up blood*

Helen: What!?

*Sasha flies on her Hell Vulture towards Helen. Sasha pierced her by throwing a Dark Spear at her back*

Sasha: He’s not the only one you will be fighting!


*Down on the ground, Zonbi and the Nameless One continue to fight Leonis. Leonis tries to use his Vampiric Magic Latch-On technique on Zonbi but she jumps back to dodge. Leonis immediately does a 180-degree turn and uses the same technique on the Nameless One who was coming to attack from behind*

Leonis: Got you!

*Leonis successfully latches onto the Nameless One. Leonis begins sucking the energy out of him*

Zonbi: Oh no you don’t!

*Zonbi sends orange sparkles towards the magic connection link and makes them burst. Zonbi then punches Leonis twice in the gut, upper-cuts him, and then kicks him back*

Leonis: You may have just got some hits in there Zonbi, but the energy I sucked up from your son makes up for it.

Zonbi: It will be your last!


*Zaydra and Zenfaro continue to fight Asina. Asina punches Zaydra towards Zenfaro who then catches her but Asina flies around the side and kicks him to knock them both back*

Asina: With Kazan unsealed, there is no more need for any of you to remain among the living! Just die!

*Asina continues to fly fast towards them. Zenfaro puts Zaydra down and then goes into Raging Star Mode*

Zenfaro: You will not stop me this time!

*Asina tries to slam into them but Zenfaro puts his hands against her and pushes back. Slowly, Asina pushes Zenfaro backward*

Zaydra: I won’t let you do this alone…

*Zaydra stands up and goes into Raging Star Mode as well*

Zaydra: This world has no need for vampires like you!

*Zaydra punches Asina away from Zenfaro*


*Joe and Daniel continue to fight Diane and Rob. Both Joe and Daniel are knocked back. Diane and Rob continue to run after them*

Diane: Sorry we have to punish you, son!

Rob: But you leave us no choice!

*Daniel and Joe prepare to block their attacks but Diane and Rob are both hit by a Ball & Chain*

Joe: Emily!

Emily: Looks like you can use some help.

*Emily and Keith show up, though Keith is back in his human form. He looks exhausted*

*Diane and Rob stand up*

Diane: You’ll pay for that!

Joe: I’m glad you’re here. With you, I have a plan to finish these vampires off.

Emily: Let me hear it.

*Diane and Rob are frustrated*

Diane: Other than Daniel, we will rip the rest of you to shreds!

*Diane and Rob increase their power*

*Emily holds her Shadow Sword in front of Daniel’s hands horizontally. Joe covers the sword in lightning and the sword turns the lightning black*

Daniel: Hopefully this works.

Joe: It will.

*Diane and Rob launch towards the heroes with fury*

Rob: Daniel belongs with us!!

Diane: We are family!! The rest of you are just some insolent strangers!!

Emily: Now!

*Daniel uses a big burst of his Steam Magic to blast the Shadow Sword forward out of Emily’s hand with extreme pressure*

Diane: Huh!?

*The sword blasts into Rob and it leaves a large hole in his body as the extreme electricity tears away at both him and Diane. Both of them fall to the ground. Rob is dead instantly while Diane is very injured. The heroes walk up to her*

Diane: W- w- why? Don’t you get it’s hopeless to challenge the vampires? We could have been a happy vampire family. Why didn’t you just join us…?

*Daniel stares at her for a moment*

Daniel: Because you’re wrong. Look around you. The vampires are falling apart. In fact, the only Sanctum Vampires left alive are you and Helen and you can’t even fight anymore. The king and queen are already injured. The only major threat left is Kazan.

*Diane looks shocked at all this information*

Diane: I see… Maybe you’re right…. Go on, finish me off.

Daniel: Because you have been willingly working with the vampires, I don’t know if you are going to Heaven or Hell but I will remember who you used to be.

Diane: I appreciate that…

*Emily hands Daniel a dagger*

Daniel: Goodbye… mom.

*Daniel uses the dagger and stabs Diane in the heart. Blood starts flowing out of her mouth as she gives her last words*

Diane: Stay safe in the future… I’ll… miss you…

*Diane dies and then Daniel stares up at the sky*

Narrator: The heroes have now also defeated Diane and Rob! Daniel’s parents are now dead but he will remember the people they used to be.

Chapter 358 END

To be Continued in Chapter 359: The Vampire Royalty Falls