Chapter 359:

Chapter 359: The Vampire Royalty Falls

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 359: The Vampire Royalty Falls

Narrator: Other than Kazan, the only major vampires that remain in the battle are Leonis, Asina, and Helen.

*Kurt starts flying around very close to Helen. Helen cuts Kurt with her trident but she is then pierced by a third Dark Spear from Sasha. Sasha smiles sadistically*

Sasha: If you continue to ignore me, I’m just going to keep getting these free hits in.

*Helen turns to look at Sasha who is still riding on her Hell Vulture. Helen is furious*

Helen: You’re dead!

*Helen flies towards Sasha but is then caught from behind by Kurt’s Aura Fly Trap. Helen has a surprised look on her face. The jaws of the Aura Fly Trap begin to chomp on Helen and it does a good amount of damage. Helen is again surprised*

Helen: How could something like this do so much damage to me in my Pure Form!?

*Sasha’s aura begins to take the shape of a black dragon head and forms around her body*

Sasha: I’m going to end you!

*A large energy beams charges at the mouth of the dragon head*

Sasha: This won’t allow me to carve out your insides but it will finish you off.

*Helen tries to break out of the Aura Fly Trap. Sasha smiles very sadistically as she launches the beam*

Sasha: Like a trapped little mouse! I look forward to your scream!!

*Helen breaks free but she is unable to avoid the beam*

Helen: Nooooooooo!!!

Sasha: Yes!! Wonderful!! Your screams are music to my ears!! I love it!!

*Helen is pushed far back in the distance by the beam. She lands somewhere in the far distance and is extremely injured. After her body finally hits the ground again, she is reverted back to her standard form. She is barely conscious*

Helen: This… isn’t over…

*Helen is defeated but Sasha finally comes down from her sadistic high and has thoughts on her mind*

Sasha: (Thinking) We have defeated her. But why couldn’t I go into my Black Devil Form? I was able to against the Darkness Vampires and when I started fighting Kyle. The demonic version of me and the door just came naturally. How does it happen?

Kurt: Sasha.

*Sasha is knocked out of her deep thought*

Sasha: Yes?

Kurt: It’s time to help the others.

Sasha: Yes, but I have a question for you. How did you become so much more powerful?

Kurt: I don’t know. I will be sure to ask Harmona after this is all over. Maybe it’s just a natural part of being reincarnated as an angel.


*Zonbi and the Nameless One begin to rapidly punch Leonis*

Zonbi: Your movements are becoming slower! Your stab injury is becoming too much to overcome!

*The Nameless One jumps to a few meters behind Leonis*

Nameless One: Now!

*Zonbi kicks Leonis towards the Nameless One. The Nameless One then kicks Leonis upward. Zonbi jumps above Leonis and puts her hands together to slam down on Leonis’s back. The hit smashes Leonis into the ground*

Zonbi: Great job!

Nameless One: I’d say that was perfect teamwork!

*Leonis stands up*

Leonis: *huff huff* I will not be beaten!

*Zonbi smashes Leonis back down with her fists*

Zonbi: Wake up! You were beaten the moment Kyle stabbed you!!


*Zaydra does a swiping kick at Asina’s legs but she jumps over the kick and punches Zaydra in the face. Zaydra retaliates by gut-punching her. They then trade punches*

*Zenfaro is charging up for an attack*

Zenfaro: (Thinking) I got something for you, Asina!

*The attack Zenfaro is about to use is Raging Star Zothena. He begins running towards Asina and Zaydra*

Zenfaro: Get out of the way!

*Zaydra sees Zenfaro and jumps back as he reaches Asina*

Zenfaro: I’m going to shred you!

*Asina tries to dodge Zenfaro but she is unable to keep Zenfaro from cutting off her left arm*

Asina: Aaahhh!!!

*Zenfaro ends his attack and smirks*

Zenfaro: Look on the bright side. Now you don’t need to worry about that arm actually breaking. It’s clearly been bothering you in this fight.

Asina: Shut up!!

*Zaydra uses a fully magic-powered punch to hit Asina in the face. Asina is knocked to her side and is knocked into Leonis. They are both losing their fight*

Leonis: Asina, you’re arm!

Asina: You’re losing too!?

Leonis: Let’s show them who they are dealing with! It’s time for one last big attack!

Asina: I know what you’re thinking about.

*All of the heroes that have finished their battles have joined the ones fighting the king and queen. Zaydra, Zenfaro, Zonbi, the Nameless One, Sasha, Emily, Joe, Daniel, Kurt, Keith, Master Dom, Jane, and RAG all stand with a determined look*

*The king and queen stand up*

Leonis: All of you fools who think you can defeat us… You will all die!!

Asina: None of you rat bastards will live to see tomorrow!!

*Both Leonis and Asina begin to create a giant ball of vampiric energy*

Zenfaro: We will counter them with our own power!

*All of the heroes charge up magic*

Leonis and Asina: Here is where you die!!

*Leonis and Asina launch their large vampiric blasts together*

Zenfaro: Now!!

*All of the heroes release powerful magic attacks to go against the large vampiric blasts. They collide with each other*

Leonis: You will not overpower the king and queen of vampires!!

Asina: All of you are inferior to us!!

Zenfaro: Such stupid logic! Your titles mean nothing against our combined power! Come on, guys! We got this!

*After struggling for a bit, the heroes’ attacks win and push the vampiric blasts back into the vampires and those along with their attacks engulf Leonis and Asina*

Leonis and Asina: Nooooooooo!!!

*Leonis and Asina are completely destroyed by the attacks and turn to ashes*

*The heroes look relieved*

Zaydra: At last. The vampire royalty falls.

Narrator: The heroes have defeated the king and queen! But what will become of Helen? And how is Kyle doing with Kazan?

Chapter 359 END

To be Continued in Chapter 360: Kyle vs Kazan. Battle Against The Vampire of Origin!