Chapter 357:

Chapter 357: The New Combination Attacks

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 357: The New Combination Attacks

Narrator: The battle between the allied forces and the vampires continues.

*Kurt and Helen continue their battle in the air. Kurt flies up to avoid Helen’s punch and then slams her with a downwards kick that knocks her down close to the ground*

*Helen steadies herself before she hits the ground and then continues flying. She flies fast around Kurt and kicks him in the back. She then flies around again and rapidly punches him. However, she is soon attacked by Kurt’s Aura Projection which ends her rapid attacks*

Kurt: You forgot about my Aura Projection.

Helen: Don’t you worry. I will destroy it.

*Down on the ground, Diane throws Joe upwards. Then Rob jumps to punch him hard and knock him back*

*Daniel tries to kick Rob from the side but Diane knocks him back with a vampiric blast*

Joe: This isn’t working. We’re going to have to try combination attacks!

Daniel: We haven’t exactly had time to practice any.

Joe: We’re going to have to improvise. We can’t beat them with our current fighting strategy.

Daniel: What do you have in mind?

Diane: Oh Rob, they aren’t coming after us anymore.

Rob: Then let’s go to them.

*Diane and Rob then notice Joe and Daniel doing something. Daniel launches a vampiric blast that is covered in razor hail*

Rob: What is that?

*That vampiric blast gets near them and bursts with razor hail going everywhere. Diane and Rob are cut in many spots by it as they were unable to dodge*

Diane: *huff huff* It was a vampiric blast covered in hail…

*Meanwhile, Emily and Keith still fight Sanctum Male 1. Emily and Sanctum Male 1 still clash with their swords but Keith goes in low and uses his legs to swipe at Sanctum Male 1 to trip him. Sanctum Male 1 falls back but he kicks Keith back in the process. Emily tries to stab Sanctum Male 1 as a follow up attack*

Emily: Now’s my chance!

*Sanctum Male 1 uses his own sword to keep Emily’s sword from striking his vitals. Although Emily’s sword misses his vitals, it does pierce into his lower abdomen*

Sanctum Male 1: Gaahh!!

*Sanctum Male 1 uses his sword to strike at Emily and cuts her shoulder and makes her lose her grip on her sword. He then kicks Emily back and pulls out her sword. He stands up and holds his own sword and Emily’s sword*

Sanctum Male 1: Now I have two swords and you have none. Hehehe.

*Emily looks at Keith*

Emily: Do you remember those combination attacks we practiced way back then?

Keith: Yeah, I do.

Emily: It’s time to use them in actual combat.

*Emily puts on her Channeling Gloves*

*Keith sends Emily through a portal*

Sanctum Male 1: Where did she go?

*Suddenly, Sanctum Male 1 is getting punched hard in his right cheek by Emily which cracks his right cheekbone. She then goes back through a portal*

Sanctum Male 1: What!?

*He then gets punched by Emily in his other cheek too. He does a slash with the Shadow Sword in his left hand but doesn’t hit anything*

Sanctum Male 1: Damn you!

*Sanctum Male 1 is then punched hard in the back*

Sanctum Male 1: You coward!! Come out and face me!!

*In frustration, Sanctum Male 1 just starts slashing randomly, hoping to get a hit on Emily. While he does that, Keith sits back and is charging his ultimate attack*

*The second that Sanctum Male 1 stops slashing, Emily appears and starts rapidly punching him and then rips the Shadow Sword out of his hand. She then goes back into a portal as Sanctum Male 1 tries to slash her with his other sword*

Sanctum Male 1: Just die!!

Keith: Demonic Burial Cannon!

*Sanctum Male 1 was so distracted that he didn’t notice Keith charging his attack. The large red beam heads towards Sanctum Male 1*

Sanctum Male 1: Huh? …Oh noooooooo!!!

*Sanctum Male 1 is swallowed by the beam. After the beam clears, Sanctum Male 1’s body is lying on the ground dead and starts to disintegrate*

*Sanctum Male 2 saw*

Sanctum Male 2: No! Gary!!

Sasha: You’ll be joining him!

*Sasha runs towards Sanctum Male 2 with her Hellhounds by her side. The Hellhounds begin leaping all over Sanctum Male 2 and he tries to fight them off*

Sanctum Male 2: I, Hon, will kill you!

*Sasha punches Hon in the chin*

*RAG and Jane are injured and watch the fight*

RAG: This is about to end.

*Sasha kicks Hon hard in the gut and knocks him on his back. The Hellhounds hold him down as Sasha walks up to him, holding her Dark Spear. There is a look of hatred for vampires in her eyes*

Sasha: You’re dead.

*Sasha uses her Dark Spear to pierce Hon in the heart. Hon coughs and then dies*

Narrator: Two of the Sanctum Vampires are now dead! Now, can they finish off the rest of them?

Chapter 357 END

To be Continued in Chapter 358: Because You’re Wrong

Author's Comment: It's honestly kind of weird how I did not give the two previously unnamed Sanctum Vampires names until the chapter they are killed in. I thought about retroactively adding their names into the chapters where they first appeared but they really have no roles of significance so I didn't see a good spot to put them in. I'm going to consider that a flaw because I gave names to all of Vampire Squad Delta and they are of less importance to the vampires' grand scheme than the Sanctum Vampires. It's dumb. It's stupid. I know. In some cases, I'm looking at these chapters for the first time in years and I think "I could've done this better." or "I should have planned this out differently." I've learned a lot about improving my writing just simply from looking back at old chapters.