Chapter 7:

The "Liar" and The "Victims"

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

The next and last day of the school excursion.

As I woke up, I prepared immediately as the meeting time at the lobby is approaching. 

I leave the private room and then I walk towards the lobby.

As I was walking towards the lobby, the students around me are staring and glaring at me like they want to kill me or something, it really is scary and at the same time, it is irritating.

"Look it's the "Liar"!" [???]

"Yeah, he's the worst!" [???]

As I heard things like that, it seems that the story was still me is in the wrong side. Well, I already expected something like this to happen as those guys I fought with is famous and can change every story.

I don't care about this guys who don't know the truth.

(I wonder, what if they are in my situation, would they be happy?), I thought.

I arrived at the lobby and saw the other group I am with before and the former group I was with before. By the way, the teachers decided to take me to a teacher's bus to avoid any incident that can occur.

Our homeroom teacher immediately comes to me to make sure no one will come to me to do something.

As our homeroom teacher comes to me, she leads me the way to the teacher's bus.

As we are walking towards the teacher's bus, I can still hear some students who are talking about me, criticizing me, and some are even cursing me.

We arrived at the bus and I sat down at the sit where my homeroom teacher told me to.

This time, I was sitting on the lower deck of the bus but near the window once again.

As I was sitting, I looked up at the skies and thought, (Do I deserve this thing? Am I really not supposed to speak? What have I done to have experienced this? Should I just killed myself?), Those are the thoughts I have right now and I feel like, sooner or later, I will get traumatized because of the things that happened.

I also thought, that's just how cruel the world to a person like me.

Thinking about that, the bus started to move towards the airport.

"Hey, Kisaragi-kun, are you alright?" [Homeroom Teacher]

"Sorry, but I am not, ma'am.", I answered.

"I'm sorry too...", She said with a sad face.

And so, I have come to a conclusion again, that this school excursion, is a hellish and worst excursion but also, it is a educational trip that thought me the truth about this cruel world.