Chapter 3:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

As members of the Council of High Royalty (CAR) we cannot allow the young prince to put himself in danger by allowing his increasingly frequent excursions beyond the domain of our kingdom, but if the princess is crowned at the extraordinary session the time they spent together will become less and less, when that happens it will be more difficult to keep him under control;

Colonel Stinger has any ideas?

Indeed, I know the brat as well as I knew his father, and he is anxious to enter the Abejoide Detective Academy, his desire is so great that he even presented a proposal to the queen, to lower the minimum age of entry from 11 years old to 6 years old, which he is about to turn 6 years old.
And what did the Queen decide?
Decree that the minimum age is an outdated requirement and in the new times the only thing that matters is to complete the entrance exams.
To be exact the decree was resolved as follows:
"In the new era, this being the first year of the sunflower, anyone who is able to pass the entrance examinations for any of the Academies of the kingdom, regardless of the origin of the aspirant, royalty, commoner, military or foreigner, may enter and remain in the institution provided he demonstrates ability, vocation, courage and honor."
With this the age limit is abolished and what is even worse, the doors are open to accept foreign applicants of any level.
What is the queen thinking, this is unacceptable.
Colonel will have the mission to prevent that royal larva from entering the Academy, remember that we need him to become a drone, it is always easier to handle royal drones than an educated one.
It is clear to me, he may just be an annoying larva in the eyes of the council (CAR) but if we don't act now, the prophecy will be true..........

At the same time somewhere in the PANALACIO
-Brother wake up....... it's already too late
-Sister hugggggggggggggggg
-Get off of me, when will you stop doing that?
-Shall we play insectocraft together? -I have an idea for a new trap.
-No no time for games today.
We have to catch up with our grandma... the Queen at the official breakfast with the representatives of the sister hives and the insectoid kingdoms, everyone will be there even the rector of the abejoid detective academy, I will support you to win him over so hurry up and get ready to go.

Taylor Victoria