Chapter 2:

Immortal Love

Imagine Fantasy

She looked at me with cold eyes,

“Get out of my sight!” she yelled.

I starred deep into her eyes and told her that I wouldn’t leave. Slowly I took a step towards her and pulled her shivering body into my warm arms.

“I love you… I love you!” I told her.

She began to cry out loud,

“Why… why won’t you leave me alone?” she asked me, her warm head still placed across my chest.

“I thought I already told you… it’s because I love you.” I told her, answering her relentless question.

Overtime I waited and soon her tears had ceased to fall. For a moment it seemed as though our beating hearts were the only thing I could hear.

“Will you let me love you?” I asked her.


I that moment I felt my heart beat rise and a sudden heat made my face turn a little red. I was so happy that we would finally be together, for all the exiting things we would do and all the places we would go…

“I promise I will love you with all my heart, everything I do will only be for you!” I said in a rush.

“Come down silly…” she suddenly said.

My face turned bright red, as I realized that was getting a little too excited.

“Then will you be with me forever?” she suddenly asked me.

“Yes! … yes, I will.” I quickly answered her.

“even past death…”

“I- “, suddenly I stopped. My curious mind wanted me to think about what she was asking me, but what was I thinking things through for, I love this woman.

“Yes… even past death!” I told her.

Slowly she perked up onto her tippy toes and placed a cold kiss on my left cheek.

I could feel her sliding herself out of my warm grip.

“When will I see you again?!” asked worried.

“Soon… Soon” She told me.

“She began to walk of into the alley. I took one step forward when suddenly I felt the need to seat down. Somehow, I was tired, I could feel the cold sweat sliding down my chest.

I fell to my knees helplessly. I looked for my love but could see her nowhere.

I began to fall backwards when suddenly I felt two cold arms rap around my chest.

“Is… Is that you love?” I asked tired.

I could feel sleep begin to overtake me. Looking down I could see that the interior of my jacket was exposed… and sticking out of it… was a metallic material.

“ha… I never thought… that you would love me this much love?” I said fleetingly.

“Love?! This isn’t love! How could you still Love me when I have betrayed you so many times?!” she suddenly cried out.

“It’s because I love you-”

“but I don’t want your love!” she yelled.

“I know… that’s why you need it…” I huffed.

“and I’ll continue to love you over… and over again.” I was now huffing out every phrase.

She was now staring over me, my head resting down on her cold lap.

“You stupid… This is why… oh, forget about it!”

She suddenly smashed her lips against mine… I think the only thing that was warm was her breath. I wanted to embrace her lips more, but before I knew it was already over. I lifted my resting hands from off my blood-stained shirt and saw that it was covered in fresh blood.

“Well… it seems that I won’t be around much longer…” I muttered.

My eyes fluttered open and I could feel her cold tears dripping onto my face.

“Don’t cry…” I said. I raised my hand towards her face and began whipping away her tears.

I Could feel my energy being sucked out of my body… I think I had lost too much blood. I knew I didn’t have much time, I had to reassure her… and tell her one more time.

“I will… always… love you” was what I was able to mutter out.

Slowly my view of her face had become blurred. I could hear her trying to tell me something, but it wasn’t coming through, my hands and other limbs began to feel numb and hollow, I’m sure my arms were already sagging down at my sides. I wanted to leave her with one last thing… and all could do… was smile.


Imagine Fantasy