Imagine Fantasy

A group of Short Fantasy stories.

LATEST STORY: Immortal Love

1) Immortal Love

A lonely woman is trying to run from her horrible past only to realise that was chasing was not her past, but a new life. A love that never dies... a love that is always there. This is Immortal Love.

2) The Sellevian Library

In the old city of Vanhedan there is nothing but old and empty buildings. The city was abandoned due to the endless wars that roamed through out. Everyday in Vanhedan is the same, dark clouds roamed over the pale blue skies, cold winds, blew throughout the empty city streets, and the city’s pride, The Sellivien Library remained empty and without purpose… or so we thought. Within the library lives a mysterious little boy. He lives his days within the library and makes it his purpose to take care of the beautiful memories and stories… that is, The Sellivien Library.

GenreAdventureDramaMilitary / WarSurvivalSupernatural
UpdatedFeb 16, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
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