Chapter 8:

D&D – Death and Daydreams

A Place between There and Now

I looked at my clock, it was about 4 am, a shadow was lying next to me on the ground.

“That must be me from yesterday,” I thought. I needed to be quick, so it, no, I didn’t see me when I woke up about 30 minutes later.

Wandering around this city for days now, in the same rain all the time with crumbling concrete left and right wherever I looked made my mind drift off to another place. I rarely daydreamed outside of school and university; this might have even been the first time, but I rather spent my time anywhere but here.

I thought of my parents, whatever their names were. They always were nice to me, I can’t say the same for me, but I remember that life with them was always peaceful. We spent so much time together, I couldn’t remember any of it, but it must have been fun. How many nights we must have spent laughing together? I couldn’t remember their laughing faces anymore. Did they even have faces?

I tried remembering their faces but all I saw was black, a growing black that soon covered their entire body turning them into shadows. I didn’t understand the meaning of this in any way at this time or rather I didn’t see a meaning in this at all, but it did make me curious: What are the shadows? Why are the other day cycles shadows and who are the shadows that keep killing me? Are there maybe other people like me and do they just really want to see me dead? I noticed that I was back in reality again and soon realized that I accidentally started thinking about the very thing that made me daydream in the first place.

The buildings were getting smaller again, it seemed I was finally leaving the city after six days. I remembered all the bullshit I went through in that city, and it gave me some time to reflect and think about everything that happened.

To whoever or hopefully whatever might read this in the future: the next part is written directly from the perspective of myself at that moment.

“The first day I arrived in the city I slept on a giant boulder in the middle of a park and presumably died there as long as this is consistent if not then it might just be like Groundhog Day. On the second day, I died because of the explosion I caused on day three by lighting my lighter in the middle of the black fog which seems to be inflammable. On day four I made it to the lighthouse in the middle of the lake and met somewhere around 20 shadows that actually didn’t try to kill me for once and had some fun time with a hangman and finally got my first kill on a shadow. On day 5 I collapsed after swimming through the black lake and then got killed by a shadow which then killed one of my shadows which was me on day six to be exact. So, the things we learn are shadows can be me from previous and later cycles, black fog is inflammable, and physically impossible spaces don’t care about being physically impossible.

I had an idea, I wanted to test if the black water was also flammable like the black fog, though I couldn’t really test this without risking lighting literally everything including me on fire.

I kept walking but my steps slowed down again, and I started to falter. I felt dizzy and soon lay down on the ground. I stared at the sky but after I got a raindrop in my eye, I closed them. It felt like the raindrop was burning straight into my head. My mind drifted off to another place once more. I saw a man, I would say in his early sixties,  he already had white hair. He was wearing a white coat and a business suit. It wasn’t the first time I saw him; it was the hangman once again, but he actually wasn’t hanging for once.

He stepped closer to me and whispered the same three words “fight kill repeat” over and over again in my ear “fight kill repeat” , I couldn’t “fight kill repeat” think clearly, the only thing “fight kill repeat” I was hearing was “fight kill repeat”. All the time “fight kill repeat” I couldn’t concentrate in any “fight kill repeat” way. It didn’t “fight kill repeat” stop. I would have cried “fight kill repeat” but I couldn’t “fight kill repeat” open my eyes. I covered “fight kill repeat” my ears but “fight kill repeat” I could still hear “fight kill repeat”. It “fight kill repeat” only stopped “fight kill repeat” after “fight kill repeat” I “fight kill repeat” stopped.  -repeat

- booting #010

- repeat