Chapter 0:

Prologue + character sheet


Note: * * represents a song being played or sung in the entirety of this novel.



‘’Blood splattered on the windows and furniture, three dead bodies on the ground, bed, and under a running shower.’’

This made the headline on every news channel.

‘’Struggle by the perished is visible as things are smashed and tossed oddly.’’

The investigation began as the crime scene slowly crammed with the police and media at 2 am.

‘’Any clues left by the killer?’’

Emma, now in her 30’s, was wearing a night dress. She appeared to have reached there straight out of her bed, with no time to change.

‘’Yes, we have found many fingerprints and a weapon associated with the homicide in question, but why are you here? Superintendent?’’

The man wearing a uniform of an inspector saluted her as he gave details of the situation.

‘’Orders from above, the deceased are a bunch of high profiled people, so I gotta stay until this settles, no way out of it.’’

‘’No wonder why the media is flocking outside,’’ the man moved his eyes to the left, ‘’if I may, you should probably change mam, you won’t like it when the news covers your outfit alongside the dead bodies, media can be cruel sometimes.’’

Emma looked back at the many cameras aiming their lenses towards her, ‘’yes… you are right… I should.’’

The man relaxed his arm and the stance he was holding while saluting her, ‘’should I call someone to bring you a suit?’’

‘’Yes… please do that… I will be waiting in my car.’’

While Emma was sitting in her car, with her eyes closed trying to get some rest. A gentle knock on the glass window disturbed her peace. It was natural for her to feel sleepy or tired, it was midnight and she couldn’t have gotten much sleep before arriving there.

Outside was standing a woman, wearing a uniform of a rookie, she was holding Emma’s pressed clothes in her right hand,

Emma rolled down the window and nodded in a manner of greeting her and saying hello.

‘’Did you go to my house to get those?’’

Emma acquired it because she wanted to know if her husband and kids got worried about her being out at that hour.

‘I hope, my family doesn’t worry too much about me.’

‘’No mam! No one answered the door, so I borrowed my friend’s clothes. Don’t worry, they will fit you perfectly.’’

‘So like him… to be sleeping carelessly and like a dead man.’

‘’You… are an angel!’’ Emma smiled as she grabbed the clothes, ‘’tell Tao, I will be there in a few minutes.’’

The woman nodded, saluted, and left.

While Emma was changing her clothes in the back seat of her car. (a police jeep) Her phone rang, she ignored it as she didn’t want to answer it in the middle of changing her clothes to prevent any onlookers to peep inside through the front, although the back and window glasses were tainted, the front was still exposing the inside of the car.

The phone didn’t ring again, once it stopped, but a beep was heard, letting Emma know about the arrival of a text by someone.

‘’The officer in charge of the case, has suddenly left the scene, driving her jeep recklessly, what could have happened? Stay tuned to District 9 united for more details.’’

This news was on everyone’s screen, everyone who was watching at that time.

Meanwhile, on the dashboard inside Emma’s car her phone was showing a text, ‘’EMERGENCY ALERT! A.C.S MEMBERS! Location - old stadium, Street 7, Block 31, City B.’’

The same text appeared on several different phones. Those phones were either placed near someone’s bed, held by someone, placed on an office desk, or on a dashboard inside one person’s car.

This dashboard was different than Emma’s, and the phone in this car had a wire going through its headphone jack to the player.

Now playing ‘love is a crime by parademero’

The man inside that car was wearing an elephant mask, which hid his identity. As that black car, moved on that not-so-busy road, Emma’s jeep came in front of it through a branch road, the sirens were on as she slowed the jeep to match the speed of the black car.


Emma honked twice, to which the black car responded in the same manner, they were exchanging ‘hi’ through the sound of horns.

Three vehicles also joined them through other branch roads, a limousine, a vintage blue car, and a gold-plated fast car.

Through the vintage car’s front window, a hand was out, holding a lit cigarette. As smoke drifted away with air, the now 5 vehicles moved in harmony towards the same location.


In the sky, two choppers appeared that seem to be moving in the same direction as the vehicles on the road.


‘’So you got the text aswell?’’

A voice was heard inside Emma’s jeep, it belonged to a man, which startled Emma, as she thought to be alone inside that vehicle.


She lost control over the steering wheel for a moment but recovered quickly and yelled in anger while focusing on the road.

‘’What the hell? Quinn! Can’t you show up as normal humans do for once? God…’’

She didn’t look back, to see who was sitting in the back seat, but somehow she knew the identity of the person just by their voice.


The choppers and the vehicles reached the stadium ground, drifting and blowing away the dirt.


Out of them, came 8 people, 2 females and 8 males, all wearing different types of masks.


As the dust went away, a black van was seen in the middle of the stadium. Out of which, 3 people came, 2 females and one male, and just like the others, their identities were also concealed.


‘’Welcome to the last meeting of ANTI COUPLE SQUAD.’’ one of the women who came out of the van spoke while pointing towards the club logo written on the van’s door.

* ‘’YES! THAT’S TRUE’’ *

‘’Mother***ker, did you bring us here for that? I thought someone was dead or dying.’’

Emma was furious.


‘’Wait… didn't we already hold the last meeting? Like a f*ckin' decade ago.’’



Character sheet.

1) Liam Reid: 

Age: 15-16 Height: 5’9 Hair: black or a shade of dark Eyes: purplish Skin: light Physic: Fit Clothes: wears full sleeves t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers at home, at school like to roll up the sleeves of the shirt. Likes: Sleeping with two pillows, one to hug. Eating a chicken burger. Strawberry shake. Dislikes: People who eat with their mouths open. Scared of dogs. Using a phone in public. 


Age: 15-16 Height: 5’6 Hair: light purple-ish - long Eyes: pink, sharp Skin: light Physic: C-cupsClothes: half sleeve t-shirt and shorts. Likes: sleeping with two pillows, one to hug. Eating strawberries. Dislikes: people who speak loud, traveling in public transport.


Age: 17-18 Height: 6’2 Hair: white Eyes: blue Skin: dark Physic: fit, bit muscles Clothes: wears chef clothes when at home, or pants shirt with a waistcoat. Likes: cooking, helping people. Dislikes: missing classes.


Age: 15-16 Height: 5’8 Hair: a shade of orange, has short hair on the sides (hairs combed back) Eyes: green Skin: light Physic: fit Clothes: expensive clothes. Has a gold watch, and his phone also has a gold cover, Likes: girls and girls, spending money, showing off, and playing online games. Dislikes: his stepmother.


Age: 17-18 Height: 5’7 Hair: blue, medium size. Eyes: light purple Skin: light Physic: fit, A-cups. Clothes: at home wears shorts, outside wear a fashionable dress. Likes: romantic movies and stories, eating chocolate cakes and walking in the morning, Dislikes: too many spices. And horror movies.


Age: 16-17 Height: 5’9 Hair: silver. Eyes: red-ish. Skin: light. Physic: fit. Extra: has a scar on the lips area, and his glasses have a bunny image on the bottom right. Clothes: wears un-ironed clothes, mostly loose Likes: listens to the music of all types, eats rice Dislikes: the crowd


Age: 16-17 Height: 5’9 Hair: sky blue, long, ponied back. Eyes: orange Skin: light Physic: slim Clothes: wears dark-colored clothes. Likes: psychological movies, making jokes Dislikes: people who talk less with him. Extra: wears rings on the left hand.


Age: 16-17 Height: 5’4 Hair: brown, tied back (not ponytail, as a round ball) (mid length) Eyes: purple Skin: light Extra: adds a lot of cute accessories on her hair and her uniform. (Has a mole on her chin) Physic: fit, D-cups Clothes: t-shirt and skirt. Likes: sweats and comedy movies. Dislikes: pain.


Age: 15-16 Height: 5’6 Hair: black, curly, held back from the face with a hair accessory, (long) Eyes: green Skin: light Physic: fit, E-cups Clothes: leather made, mostly includes jeans Extra: (hairs have diff colors on tips) (has a nose piercing) Likes: staying alone, sitting at the end of the class, not getting attention. Dislikes: people reaching her.


Age: 15-16 Height: 5’11 Hair: dark violet, medium size, combed back - with few strands of hair falling down towards the glasses. Eyes: sky blue Skin: light Physic: fit Clothes: wears eyesight glasses, leather or jeans products. Likes: peace and quiet Dislikes: dirty talks or jokes.