Chapter 5:

Date Day

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist

After the awkward situation with Lei Mei in the bathroom last night as well as the scolding session with my mother when I was wearing nothing but the ripped curtain. I cannot say that I am satisfied with how everything ended. Now, I’m not the one to take a girl out for a date as an apology, or any sort of date, to begin with, however, I do feel a slight obligation to make an apology to Lei Mei, since, despite not knowing what I did wrong, I still caused her to cry.

While eating breakfast, I decided to ask Lei Mei to come out with me. Since my mother was in the kitchen beside us, I needed to make sure that she would hear me doing this since she would most likely force me to make an apology regardless.

“Hey, Lei Mei. Would you mind coming out with me today? I would like to make up for what happened last night.”

I stared straight into her eyes. I went straight to the point without playing around. She cannot decline my date. My mother also menacingly stared at the two of us. Increasing the tension, making it more difficult for Lei Mei to decline. She took a long time to think of a reply, my heart was pounding faster and faster as we approached the conclusion.

“Sure. I do have something I would like to talk to you about as well during this.”

Finally, Benzaiten is on my side today. Thank you. I shall never forget to visit your shrine! I’m not too sure what she has in mind to talk about, but whatever it is, I will gratefully accept it, since she never really starts conversations much.

The time has arrived. The clocks hit 10 am. Lei Mei was patiently waiting at the door for me to get there. I struggled to find some nice clothes to wear, in the end, I had to just wear the most basic of my clothes.

“Shall we get going?”

Lei Mei nodded and thanked my mother for letting her stay here for the night.

Mother walked out of the living room and smiled as she looked at Lei Mei as deceiving as she looks, she gripped my shoulder and whispered, “Don’t mess anything up Taji, also we are still going to have a talk about you coming late yesterday.”

“I know, mother. Don’t worry. I will make sure to get home on time today.”

“Good. Now get going, rude to leave a lady waiting.”

We set off into the city. For most of the walk, we were in silence, with at least a 2-meter distance between us. This isn’t going how I imagined it. I can’t tell what she is feeling. Why do women have to be so complicated?

“Hey, Lei Mei-”

“Do not speak to me yet.”

What? For someone like her, that’s an uncanny attitude. I wouldn’t expect it from her. I decided to comply with her demands, I don’t wish to make things worse.

“Come with me. I have a place I would like to visit.”

I don’t know why but it made my heart sting. I feel burned out. Her treatment is too cold. I may be used to it from Sawa, however, from Lei Mei? This pains me more than it should. She hasn’t said anything of significance to harm my feelings. The mental abuse Sawa gives me made me used to it. I just don’t understand.

Lei Mei led us to a cafe, one closed off from the eyes of the public. Is she going to kill me? A mysterious cafe is hidden away in an alleyway, making it easy to pass by the pedestrians. What could go wrong in a place like this?

We sat down at a table and ordered a coffee. I can’t tell if she’s the one bringing me on a date or I am.

“Can I ask you something?” Lei Mei stared at me overpoweringly.


“Do not speak of what you saw yesterday, both in the city and in the bathroom. I would prefer if neither of those events remained active in your memory.”

What does this mean? Is she trying to drug me to forget? Why did she say it like that? This is getting extremely worrisome. After the things that I saw yesterday, my life may be in deep danger. It will only be worse if I don’t get back home on time.

Lei Mei grabbed my head and said “Aguni? Can you please listen to me and reply?”

I stared deep into her eyes. I felt as if my soul was being stolen. Would I hate it if she stole my soul? My mind got driven away from reality, the burning sensation returned to my body.

“Aguni? Are you okay? Your body is hot.”

Whatever she was saying, my brain refused to process, all I could hear is her angelic voice singing directly to my heart.

I got slapped. She let go of my face. The entire room looked at us. All that remained is a red mark. shaped like her hand. She left some money on the table and left. I felt like my body was paralysed. I messed things up more. What is wrong with me? How stupid have I become? I can’t even listen to a word she says, every damn time.

Unable to respond or move. I sat there at the table. My mind was completely distressed and on the verge of collapse.

“Hey, kid. You alright?” an unknown voice spoke out to me.

“Yeah…” I muttered back.

“That was one solid slap, you look like you've been sent out of this world, haha!”


“You gotta wake up kid, your girl ran out, you're sitting here empty. Go tell her what you need to tell her.”

“Yeah… you might be right…”

My mind slowly began to come together. I need to fix myself. I need to overcome my own selfishness and lust.

“Give yourself a slap and get going, kid. You have only one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted. This is the one moment you have, are you going to capture it? Or just let it slip?”

“You’re right, Thank you!”

“Haha, no problem kid. I’m here often so come by anytime!”

Just as he said, I gave myself a slap and ran out. I need to find Lei Mei and take the opportunity now. I am nervous, but I need to look calm and ready. I cannot fumble this again; I cannot forget what I need to say.

I ran and ran, in hopes that I could find her. There was no hope. She was long gone. Now that my mind is back. I can’t do anything without her being here. I messed everything up. I will never make the same mistake again. I swear to myself, I shall overcome my old self. Grow into a better person.

Searching around the area the cafe was in, I desperately tried to find Lei Mei, however, it was a lost cause. I messed up but I will not let this end like that. If she is not here, then she is most likely at home.

After spending another half an hour running over to her house, I finally made it. I reeked like a dead rat but that's fine. I didn’t bother knocking. She probably wouldn’t answer the door anyway.

“LEI MEI!” I yelled out as loud as possible at her house.




After yelling for a few minutes, she appeared in the window.

“I know you won't listen to me now but meet me at the park in a month. We will have a talk then!!”

Without a response, she closed the curtains. That’s fine, I don’t need a direct response. She will be there. I know that she will. I will take the fact that she didn’t respond as a yes since she didn’t say no. Well, at least that’s what I will keep telling myself.

Finally, I can go home. This has really been an eventful day. It is still fairly early so mother won’t get mad at me, thankfully.

“Hey, idiot.” a terrifying voice came from behind me.

I don’t want to turn around. I cannot turn around. I carried on walking, hoping that it wasn’t to me. Hoping that it’s not who I expect it to be. That voice, that specific tone, all punched me from the inside making my stomach digest itself.

“Hey, stop walking you creep.”

My body automatically froze as a dog does when its master calls its name. How pathetic of me.

“Taji. Turn around… please.”

Is this even who I think it is? Turning around now is even more terrifying than it would have been a minute ago. I slowly rotated around my entire body was trembling. My knees were weak, and my arms felt heavy. The self-digesting stomach was on the verge of emptying itself out.

“Taji. I will not lose.” Sawa cried out as tears poured out of her eyes.

“Sawa?” I don't understand. Why is she crying? What is it with women today, they are the opposite of what they usually are? I really need to get more experience with them. I need to learn to understand them.

Without any other words, she ran back inside her house. I wonder if I was yelling too loud, maybe she’s just embarrassed because of me. Never expected that she would end up crying over me yelling. Anyways, it’s time to return home. Tomorrow will be another long day at school.

My mother ended up yelling at me despite being home on time.