Chapter 2:

Ch 2 - Eng - Change.


Sorry for the bad english.


They had just returned from the princess's 5-year-old party. He was impressed by working on a face that Eren had caused. When they got to their house, he wasted no time in wandering and sleeping.

Eren is sleeping normally, a man appeared right next to the bed. He looked rather thin and weak. Raising his hand, a very light blue stick appeared in his hand. He threw it at Eren. They spoke to Eren and dodges the attack. His attack hit the pillow, but this attack was evident without any magic, it had no mana, Eren. A bit shattered from the attacks. He was shocked by what happened to Eren. It had worked for 2 months, it had spread. No matter how much he improved himself, he hid himself very well.

It was somehow obvious as he was an assassin in a costume. "But who would target me?" She overheard Eren. However, he lacks a future. Aggression so strong that the man in front of him would shatter enough to ever grow. There is not even the smallest class against him, the only care is escaped. Of course, Eren was aware of it. He started running with all his might.

As the assassin approached the road, he slowed down with the journey. Eren, who was used to this escape, dispersed all his mana. His running speed had increased slightly, but after using his mana for about five seconds, his mana had run out and he had returned to his previous speed. But to get away from going with the 'assassin', he paused and chose repetition, tired to savor his mana. He hadn't noticed as much as he had run away without looking around, he was in the kitchen. He found a beverage can on the kitchen counter and picked it up.

Eren was trying to make a plan. Before he could even think about it, the assassin had arrived. In a moment of panic, he threw the bottle at the assassin. The man didn't even bother to dodge the attack, the bottle slammed into him and shattered, but there was not the slightest wound on it. Eren started to run again, now he was shouting with all his strength and asking for help, but there was no reaction. He saw an open window, ran towards it and jumped. When the man noticed this, he took a knife from his side pocket and threw it at Eren. Eren was completely defenseless. He heard a bird sound, the bird looked rather strange. He had researched almost everything in these two months, but he had never seen a bird like this before.

The knife pierced the bird. Surprisingly, however, no blood was visible. He thought he was with the god of luck. Eren, realizing what was going on, created a fire about the size of a match fire with the last mana chunk and fired it towards the assassin. The reason why she couldn't sense any magic power from the Assassin was hidden in the outfit she was wearing. His outfit concealed his mana, the only thing possessing these qualities was using thread made from the webs of an Aracne. The Aracne thread had the ability to suppress mana and was quite durable, but it had a huge weakness, fire. This happened in less than a second, before the man could react, Eren's magic had reached him and his clothes started to burn with the wine spilled on him.

Due to using too much mana, Eren lost consciousness and began to freely fall down the building. A few other strange-looking birds came along, slowing Eren's fall and making sure he didn't take too much damage.