Chapter 0:

The Vampire: Dreaming

A School For Body Stealers

A long time ago, the adults say

Deep in the forest there is a mansion near the bay,

Beware of the vampiric beast

That waits in the thicket for another feast.

But even with this tall tell tale

Two young siblings, both identically male

With smiles and laughter,

They went in the forest still and soon after

The rushing blood from their feet

Would entice the vampire they wanted to meet.

Lalala, a lone voice sung

"The blood moon has yet begun"

The pair looked at the moon so beautiful and red

And suddenly fell with their legs crushed and bodies broken like lead.

Lalala, sing to the wolf's thrall

The two siblings were never found again

If at all.

A piano kept playing with a nauseating melody along with the old nursery rhyme I've heard plenty of times before. The singing was coming from a young lad with a bright smile, dark hair, and white skin as pale as snow. His deep azure eyes would always turn to me as a hole began to open from a wound in his chest. My eyes burned a flaming red, as I held onto him.

"Lalala, please my dear friend. Don't leave me here, alone. "

He said tears streaming down his face as I held him closer.



I strained to call out his name, but my throat felt so dry to even whisper it to him. The pain from my throat soon buried itself deep within my chest. The pain was so unbearable, I wanted to scream. But instead, I clamped my fangs into Nao's neck. I ripped through his skin as he muttered a little more.

"You know how we can be together forever. You have the power. Use it…so we can become each other."

He was right, there is a way, and I can use the power.

I let go of his neck as we faced each other closely. Our hands hugged tightly together as our bodies melted into one.

The energy was intoxicating.

And his blood was invigorating.

I looked down at myself and saw him.

His hands were mine.

His face was mine.

His eyes were mine.

His body was mine.

So why do I feel alone…

I ripped the blankets from off me as I sat up breathing rapidly. My throat was super parched, but I had no water on my nightstand.

It was that dream...again.

Suddenly, my phone started lightly buzzing on the floor near my bed. I looked at the number with blurred vision and picked it up to answer.

"Hey Shizu! I've been trying to reach you all day, bro! You finally awake? I found some fresh meat with your name all over it!"

That's right, this must be that thug, and he called me because I gave him my phone number that one time.
How long have I been sleeping?

I coughed a little because my throat was still dry, but that person's cheerful voice kept talking to me through the speaker. Half listening to him ramble, I slowly picked myself up and went towards the bathroom.

"You know Shizu, you've been a great help for me and the gang. If only you could see that! We've been racking up bodies just for you of course! But we wouldn't be so loaded with cash without ya! Why not hang with us more?"

I poured some water in a small cup from the sink and gulped it down quickly. As I stared at my face in the mirror, I finally came back to reality.

"What's up with you, bro? Are you still half asleep? If you hurry out, I might treat you to something extra delicious."

Then, I looked at the phone and spoke through the receiver.

"Don't worry, I'm awake now."

"Sweet! Well hurry down to our usual spot!"

My name is Shizu and I'm a vampire that can shapeshift into other people after devouring their bodies. I permanently kept myself shifted into my beloved friend Nao for many years, and I would never dare change that. Nao was everything to me. And ever since the day he died from the vampire hunter that attacked us, I swore that we would be together for eternity. My twisted fate led to me becoming my best friend.

I am what they call, a Body Stealer.