Chapter 14:

Going Home With The Princess

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

Time passes and now, it is now time to go home.

I'm now walking my way towards the exit of the school to meet with my little sister.

However, it seems like I am not going home only with my little sister as I can see someone familiar with me that is talking with my sister.

"Oh, there you are! Haruto-kun, let's go home together with your little sister!" [Aria]

That girl was indeed that girl, the princess.

By the way, going home with her? Is there no one else that will take her home?, I thought.

Well, I thought that way as it is dangerous for a girl and more over a princess to go home with us. I can't say I can protect her though.

And so, I walked towards the two and asked Aria-san.

"Umm... Aria-san? Don't you have anyone to take you home?", I asked.

"There is though? Oh, there it is.", She said and a black car stopped at the front gate of the school.

"Well, I guess so but wait... You said, going home together... Does that mean..?" [Haruto]

"Yes, you two will come with me!", She said.

""What?!?"", Me and Haruka got surprised as she said that.

"So, let's go!", She said that and pulled both Me and Haruka at the car.

And not so long, the car started to move.

"Umm... Aria-neesan?" [Haruka]

"What?!! Aria-neesan?! How you two got along with each other in a short period of time?!", I asked.

"Well... Aria-neesan, talked to me about you, brother. She told me you and her are going to get married soon so, I called her "Aria-neesan" as she will become my step-sister in law soon! Isn't nice?! I will have a princess step-sister in law!", She said happily.

"*sighs* I still didn't said I will be married though...?" [Haruto]

I really am tired this day and hearing marrying a princess? It became more tiring than ever because I never thought I will get to be with a princess and just marrying a princess will be really a pain in the ass.

"Don't worry! I won't force you to be my boyfriend! However, be prepared! I will make you fall in love with me, Haruto-kun! Even if it will take couple of years!", She said while shouting.

Make me fall in love with you, huh?, I thought. If she is going to make me fall in love with her, I'm sure I will really fall in love with her immediately instead of couple of years... 

"*sighs* Please don't shout here Aria-san... We're in the vehicle right now, it's too noisy.", I said as she was shouting, "I will marry, Haruto-kun.", Again and again...

"Yes, I'm sorry...", She said with a sad sulking face like a baby.

She really is cute, huh?... And oh, I forgot to ask her if she knew where our house is...

So, I asked.

"By the way, do you know where our house is? You don't know this place, do you?" [Haruto]

"Don't worry, I know where we are, more like, we are already here! At our home!", She said proudly.

As she said that we arrived, we checked the outside if it was our house and... We just really arrived at our house...

""Our home...?"", Me and Haruka asked at the same time.

"Yes, our home! From today onwards, I, Princess Aria Roselliana Marquees, will be staying at your home!", She declared.

As she said that, I remembered something and recalled back on the thing that our mom said this morning and thought that this is the thing she talking about but still, I can't believe it...

What... Are we on a manga or an anime world right now...? This can't be true... Right?, I asked myself.

And a few seconds of silence have passed...

""What?!!!!"", Me and Haruka got more shocked and surprised!

And so, the life living with a princess that is only a dream... Has now become the reality.

And, I hope I will survive this life I will have from today onwards... Goodbye... Peaceful life.