Chapter 0:


HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

In a world where Humans, Elves, Beastmans, Dragons, Demons and even pirates rest aside, The tip from the sun was visible in the mountains, Slowly showing it self as a sign morning has come.

Yes, From the word Elves and Beast... This is not earth but your imaginable fantasy world. It's still not reaching the modern civilization and also different to the world you knew called earth. 

Cities always have a castle in its center, The cities have large concrete walls standing outside who have a size reaching 30 to 50 meters depend on the kingdom and guards standing the outside gate with spears, swords, shields and staffs. Guards with spears, swords or shields wears some heavy iron plate armor and helmet, While guards who holds staff wears some robe either hooded or not. 

In distance from the city is always a flat grassland, Far away in forests. Cities doesn't really get near to oceans since its where dangerous water monsters resides. In the grassland near the kingdom, There are weak monsters like slimes or wolves wandering around.

Villages are different from a city, Houses are only build from woods and their roofs are made from hay leaves. 

Also, Instead of concrete walls guarding them, Its just lowly fences. Hunters patrol the places around the village incase a monster might get in the village.

For a Hololive Fan-Fiction story, Ever wondered why were in a fantasy world instead of earth? Its simple, In this story... We will talk about the Hololive 3rd Gen Adventures before they become hololive idols.

Now lets go to our Main Protagonist of this story, She is living somewhere in a kingdom where human resides. Somewhere in a common tiny house is where she resides. 

She is wearing a white thick clothes that have a vertical thin black stripes and also opened shoulder but with long sleeves, She also have a black skirt that stop before reaching her knees. Right now, She's snoring in her white comfy but messy white bed. Having a erotic pose by sleeping upward, Facing the ceiling with her right arm placed in her stomach and left arm raised above her head not straightly but with curve showing her armpit and her huge chest moves in everybreath she made and our protagonist also have a short white hair tied in a chestnut. Yes, Our protagonist is Noel Shirogane and we will be witnessing her adventures in this story. 
She's still sleeping right now comfortably so... End of the prologue and see you in next chapter.

Taylor Victoria
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