Chapter 1:

Embarrassing Life I Will Take

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

Noel was still sleeping comfortably in the bed. 

*knock* *knock*

A faint knock can be heard in her door. Noel didnt flich even a bit and stayed in her deep sleep.

The door opened on its own as a white haired guy entered in her room. He was tall, 5cm taller than Noel. 

"I cant believe your still sleeping here" The guy sighed looking to Noel who its ears twitched as its breathing changed to slow.

The guy let out another sigh and approach Noel who's now awake but doing a fake sleep. He held his hand to its soft cheeks and pinch it hard.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Noel groaned as she immediately get up in her bed.

The guy stopped and stand straight looking to Noel who's pouting, Holding its redden cheeks while looking away.

He sighed. "Today is your first day adventuring you know" He look down to Noel who's been lurking in the wall. "Seriously" He just spoke, goes out from the room and close the door.

Noel who's left in the room is still lurking in the wall... For several seconds, She lay down to her bed, still in curled position.

"Im sleepy" She muttered looking to the door. She made a deep breath, Stretch her legs and her arms straight and moan in her sleepyness. 

"I better get started" She spoke before going up from bed. She head straight to the door, Shut it tight and lock it. 

She proceed to turn back and goes to her closet, She then started stripping her clothes- (Lets skip this scene).

Now her body is wrap only by a towel. She was now in her door who is opened only a bit, She's now currently observing outside of her room. "Looks like olderbrother is im downstairs" She whispered while looking to her olderbrother's room before heading downstairs in vast speed and before her self reaching the visible part of the stairs below, She take a peek. 

In the dining room, There were only table and chairs, A doorway in its left(Noel's Point of View) enough for a single person to fit is emmiting white steams and delicious aroma. In the right side, There is also a doorway, A bigger one and its the living room. 

She found not a single existance there so she immediately rush over to the bathroom. She immediately enter to the bathroom, shut it close and lock it. 

The bathroom have a wooden floor, Same to the other sides of the house. The room is only 3 meters everyside while the height is 4 meters. In the other side of the wall, There were 3 large barrels full of water and in the rightside close to the large barrel was a wooden bucket. In the left side is a small squared wooden chair who have 12 foot length and width, with 4 shortlegs. There was a small wooden pail, floating in the water of the large barrel beside the chair. The room was emmiting orange light from a small lamp atop of the right side, close to the door. 

"Older Brother already take a water from the well this morning without telling me huh..." She muttered while looking to the dams full with water. She take off the towel in her body as the steam in the area covered her body.

[Noel's P.O.V(Point of View)]

I sat in the small chair and reach the large wooden cup floating in the water of the large barrel as I use it to take some water and pour it to my head slowly. As the cup emptied, I take another water from the large barrel again and poor it to my left shoulder this time slowly going to my nape. The cup emptied, I take another water and pass it to my left hand and pour it to my right shoulder and ran it to my front. The cup emptied again, I take another water and pour it to my head. As the cup emptied, I put it back to the barrel.

I look above the wooden ceiling "Today is the day I'll become an adventurer huh..." I spoke my thoughts aloud. 

"Its pretty embarrasing that as a knight serving the royal lord, I enter as a common adventurer. What can I do? We have a financial problem even I already became a knight. Today is my free day so... Theres no problem becoming one" I just muttered the embarassing life I would take.

After I mutter those words, I just continued my bath.
I finished bathing and now taking a peek to the door incase my older brother is there. He's my older brother and Im wrapped in towel, Not nude so you might think its okay but that's not okay for me. I have somekind what you call "Brotherly Love" or BroCon for short and I pretty hate it. Its probably because Im not comfortable around men even my own brother, Of course my brother didnt know about it. The main reason I lurk in my room earlier was because... I was trying my best to stop any unnecesarry reaction due to my heart, beating like a drum. Looking to the Dining Room now... 

Looks like no signs of life form is there.

I immediately open the door... Gather my force to my right feet and made a leap, passing by the stairs and now heading straight to my room in vast speed. 


I accidentally slammed the door.

"Noel, Are you okay?" My brother in the other side of the room loudly called.

"Y- Yes, Everythings fine!"

"I see... Get down so we can eat breakfast" 

"Yes!" I answered. When the atmosphere became silent, I just sighed in relief. Today, Im lucky that he only responded like that since he's a "worrywart". I can remember last time when I was in the middle of changing my clothes and accidentally drop my sword, He immediately rushed in my room saying 'ARE YOU OKAY!?', The downside was... I forgot to lock my door that time. Its pretty embarassing that I immediately sent him flying with a hard kick in a flash of lightning.

Thinking those embarassing memories, I snap and started to move so I can change my cloth. I stopped and right before me, Was my knight suit with a iron spear axe in its back and also a shield. 

My name is Shirogane Noel, Im a knight. But today, I'll start entering as a adventurer to help my family with our financial problems. This is the downside of entering the Knight Academy as a commoner, So things were pretty expensive and now we have problems paying back the people we just borrowed money for my education in this past years. I planned to enter into a part time job and my ideal part time job that time was adventurer since adventurers pretty have large profit if you climb higher. I dont have anygoal so I bet my life will be as boring as ever, Well... Probably climbing to the S class will be my goal, I guess...
Shirogane Noel didnt know the huge upcoming hurdle in her life as a extra adventurer.
Dangerous Terrains, Dangerous Monsters, Unpredictable Events, and even disasters it self. This is the terrors that awaits to a life being a adventurer, The higher the rank, The more profit you earn but also... The more dangerous things will turn out to be. Also... The dangers are not just outside the guild but it can also be... Inside of it.

Taylor Victoria
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