HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

A story held in another world, A fantasy world.

An epic fantasy story adventure of the 3rd gen of hololive. A.K.A the HoloFantasy. Our Protagonist is Shirogane Noel wjo's a royal knight but duebto the financial problems she got in the day of her academic life before becoming a knight, She end up applying as an Adventurer to solve that. Without knowing, The challenges and troubles she will be confronting in the days of her adventure. (The timeline is where they didnt become vtuber yet)

Alternative Title: ホロ • の • ファンタジー | Holo no Fantajī

(Note: This is just a fan fiction story, Some of this story didnt follow their main lore)

UpdatedAug 20, 2022
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count21,298
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