Chapter 3:

The Fall

Ghost Siblings

Center of the city. A king arrived and started preparing for his speech.

[William]: “I wonder what he have to say. He rarely do this in person. I hope it’s not to announce war with other country or something like that.”

Captain of the royal guard appeared and started to yell to silence the crowd.

[Captain of the royal guard]: King Alaric V is starting his speech!

[Alaric V]: Thanks for coming residents. Today announcement is not about me, or the kingdom, but about current prince William.

[William]: “Did I did something wrong? I openly refuse my marriage with Fiora, but he will not make such a big deal over this.”

[Alaric V]: I hide some information about him. The truth is he is not my biological son. Today, I’m fixing this. From now on he is no longer the member of the royal family. He is losing all his privilege and fortune. That’s all, I wanted to say.

King with his guard left the city center.

[William]: “No way! No way! No way! Why he did it? He could just speak to me. I could just disappear, without a trace. He never acted like that. There is no reason to make this public and who cares about this royal family blood. He took me, when I was 5. I spend majority of my life, as a prince. What should I do now?”

Erika looked at him, from alley between two buildings.

[Erika]: “Wait what! It’s not like my feelings changed about him, but this is something I never expected. Does it really matter, if he is biological child? They could keep this in a secret. Should I speak with him? Can I even say something to make him feel better? He just lost everything. I need to stop thinking like this, he needs someone to talk to. Ok, I will go and speak with him. ”


[Kazamir]: Ha! I don’t believe how lucky I am. He was just a mere commoner, from the beginning and he dared to oppose me. This gal hiding in the alley is great opportunity. Ha! This is my lucky day. Now, I can get my revenge on both of them.

Few hours later at the academy.

[William]: “I will take my stuff and probably just leave this city, maybe even a country. Gah! This has to be a nightmare! Now Akane and Aoi are not even with me. This is really bad. I need them right now. Who got this stupid idea. Oh, right that was me.”

[Kazamir]: Welcome welcome ex-prince! Ha! I never expected you to not be a real royal family member. Maybe that’s why you protected this gal from me. Humans trash needs to stick together, Am I right?

[William]: “Of course he needed to appear from the nowhere.” What you want?

[Kazamir]: I just want you to come with me. This girl named Erika is already waiting for us. You will come with me right? You will no just leave this place in the hurry leaving her behind. Even, if you leave at least I will get a new toy. I wonder what sounds she will make, when I will be toying with her.

[William]: “Tsk what a pathetic action from his side. Should I just leave? I can’t even do anything to him, without Akane and Aoi. He will just easily empower me in the fight. I guess I should train more. Or at least not getting this stupid idea as punishment. Please, come back right now I need you. I can just leave, he will probably not stop me. He will treat this as his win, but I can’t leave someone in his hands.”

[William]: I’m coming with you.

[Kazamir]: Excellent! I knew that hero will never leave his damsel in trouble.

After awhile they arrived behind the academy building. Two guys from earlier was waiting here and there was unconscious Erika here.

[William]: What did you do to her!

[Kazamir]: Relax, she is just unconscious nothing happened to her yet. Here take this!

Kazamir throw sword to William.

[Kazamir]: Let’s fight! If you win you can take her and just leave. If I win you can still leave, if you will still be alive and I will just take her with me, maybe I will even let this two guys play with her, as a gift from me.

[William]: “Disgusting how happy this guys looks. However, this is really bad. I never fought with a sword before.”

[William]: There is no reason to fight. We can just all leave. I don’t think it will end good for you.

[Kazamir]: let’s see how strong you are in a real battle.

Suddenly Erika wake up.

[Erika]: Ugh! Where am I? What is happening here!

[Kazamir]: Look who wake up. See we are fighting over who is yours owner, so be quiet and just look at this battle.

[Erika]: No! Please, you can do whatever you want with me just let him go.

[Kazamir]: Be quiet! Objects like you have nothing to say here.

[William]: “Why she is still talking like this. She should be more worry about herself, not about me. I just rejected her. Why is she still acting like this? She still have feelings for me? I guess this is giving me energy. Maybe, I can win now.”

[Kazamir]: So, will you still fight? Or you are just thinking about running away?

[William]: I will fight!

[Kazamir]: Good! Ready or not here I come!

Kazamir rushed to William, then he swing his sword and cut through William stomach.

[Erika]: AAAAAAAAA! William nooooo! How could you do this to him!

[Kazamir]: Hahahahaha! I thought he will at least fight for longer after his speech. I guess this is how a true hero ends. How pathetic.

[William]: *Cough Cough* “I didn’t even noticed his swing. How could I even beat him. I’m sorry Erika for not protecting you......I will see you on the other side Akane and Aoi.”

Then William lost conscious laying in his own blood.

[Kazamir]: Hey guys! You can rape, kill or whatever you want to do with her I don’t really care. I don’t even want to touch this trash.

*Slash Slash*

Two guys was decapitated in a second. Akane was staying in theirs blood looking furious with her axe. Aoi rushed to Willian and started using her healing magic.

[Kazamir]: Whaaaat are you?

[Akane]: You scumbag. You will die in agony for what you did.

[Kazamir]: We can talk through this. I’m prince you know? I can give you anything you want. You can’t hurt me.

[Akane]: Like I even care.

*Slash Slash*

Kazamir both legs was cut in the instant. Kazamir started crying begging for his life.

[Kazamir]: Please, stop! I’m begging you!

*Slash Slash*

Then it was time for his arms.

[Kazamir]: AAAAAAAAA! Don’t come any further. You can’t kill a prince.

She then squashed his eyes.

[Kazamir]: AAAAAAGHHHHHH! You will pay for this!


His head was no longer part of his body.

[Akane]: Is William, okay?

[Aoi]: Yeah, he will be fine. I already healed his body. He will wake up later.

[Akane]: What to do with this girl?

[Aoi]: Just leave her. She is not a danger. She will probably have trauma for the rest of the life. You could just kill him fast you know?

[Akane]: Letting him die painless death, after what he did? How could I. Anyway, I wanted to test this axe. I guess it’s not for me. It’s better to crush theirs bodies with my bare hands.

[Aoi]: Just take William and we are leaving.

[Erika]: Wait!

[Akane]: Huh? What you want?

[Erika]: I don’t know who you are, but thanks for saving William.

[Akane]: Well, if he didn’t have stupid idea and my Onee-chan didn’t agree to it. He will never end in this state.

[Aoi]: Stop blaming us. You behave weirdly and because of you this happened.

[Akane]: Now, it’s my fault?

[Erika]: Even in this situation, you can joke around. I’m really envy for yours relationship.

[Akane]: Ehh, whatever. It’s time for my own punishment for him and you will help with this Onee-chan. Now, We are leaving, excuse us.

[Erika]: Wait! Can I go with you, please? I will not get in your way. I just want to be with him.

[Akane]: Huuuuh? Did you heard yourself? After what you just saw? If I could even let me bring another woman to his life. He already have us and he don’t need anyone else, you got it? Be careful, or I could accidently hurt you.

[Erika]: “She looks scary, but I can’t give up now.” This is a risk I’m willing to take.

[Akane]: Huuuh? What did you just said?

[Aoi]: Just let her come. She could be of some use. Day didn’t ended right? So, lets say this is your new punishment.

[Akane]: You against me Onee-chan? Gahh! Whatever. Do whatever you want. I’m not going to stop you.

[Aoi]: We will go to Kenric place. Erika explain everything to us in the meanwhile.