Chapter 4:

Royal Castle

Ghost Siblings

Meanwhile in the royal castle. A young princess with long brown hair is arguing with the king.

[Fiora]: How could you do this to him! He is part of our family.

[Alaric V]: He was part of our family. I did this for him.

[Fiora]: No, you just discarded him, because he is no longer needed!

[Alaric V]: Silence! I took him as a child and was taking care of him for years.

[Fiora]: So, why did you do this?

[Alaric V]: Recently, your mother gave birth to a boy. This mean he is next successor to the throne. If I let William be prince there could be a fight for power later. This way I solved the problem.

[Fiora]: What a bullshit answer. He doesn’t care about power. You could just ask him to give up successor title. He will definitely accept this.

[Alaric V]: Maybe, he doesn’t care about power. However, others nobles will want to use him to gain power for themselves.

[Fiora]: Hahaha! I doubt you even believe yours own words. I think you are just scared, that he will take power from you. People already loved him. I’m pretty sure that royal army will stand behind him in the case, if he wanted to take power with violence. Your new born is just a excuse. You couldn’t do it sooner, because you needed male successor. Without any male successor king looks weak. Others will not take a risk to have a king, which at the moment of death will leave too big vacuum of power.

[Alaric V]: What a interesting point of view. I did for William sake, but you can not believe it.

[Fiora]: Whatever you say. To your information I’m not accepting ours engagement break.

[Alaric V]: It’s already public, yours feelings don’t matter in this case. You will be engaged with my successor anyway. So, just forget about William.

[Fiora]: I will never forget! Whatever, I’m leaving!

She slammed the door behind her.

Captain of the royal guard entered the room.

[Captain of the royal guard]: Your highness, we found a dead body of prince Kazamir. What should we do?

[Alaric V]: It doesn’t really matter. Just send official letter and tell this was a accident during his training in academy. They will not announce a war against us over lowest rank prince. And, they have a civil war which is a much bigger problem.

[Captain of the royal guard]: Should we send a army to help one side?

[Alaric V]: Not yet. Better to not act, unless others countries will get involved.

[Captain of the royal guard]: The longer we wait the weaker buffer state will be. Should at least we pick a diplomatic side?

[Alaric V]: We still don’t know who will win. It doesn’t really matter. One side want to have a bigger economic relationship with us, but other want to expand theirs military power. Both options are good for us.

[Captain of the royal guard]: Didn’t we already picked a side by letting Kazamir attend ours university?

[Alaraic V]: We never treated him as a prince, so it doesn’t matter. Now go and prepare announcement for a new prince.

[Captain of the royal guard]: Yes, my highness.

Captain of the royal guar left the room.

Later in Fiora’s room.

[Fiora]: *Sob Sob* I can’t accept this. I just wanted to live happily together with him. I hate this kingdom and my father. What should I do? What, Onii-san will do in my situation? I doubt he will cry to the pillow cursing everything around him. I’m so weak. I need to see him. Where could he go? Don’t tell me he already left the city. No, I can’t think like this. He can still be here somewhere. I know! Kenric place is the only place, where he would go. Ok! No time to waste. I’m going there for my Onii-san.

[Maid]: I can’t let you do that. King could execute me, if you run away.

[Fiora]: I forgot that you are here. Please, just let me go. I will come back, I promise. No one will know.

[Maid]: I can’t let you, but if you somehow escaped from bathroom. Then, it’s really not my fault.

Maid gave a Fiora key.

[Fiora]: Thank you.

[Maid]: I did nothing. You just found a key, which opens a back door in the bathroom.

Maid went for a guard.

[Maid]: Take a princess to the ground floor bathroom.

[Guard]: Can’t she use a bathroom in hers room?

[Maid]: It’s currently being cleaned.

[Guard]: But king said that she can’t leave a room.

[Maid]: So you want me to go to a king and say that you are declining a princess bathroom? I hope he will understand.

[Guard]: No, I said nothing. Follow me princess.