Chapter 5:

New beggining

Ghost Siblings

William woke up in unfamiliar place.

[William]:“Ugh! Where am I? What happened? Wait, a second who are they?”

He then noticed that he is lying together with naked green haired girl and orange haired girl. He then started to look around.

[William]: “This is really bad. How could I do it? When did it happened? Did they helped me? Why are they naked? Did I did something to them? Geez, I hope not. I need to do something with them before Akane appears. She could kill them. Should I leave? Throw them of out the window? It could be dangerous, but probably safer for them.”

Green haired one then started to laugh.

[William]: Huh? Why are you laughing?

Suddenly her hair became red and orange one became blue.

[Akane]: Haha! You look so cute, when you are panicking.

[William]: It’s not a funny joke Akane. Aoi why did you help her with this?

[Akane]: Wait what!? Are we looking normal right now?

[Aoi]: Yeah, I did it after you started laughing. Back to normal appearance.

[Akane]: Oh, why Onee-chan? I wanted to see his reaction for a little longer. You could at least keep the clothes off.

[Aoi]: I went with your plan, but I didn’t tell for how long. He should be resting now. William almost died you know?

[William]: Wait a second! What did you say?

[Aoi]: That you should rest a little?

[William]: No the later part.

[Aoi]: That you almost died?

[William]: Yeah, that’s one. So, it wasn’t a dream? I really almost died and lost my tittle as a prince?

[Aoi]: Yes, it’s true.

[William]: Can you explain me what happened then?

[Aoi]: Akane killed everyone and I healed you. Later we brought you here. Kenric gave us rooms.

[William]: Previously killing Kazamir will make me worry, but now I don’t really care. Wait what happened to Erika?

[Akane]: I don’t know who she is, but I killed a girl which was there too. There should be no witnesses left.

[William]: Wait what!? Why did you do that?


[Akane]: Ouch! Onee-chan stop being mean to me!

[Aoi]: Be serious for a moment. Erika is alive, she is in other room.

[Akane]: Back to important topic. Can we get a reward? You know we worked really hard for you. Aoi is really tired after using magic, especially healing one.

*Knock Knock*

[Erika]: Excuse me. How do you feel William?

[William]: I’m fine.

[Erika]: I’m really glad, when you was lying in your own blood I thought I lost all my willing to live. I’m really happy that you are still alive.

[Akane]: Wait! Stop wasting our time. William can you give us a prize? Maybe a kiss?

[Erika]: Kiss? Are yours relationship so advanced?

[William]: Erika it’s here it will feel weird to do it in front of her. We would do it later, ok Aoi?

[Akane]: Hey! Why are you forgetting me. I guess I will do it myself then.

Akane forced a kiss with a William.

[Akane]: Hehe! It’s fine to do it in front of her. She should know her place here. You know, because we did this it would be really unfair for Onee-chan, if you will not kiss her here.

[Aoi]: No need, I’m fine.

[Akane]: You should be more honest with your feelings. I know you want it, you just don’t know how to say it. Just do it William.

[William]: Yeah, It would now be unfair. I promised to treat you equal in this aspect. Here I come Aoi.

William kissed Aoi.

[Aoi]: Thanks. It really means a lot to me.

[Akane]: Onee-chan are you blushing? Hehe! We could always trained together, you know? Maybe we should start or even three of us together. Kissing together with each other, as a daily training. Later we can go to next level.

[William]: Akane I know you are horny, but don’t take Aoi with you.

[Aoi]: I’m fine with that, if this is you and Akane.

[William] Heee! Are you serious? Oh no! It’s already too late for her.

[Akane]: Yes! Even if Onee-chan is fine with that. There is no reason to refuse this William.

[William]: I guess we can then. However, I have one condition. You will no longer appear invisible to others people. We can then talk normally. Previously being seen with 2 beautiful girls could make me some problems, as a prince. Thanks to my father or should I just call him king from now on, it’s no longer a problem. Let’s start a new chapter in ours live.

[Akane]: Deal and I’m putting another condition. We will never leave, thanks to recent accident showing us that you are useless in a fight.

[William]: Ouch. This is hurting my feelings, but I agree.

[Aoi]: Everyone put one condition, so here is mine. Akane you would act more serious in the public.

[Akane]: Fine. I promise.

[Erika]: Am I 3rd wheeling? Or maybe more accurate here is 4th wheeling?

[Akane]: Haha! As you can see, you have no chance. So just leave.

[William]: On a serious note. What are you planning Erika?

[Erika]: Even If I can’t be with you as a woman. I still want to be with you as a friend. I will go wherever you go. Of course if you will let me.

[William]: Sure, if you are fine with that.

[Akane]: Tsk! I hoped she would just leave, after getting friend zoned twice in a row. Why are you fine with that?

[Erika]: I just want to be wherever he is.

[Akane]: I hope I will not accidently hurt you. It happens too often for me. I’m really sorry, if this happens to you.

[Aoi]: Don’t worry she is just joking, probably.

[Erika]: Probably? So, this is what you meant that I would be safer without you? Is Akane really that dangerous?

[William]: Yeah, she is getting really envy, when another woman tries to get too close to me.

[Erika]: Did she killed someone, because of that?

[William]: Probably not, but it will be probably safer for you to not get too close.

Erika was a little frighten.

[Erika]: I guess this is a risk I have to take. Let’s be friends too Aoi, Akane.

[Aoi]: Sure, why not.

[Akane]: No, I’m just accepting yours existence, remember to not get close to William.

[William]: Leaving this aside. Where do we go now?

*Knock Knock*

A wild Fiora appeared. She then jump onto William making them fall onto the ground. She then kept rubbing against him.

[Fiora]: Onii-san! I found you! I’m so happy! I thought I would never see you again! *Sob Sob*

[William]: Oh, hi Fiora! I’m glad to see you, but what are you doing here?

[Akane]: And get off of him!

[Fiora]: No! I will never leave my Onii-san! We are still engaged. Compared to you Akane! Oh, hi Aoi glad to see you again.

[William]: I’m glad that you are happy to see me, but this is uncomfortable.

[Akane]: And you are not engaged anymore.

[Fiora]: I don’t care what my father is saying. Only my Onii-san is important for me. If this means betraying my father and kingdom, so be it.

She then kissed William. Akane was really furious.

[William]: Wait what!? You was forced to this marriage. I thought you will be happy after king broke engagement.

[Fiora]: I always loved you and I will no longer hide my feelings. We can ran away together, so my father will never find us. Then, we can get kids together, Akane and Aoi can take care of them too. It’s good option for them, they can’t have a baby with you. Then, we would get old together and finally die together. Doesn’t it sounds amazing Onii-san?

[Akane]: Fiora you are making me really angry right now. I accepted you previously, only because others women will not get close to him, because he is engaged. Now, you are no longer needed, so get off of him! I don’t really want to kill you, so just get off and leave!

[Fiora]: Never! Aoi please help!

[Akane]: Don’t call my Onee-chan for help!

Fiora and Akane collapsed.

[Aoi]: Forcing me to use on you both sleep magic. How troublesome.

[Erika]: Wow! That was unexpected. She didn’t even noticed me. 5th wheeling I guess.

[William]: She never acted like this. What happened?

[Aoi]: She always had this feelings, you are just blind. I’m sure everyone except you knew it.

[Wiliam]: I guess I never knew her true feelings then. I need to talk with her in a calmer tone later, when she wakes up. I hope king doesn’t know, that she is here. Anyway, great job Aoi! This situation was getting too dangerous.