Chapter 6:

Adventure time!

Ghost Siblings

1 hour later…

[Fiora]: Ugh. What happened?

[Aoi]: I used sleeping magic on you. Now, you should speak with William normally.

[William]: I think it’s not good idea to let you stay with us. If you disappear King will create a searching party to find you.

[Fiora]: I don’t care! I want to stay with Onii-san no matter the cost! My father can go to hell after what he did.

[Erika]: Can I speak with her?

[William]: Sure, why not.

[Fiora]: Who are you? When did you arrived here. Are you one of my father subordinates?

[Erika]: I’m Erika, just a William’s friend. I was here the entire time. I think if rumor spread about William stealing a princess, he could be in big trouble. So, from my point of view you should go back too.

[Fiora]: And you are going with him? Why is that? Just, because you are older? I see, you going with Onii-san for no reason is totally fine, but not me. Are you trying to steal my precious Onii-san from me? I don’t care about your opinion, you can leave instead of me.

[Aoi]: Do you want to cause troubles for yours Onii-san?

[Fiora]: Of course not, but I don’t want to leave him.

[Aoi]: Imagine that, if the king hangs wanted poster for William. He will no longer be able to enter a city. He will constantly hiding. Only, because you would stick with him. You think he would be happy then?

[Fiora]: No, but I don’t want to. *Sob Sob* I don’t want to leave my Onii-san.

William hugged Fiora very tightly.

[William]: How about a promise? I will leave for a short while and after I come back for you. I will take you with me, no matter the cost. I will do it even if entire kingdom turns against me. So, give me some time, ok?

[Fiora]: *Sob Sob* You promise? No matter what, you will come back? You will not just disappeared and leave me behind?

[William]: Yes, in the meanwhile stop crying and wait for me with a smile on yours face. Ok?

[Fiora]: Ok, I will wait for you. I hope I would convince my father and welcome you back as a prince. Take care of him Aoi.

[Aoi]: Don’t worry, he will be safe with us.

Aoi hugged Fiora and whispered to her.

[Aoi]: I will always treat you as my younger sister. When, we will see each other I will help you with William and deal with Akane. Just wait for us, okay?

[Fiora]: Ok, Aoi Onee-san. Bye bye!

Fiora left the room.

[William]: I still don’t know how I fell about her. She always was for me my little sister, even after we got engaged with each other. Now, she want to be someone more. I don’t know what to think. I promised to you both too, that I will only have you two.

[Aoi]: I am accepting her as yours lover. Akane is fine with it too, even when it doesn’t look like that.

[Erika]: Can you accept me too?

[Aoi]: No, sorry we just met.

[Erika]: Oh. It’s fine.

[William]: About Akane, why is she still sleeping? Did you used stronger magic on her?

[Aoi]: No, she should already wake up.

Akane started mumbling in her dreams.

[Akane]: Onee-chan. Mmm we can’t do it here. Onee-chan, please stop. Don’t put it here ahhhh.

[Aoi]: It’s time to wake her up. Time to hit her really hard.

[Akane]:No, wait! I’m awake I was just kidding.


[Aoi]: Just to be sure.

[Akane]: Ouch!!! It really hurts Onee-chan. Did you used magic right know to buff yours physical strength?

[Aoi]: Yes, that cost me a lot of energy. Still worth it.

[Akane]: You are so mean Onee-chan.

[William]: Back to meaningful subject. It’s time for us to go.

[Akane]: My feelings means a lot.

[Erika]: Already? Shouldn’t you still rest for a little?

[William]: Nah, It’s time to go and better to do it before Fiora changes her mind. Kenric as always helped us here a lot.

[Erika]: He is such a nice guy for letting us stay here for free. Do you know each other that well?

[William]: Yeah, we helped him a lot in the past. Let’s go.

William and Erika left the room. Akane signalized to Aoi, that she want to talk to her.

[Akane]: Oh about Fiora. Onee-chan what you meant, that I’m fine with her. There is only one other person I will accept to be close with William and is not her.

[Aoi]: Don’t you think they are a little similar? They both loves theirs siblings. I think is fine to let one other person be close to him.

[Akane]: Or are you just feeling guilty, that Ayame never had time to spent with us? That’s why you want to help Fiora? You know there are not biological siblings.

[Aoi]: Does this matter? Ayame wasn’t either and we both love her anyway. Anyway, we should go. Remember no splitting.

[Akane]: Yeah, we should go.

On the first floor. William already started talking with Kenric.

[William]: Thanks, for letting us stay here Kenric.

[Kenric]: No problem. You helped me much more. I have much bigger debt to you anyway. You can come here anytime you want.

[Kenric]: I hope next time we will have more time to talk with each other Erika.

[Erika]: Sure, I hope so too.

[Kenric]: Take care of William next time better Akane, Aoi.

[Akane]: Yes, we will. Next time give us room with better bed. When, we had fun they was too loud.

[Kenric]: Ok, got it.

[William]: Huh? Did you did something when I was unconscious?

[Akane]: Yeah, it felt so good.


[Akane]: Onee-chan stop it already. I got it, I was just kidding. I was good girl and I didn’t do anything weird.

[William]: I’m glad.

[Akane]: Yeah, first time is supposed to be special.

[Kenric]: Hahaha! You better come back here soon. Take care all of you.

[William]: You too Kenric.

William and others left the Kenric place.