Chapter 7:

Damsel in distress

Ghost Siblings

Next day at the off-road.

[William]: So, uh where do we go?

[Akane]:I always wanted to visit neighbor country.

[Willam]: It’s not good idea, right now. Theirs internals affairs are still too unstable.

[Aoi]: What about visiting port city? We can take a boat and sail the sea.

[Akane]: Great idea Onee-chan! Let’s do this.

[William]: Sure, why not. We should go opposite direction then.

[Erika]: Oh, I never ate seafood. I wonder how it taste.

[???]: Excuse me, younglings.

A mysterious old lady appeared.

[William]: Hmm? What is it?

[Old Lady]: *Cough Cough* You looks like a bunch of adventurers. I saw a local bandit group kidnapping a young lady. Can you help her?

[William]: Sorry, but we are not…

[Akane]: Yes, we can.

[Old Lady]: Thank you, beautiful young lady. Go this way.

[Akane]: No problem, We will always help a lady in the distress.

Old lady pointed a direction and everyone started to walk.

[William]: Why did you agree? It’s not ours problem. Normally you would be the first to decline.

[Akane]: That’s the problem. Normally, you would ask a guards for help. Not a bunch of adventurers.

[Erika]: Wouldn’t asking a guard be a danger for someone who was kidnapped? They would need to be a bunch of them. But, then they would be easily noticeable.

[Akane]: That’s the same deal with adventurers. Normally, a small group as us would have no chance. And, most of adventurers doesn’t even fight that well.

[William]: So, you think this is a trap? For me?

[Akane]: You could be declared as criminal. Kazamir’s death could be assigned to you. But, this can’t be it. This would spread to fast. It has to be a different reason.

[Erika]: Can it be that she works with this bandit camp? Luring adventurers to the danger, then killing or kidnapping them and taking theirs goods.

[Akane]: Maybe this is it? Well, I can deal with them myself anyway. So, let’s check this out ourselves.

[Aoi]: I think this is something different. Did you noticed? She was mainly looking at me and you. She barely noticed William and Erika. Isn’t it weird?

[William]: You both are beautiful. Maybe, she looked at you as a target. You could be sold off for a high price.

[Aoi]: Then she should looked at Erika too.

[Akane]: Haha. Maybe she is not as beautiful as us.

[Erika]: Ouch. Am I not even worth being kidnapped?

[Akane]: Haha. Maybe people can feel yours evil nature. You tried to steal William from us after all.

[Erika]: I didn’t even know you existed, back then.

[Aoi]: Cool down you both. Let’s just see what will happened.

After a while they arrived close to bandit’s camp.

[Akane]: Everyone stay here. Protect William, Onee-chan. I would deal with them myself.

[Aoi]: Don’t toy with them. Just kill them.

Akane walked towards bandit camp.

[???]: Who are you!? You better give up now!

[???]: What? She killed him in one punch. Everyone come here and kill this gal.

[Erika]: Maybe Akane and Aoi will be great adventurers. They are basically small army.

[William]: This is weird. They didn’t expect anyone to appear. Maybe old lady was just desperate.

[Erika]: Ouch. That was brutal Akane. Well, barely anyone left. Remaining bandits are just trembling in fear. Just waiting for theirs death. It looks like we are the evil ones here.

[William]: Don’t feel bad for them. I read lots of reports about bandits. Some of the biggest ones exterminate entire small villages. They really are a pain to deal with. You can’t just send a big army to deal with them, because army movement it’s too noticeable and they will be long gone.

[Erika]: I’m not feeling bad. Akane leave one alive!

[Akane]: Everyone is already dead! Come here!

After coming to the bandit’s camp. Akane brought a unconsciousness lady.

[Akane]: I found her trapped here. I guess this old lady had good intentions after all. Aoi can you heal her?

After a short while lady wake up. She jumped onto Aoi.

[???]: Onee-san! Thanks for saving me.

[Akane]: Onee-san!?

Lady immediately get up and looked anxious.

[???]: Oh, I’m so sorry. You just looked like my old sister. My apologizes.

[Akane]: Who are you?

[???]: I’m daughter of Norman family. Thanks again for saving me. Please, come to nearest port city. And, find Norman family building. We would get you rooms and a food for how long you want.

[Akane]: Yeah, why not. We wanted to go to the port city anyway.

A bunch of knights arrived to the bandit’s camp.

[Knight]: Lady you are safe! We are really sorry for ours incompetence. Thank you heroes for saving ours lady.

[William]: No problem. We did it, because it was right thing to do.

[Knight]: Do you want to be escorted to the city?

[Akane]: No, there is no need. You guys better pick up yours lady and this time protect her well.

[Knight]: Once again, thank you. Now, we shall leave.

Lady and knights leaved the bandit’s camp.

[Akane]: What a great coincidence. Just after I dealt with this camp. They arrived.

[Erika]: Do you mean we should not let her go with them? Is she in danger once again?

[Aoi]: I don’t think so. They could be nearby and just waited for the best time to strike.

[William]: Let’s not overthink this time. We should just go to this port city and take her kind offer.

[Erika]: Why we didn’t go with them then?

[Akane]: Because, we can still some fun in the woods. And, I don’t trust them.

[William]: Definitely not here. Let’s go straight to the port city.

[Akane]: Aha! You said not here. This means you want to do it.

[William]: Please stop. Can we talk about something different?

[Akane]: About my and Onee-chan size? Hehe! You are so naughty.


[Akane]: Ouch! Onee-chan no need to be embarrassed about yours size. Small is beautiful too.


[Aoi]: Be quiet.

[Erika]: This will be a long walk…