Chapter 8:


Ghost Siblings

After arriving in the Norman family building.

[Maid]: I was informed about yours arrival. Unfortunately, lady is currently out of the city. However, I’m here to fulfil all yours needs. Feel free to ask anything.

[Erika]: Did something happened, again?

[Maid]: No, lady and her parents went to the business meeting. I can’t disclosure further information’s.

[William]: How long they would be in this business trip?

[Maid]: Few weeks. You can wait for them here as ling as you want. Now, please follow me. Food is already prepared for you.

After following the maid, everyone arrived in the big room with a table in the middle with lots of food.

[Maid]: Please, feel free to sit and eat as much as you want. Now excuse me, I need to prepare others things in the meanwhile.

Maid left the room and everybody sit down to the table.

[Erika]: I at least expected her and her family to commemorate ours arrival. But, they instead left the city.

[William]: This entire situation is very weird. If someone saved me, I would at least want to speak with them, instead of leaving the city.

[Aoi]: Considering theirs security failed, I think going outside the city and getting more knights is a reasonable thing to do.

[Akane]: You two better start eating. And, there is no reason to think about it. We got free food and place to live. Unless, you prefer spending time in the woods, William? I understand, in the woods no one will hear us having fun together. But, doing this in the bed is good too.

[William]: You are right, let’s just not think about this.

[Erika]: This food is really good. Is this what nobles are eating? I wanted to try seafood, but this is good too.

[William]: I guess, I should start eating too.

[Akane]: William, don’t you think we deserve a reward?

[Willam]: Huh? For what? What you mean?

[Akane]: That was cruel. I and Onee-chan are protecting you every day and you are saying stuff like this. Tonight is the perfect time to do this. Me and you just two of us in the bed and making love.

[William]: I guess it’s fine. If you want so.

[Akane]: Huh? You agreed? Are you feeling normal? Quick, Onee-chan heal him.

[William]: I’m fine. I think you are right. We know each other for long and we love each other. I see no problem with doing it. And, I guess I can finally do something for you too.

[Akane]: Huh? I was not expecting this kind of answer. Haha. That’s great. Yeah, let’s do this.

[Aoi]: If you don’t want to do it. You don’t have to. I can be the first.

[Akane]: No, I want to do this. I was first Onee-chan, you can do it tomorrow. And, later we can do it all three of us together.

[William]: Sure, why not. Now, I shall finally taste this food.

A little while later.

[Maid]: Here is yours rooms. As you asked I prepared two.

[William]: Thank you for yours service.

[Maid]: I will leave for now. Food will be ready tomorrow morning.

Maid left the hall.

[Akane]: Are you sure? You are feeling normal, right?

[William]: Yeah, I’m sure. Let’s do this.

William and Akane entered the room and Erika and Aoi entered the second room.

[Erika]: Is William going to be okay?

[Aoi]: What you mean?

[Erika]: This is Akane after all. Doesn’t she will enjoy more brutal way? She can always say don’t worry Onee-chan will heal you later.

[Aoi]: I know you are scared of her. But, didn’t you see how Akane acted. She can act like she is ready. However, in reality she will probably say stuff like please, be gentle.

[Erika]: Akane acting like that? There is no way.

[Aoi]: Trust me. We can ask them tomorrow. Now, you can go to sleep.

[Erika]: Maybe, you are right. You are her sister after all. I hope I will hear nothing. My heart will not handle this. Can you tell me, how you met?

[Aoi]: We made a contract. End of the story.

[Erika]: That’s all? Something more had to happen. I guess, I should ask Akane. Or, maybe better not to.

[Aoi]: Good night.

[Erika]: Ok, I got it. I am going to sleep. Good night.

Tomorrow morning at the dining table.

[Aoi]: So, how was yours first night?

[William]: It was great, I totally didn’t expect Akane to blush and say please, be gentle.

*Punch Punch*

[William]: Ouch! Why you hit me, Akane?

[Akane]: Agh! You was not supposed to tell anyone.

[William]: It’s okay. It’s yours sister. Anyway, it’s nice to know you have a softer side.

[Erika]: Haha! Aoi was right. I totally expected Akane to tied you up and then be brutal. Good to know she can act like this.

[Akane]: Why are you laughing? I can always tie you up. And, then start to cut yours limbs. Will this be brutal enough for you?

[Erika]: I said nothing. Please, be gentle with me.

[Akane]: You better be quiet, or even my Onee-chan will not be able to help you.

[Aoi]: Akane cool down. It’s okay. You can be a little softer in the bed. There is nothing wrong with that.

[Akane]: Let’s wait and see how you will act. William tell me all the details, tomorrow.

[William]: How about we walk and see the city. I want to ask people outside about this family.

[Akane]: Now you are changing subject? Fine, whatever. Let’s go.

After spending hours in the city no one knew about Norman family. Everyone just asked who?

[William]: No one knows them. That’s really weird. Let’s ask this vendor here.

[William]: Excuse me. Do you know anything about Norman family? They are a noble family.

[Vendor]: First time I hear this family name. Are they new here?

[William]: No, they should be in this city for years. You never heard about them?

[Vendor]: There is no way, that I will not know about noble family living here for years. If, you are looking for them. You probably visited wrong city.

After leaving the vendor.

[William]: Hmm. A noble family, that no one knows about. I really don’t like it.

[Akane]: Let’s go back and ask maid about this. She will tell the true. I will make her do it.

At the Norman’s house. Akane force maid to the wall.

[Akane]: Who are you working for?

[Maid]: What you mean? As I said I am maid for Norman’s family.

[Akane]: No one knows about them in the city! How can they be a noble family. Tell the truth or I will make you lose few limbs.

[Maid]: Ok, I will. Don’t hurt me. It was a woman. She asked me to do it. She paid me a lot. She gave me this house and asked to play a Norman’s family maid.

[Akane]: Tell me her name!

[Maid]: I don’t know. I didn’t asked.

[Akane]: At least tell me how she looked.

[Maid]: She was ummm Young? Or maybe old? With a long or maybe short hair? Uh? I don’t remember how she looked at all.

[Akane]: How can you not remember anything! Do you want to lose a limb!

[Maid]: Gyah! I really don’t remember, please trust me.

[William]: Akane cool down. Let me ask few questions. Was you supposed to do anything to us?

[Maid]: No, I was asked to just be next guests maid. I was confused too.

[William]: No poisoning food or notifying authorities?

[Maid]: Nothing at all. I don’t know why she paid so much, just to have a maid. But, obviously I didn’t object.

[William]: We are leaving tomorrow. Please, act normal for today. And then go hide somewhere. We don’t know hers true intentions.

[Maid]: Ok, I will.

[Aoi]: Isn’t it better to leave now? Why, even wait?

[William]: It’s getting late and I doubt she will do anything to us. There is one more thing to do here too. I promised to treat was equal, so let’s spend the night together, Aoi.

[Aoi]: This is a good reason.

[Erika]: Please, don’t leave me alone with Akane. That’s too dangerous for me.

[Aoi]: Akane don’t do anything stupid.

[Akane]: I will do nothing to her, I promise. I will be too busy eavesdropping you anyway.

[William]: You what?

[Akane]: I want to hear my Onee-chan moaning. For scientific purpose.


[Akane]: Ouch! Onee-chan you could just ask me to join you. Instead of using force. But, I guess you prefer it this way.

[Aoi]: You are leaving me no options. I didn’t want to do that, but I would put you into sleep for the entire night.

[Akane]: Onee-chan please don’t.