Chapter 10:

The Past part I

Ghost Siblings

324 years ago…

It was ours mom’s death anniversary. We stayed at her grave. It was only symbolic grave, but it didn’t mattered.

[Akane]: How many decades already passed? Onee-chan don’t feel sad. I will make you feel better tonight.

*Slap Slap*

[Aoi]: As always you have to destroy the mood. I miss her, she knew how to force you to behave.

[Akane]: Ouch. As always you can’t just embrace my love. She would be proud. So many years later and we are still together and I love you as much as always.

[Aoi]: We should go. I will go to house and you bring some food.

I and Onee-chan began to walk.

[Akane]: You know, we can skip the food. It’s not like we need it.

[Aoi]: No, but as mom said. It’s great feeling, when family eat together. So, let’s eat together as always.

[Akane]: Later we can take bath together and sleep together.

[Aoi]: This is why, I’m going home. It’s better to take a bath, without you around.

[Akane]: We can at least sleep together, right?

[Aoi]: No, I want to sleep normally today.

[Akane]: Oh, please Onee-chan. Why can’t you act like you was young. Coming to my bed in the night saying stuff like you are scared and can’t sleep. Then, hugging me for the entire night. Ah, that was wonderful time. Let’s go back to the good old days.

[Aoi]: Very old days. Back then, you didn’t tried to assault me in every single occasion. I want to have Akane-less day today.

[Akane]: Onee-chan, please. I would not do anything, today. Just today, okay?

[Aoi]: You say this every day. Do what you want, but if you will try to do anything to me. I will kick you out of the house and you will sleep outside.

[Akane]: Yay, Onee-chan thank you. I promise I will do nothing. Maybe, just a little hug.

[Aoi]: Ok, here we are splitting. See you later. Bring something special, today.

[Akane]: Bye Onee-chan! See you, later!

I and Onee-chan split up. I went to the forest and Onee-chan to the house. To this day I regret this decision.

[Akane]: “Hmm, I wonder what I should take. Hunt something? Nah, Onee-chan wanted something special. I know, I can bring some mushrooms and fruits. This should be more special, than usual.”

Few hours passed away….

[Akane]: “Oh, it’s getting dark. I spend too much time here. Sorry, Onee-chan. I guess I’m better hunter, than a gatherer. Anyway, this should be enough let’s go back. After this meal, we will have a wonderful night. Hehe. Wait, I’m supposed to do nothing. Well, hug is definitely okay, right?”

Later I arrived at the house.

[Akane]: Onee-chan I’m back! Sorry, for taking so long.


[Akane]: Onee-chan why are you not responding!? Oh, I know you want to play hide and seek! Don’t worry I would find you! I hope my prize will be you!

I walked to the bathroom. No one was here.

[Akane]: Oh, that’s too bad. I hoped you would be here. Hmm, maybe you are waiting for me in the bed. You are so naughty, Onee-chan.

I walked to Onee-chan’s bed. Empty.

[Akane]: You are not here, either? I don’t think there is any hiding spot left. Will my Onee-chan play like that? Probably not. Did Onee-chan started to looking for me? Maybe, she was worried, that I did not get back for so long. Did I missed her, when going home? There shouldn’t be a path for me to miss her. I really don’t like this situation. Onee-chan! I’m sorry, if you are mad!

Few days passed. I was still alone.

[Akane]: “Onee-chan is not funny. Please, come back. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry. Agh. I will look for her in nearby village. Maybe, she just want to spend time with someone else. Am I annoying? Nah, let’s just go.”

After entering the village I didn’t believed what I saw. Burning and destroyed houses. And the weirdest part is that I couldn’t find anyone.

[Akane]: Is anyone here!? “What happened here? I hope Onee-chan is not in any danger. Gah. Where are you Onee-chan. I’m getting worried.”

I checked a lot of places. I couldn’t find even one trace. Then, finally I found a child. A young boy who’s leg was broken. He was scared.

[Akane]: I will help you. There is no reason to be scared. Do you know, what happened here?

[Boy]: They killed them all. Please, just kill me.

[Akane]: They? Who are they? Did you saw my….

At this moment I lost consciousness.