Chapter 11:

The Past part II

Ghost Siblings

I woke up in the dark place, handcuffed to the wall.

[Akane]: “Huh!? Where am I? Agh. I can’t move.”

Then I noticed Onee-chan was here too, even in worse condition.

[Akane]: Onee-chan! Who did it to you!?


Onee-chan was unconsciousness.

I started to panic.

[Akane]: Onee-chan wait. I will help you.

I tried to break free, but I couldn’t. I felt weak. I tried over and over, but it was meaningless.

Hours, days maybe even weeks passed. I don’t really know.

[Akane]: It can’t be true. It has to be a nightmare, right? Onee-chan, please wake up! Haha! It’s definitely a dream. I will wake up and tease you a lot Onee-chan. Just wait.

Another hours passed, then finally something happened.

[Akane]: Huh!? This dream feels very long. I hope I will wake up soon.

A group of people entered a room. A man looking like a scientist spoke.

[Scientist]: Subject one is behaving as expected. Subject two situation is not as expected. Take sample in 30-70 ratio.

[Akane]: Huh. What a funny dream. A bunch of funny looking guys are here. You see this…

At this moment I lost consciousness again. I woke up after some time. I felt anger.

[Akane]: You piece of shit! Where are you!? I’m going to kill you…

I tried again to break free for hours, over and over again. After few hours they appeared again.

[Akane]: You piece of trash! You will die in agony!

[Scientist]: Subject one acts as expected. Subject two no changes. Take sample in 40-60 ratio.

[Akane]: Hey trash! Cut this subject speech and…

And again I woke up days or maybe even weeks later. This time I felt different. I didn’t noticed back then.

[Akane]: Hey! I promise, that if you will free me. I will not hurt you.

They arrived shortly after.

[Akane]: At least let my Onee-chan go! She doesn’t deserve it. Please!

[Scientist]: Subject one acts as expected. Subject two no changes. However, ours creation doesn’t need much sample of subject one. Take sample in 10-90 ratio.

[Akane]: Hey! Listen to me! Just let Onee-chan go, p…

Guess what. I lost unconsciousness again. After a while I woke up again.

[Akane]: I’m so useless. I can’t even help my Onee-chan. I’m sorry. If, only I was stronger. I shouldn’t let us split up. It’s all my fault.

They appeared again.

[Akane]: If only I was strong as Onee-chan. I could kill you, right now.

[Scientist]: Subject one behave as expected. Subject two no changes. No need for taking samples. Prepare subjects again.

I didn’t even bother reacting to this. I was just lost. As expected I lost consciousness again. After waking up I accepted my defeat.

[Akane]: Wow. You won. I don’t what are you doing. But, I guess it doesn’t matter. This is how rest of my life will look, until they kill me.

Scientist entered the room again.

[Scientist]: Overall subject one fulfilled expectations. Subject two didn’t fulfilled expectations. Even, after getting bigger dose. Let’s hope that It will not affect ours creation. Take final sample in 90-10 ratio.

[Akane]: Wow. You again will cause me to lose consciousness and I will wake up latter. But for wha….

I woke up after some time passed again. This time I felt normal. As weird as it sounds.

[Akane]: Why I was acting like that? I need to do something now. I need to save my Onee-chan. What can I do? Onee-chan please wake up! You sleep for too long! We need to do something together!

After a while a scientist entered room again. This time however he was only with one girl. She had purple hair and looked like us, back when we was young.

[Scientist]: Ayame meet yours sisters.

[Ayame]: Nice to meet you Akane and Aoi.

[Akane]:Huh!? Who are you!? Stop calling her ours sister. She is not.

[Ayame]: Why are you acting so rude? My father saved you after what have you done.

[Akane]: Saved from what!? He kidnapped us. If, you free us now. I will make his death painless, maybe.

[Ayame]: He saved you from being executed. After you both killed entire village. You was supposed to be killed. But, my father saved you. He promised to make you pay for yours sins. So, you was spared.

[Akane]: Genocide entire village? Haha! Don’t be funny. There is no reason why we would do this. You know who do that? This piece of shit did this with his people and then kidnapped us. Haha! Imagine being so naive to trust this garbage.

[Ayame]: Stop lying! And stop calling my father like that! I saw it. I saw entire village in ruins. And, few remaining survivors confirmed my father words.

[Akane]: Yes, we are the big mastermind behind this. We destroyed entire village and then got caught. By people we destroyed. Guys, you could create much convincing story. How stupid you have to be to believe any of this.

[Ayame]: Shut up! I would make you do it!

[Scientist]: Cool down Ayame, as I said, they are in big denial. But, don’t worry. They will get better. Now, let’s go back to training.

[Ayame]: Ok, father. I hope they will get better soon. And when they do get better, we can spend time as true family.

[Akane]: You piece of shit! I will kill you! And Ayame if you was ours true sister. You will save us right here.

Ayame turned to Aoi.

[Ayame]: Huh?

[Scientist]: Did something happened?

[Ayame]: No. I just feel bad for them. Living in delusion is a horrible fate.

Ayame and Scientist left the room.

[Aoi]: Don’t be mad at Ayame. She is being manipulated.

[Akane]: You are finally awake. Onee-chan I was so worried, that you will never wake up.

[Aoi]: I was pretending to be unconsciousness. Sorry for that. But, it was for the better. This way you acted more natural, so they didn’t suspect anything.

[Akane]: Onee-chan do you know anything? How we can free ourselves from this. Can’t you just kill them?

[Aoi]: I can’t. I feel too weak. I’m already barely consciousness. However, I got some information. Even, if we somehow escape they will just kill us. They cast a seal onto us. They can kill us at any moment. They really have a strong wizard in theirs team. I didn’t even know that magic like this is possible.

[Akane]: They did what? This bastards. What about this girl? What is she?

[Aoi]: Ayame was created by them. This is why they got ours samples. And, that’s why she looks similar to us. Only she can save us.

[Akane]: She? Hah. She is already brainwashed by this guy. We need to do something ourselves.

[Aoi]: I showed her ours true memories. She will not accept it immediately, but she will at the end. She is ours sister after all.

[Akane]: You did what? She probably already told this guy about this. Please, don’t call her ours sister. She is not and never will. Ours sister will never let us riot in this place.

[Aoi]: Trust me, she will. In her heart she already loves us. After all she was created from us. We need to be patient.

[Akane]: Onee-chan I’m sorry. I shouldn’t let you go alone. It’s all my fault. And, this is why I need to do anything. So help me Onee-chan. Together, We can definitely do something.

[Aoi]: How could you know that this will happened. It’s not yours fault. Trust Ayame. Now, excuse me I’m really tired.

[Akane]: Onee-chan please don’t leave me.

Onee-chan went unconsciousness.

[Akane]: I’m again alone. Tsk. I hate them all. And she will save us? Hah. Nice joke Onee-chan.

Few weeks passed away.

[Akane]: Any moment now. She will really save us. Haha.

Another few weeks passed away.

[Akane]: Onee-chan you don’t believe it. She already saved us. Hahaha. Just kidding, she did nothing. Damn, I’m so bored. Just kill me already.

After a while Ayame entered a room in the hurry. She destroyed handcuffs and freed us.

[Ayame]: I did it! I saved you. At the beginning, I didn’t believed that this memories was true. But, after a while I knew it, that they was true after all. Sorry, for making you wait so long. But, I needed to become strong to save you both. I’m really sorry.

[Akane]: Onee-chan was right after all. As always. Sorry for not believing in you. Wait, what about a wizard.

[Ayame]: Hehe. I killed him. You are safe now. Am I not amazing? Now we can be together forever.

[Akane]: Yes, we can. Let’s take Onee-chan and leave this place. And, then we will teach you a lot of things. Like what Is a true love. Hehe.

[Ayame]: And you can tell me a lot of yours memories. I want to know you better.

Scientist entered the room.

[Scientist]: I’m so disappointed in you Ayame. We was supposed to rule the world together. You betrayed me. However, you thought that you killed a wizard? He was obviously a decoy. Now let me take yours sisters together with me.

[Akane]: So, this is how my life ends. Ayame just kill him and then forget about us. Just be happy, that’s all what I want.

[Scientist]: What a moving speech. Too bad it’s useless. Goodbye!

[Ayame]: Nooo! Please, don’t take them from…

This is my last memory. This is how we died.