Chapter 12:

The Present

Ghost Siblings

[Erika]: That’s so sad.

Erika is hugging Aoi and Akane. Then, she started to cry.

[Akane]: What are you doing? Why are you even crying?

[Erika]: But, you were living together in a happy live and then, this happened. How can I not feel sorry for you.?

[Akane]: Agh! Just stop it already. I don’t need yours pity. We are fine, move or I will make you move.

[Aoi]: It’s fine. Let her do this for a little while.

[Akane]: And, you against me? Gah! Whatever. Do whatever you want.

[Erika]: You even met your new little sister. And, you didn’t even have a chance to spend time with her.

Some time passed liked this. Erika kept hugging them and feeling sorry for them. After a while it was finally over.

[Akane]: Are you finally done? I wanted to bury you somewhere very bad.

[Aoi]: Be nicer for her.

[Akane]:Agh. Whatever. Thanks, for worrying, but there is no need, It happened so long ago. Onee-chan barely remembers anything.

[William]: So, should we keep looking for her? Do you know if she is still alive?

[Akane]: We don’t know. She was very powerful, but she wasn’t immortal. However, we never met her on the other side. So, probably she is. Not sure, if there is a point to try look out for her. This was the most probably place, I could think of. If, she is not here probability of finding her is near impossible. She can be anywhere, how are we supposed to even met her. And, she can not even want to met us nor remember us.

[Aoi]: We should try anyway.

[Akane]: Where do you even want to start.

[Aoi]: I don’t know, but I want to met her.

[William]: We will find here nothing anyway, so let’s go back.

[Erika]: The sooner, we are back. The sooner, we can start looking for her.

[Akane]: You guys are too big optimist.

Near the boat.

[Akane]: Onee-chan are you feeling weird? Because, I do and this is the first time, since I died.

[Aoi]: I do.

[William]: What you mean by that? Can you even be sick?

[Aoi]: No, we can’t, but I feel much more alive, as weird as it sounds.

[Akane]: Touch, smell, sight is more irritating. Previously, nothing bothered me, but now I feel something.

[Erika]: I think, we should take a break.

[Akane]: No, it’s fine let’s go back.

[Erika]: It’s not fine, if you are acting like this.

[Aoi]: Don’t worry, we already are dead. It’s not like we can die again, because of that.

[William]: It’s not good place to stay. Maybe, theirs memories is making them feel like that.

Later, in the open sea on the boat.

[Akane]: Agh! This water is annoying. Why, I even feel it.

[William]: I know, that we was supposed to not split up. But, maybe you should go back to the other side, for a moment. Maybe, you are for too long in this world. And that’s the reason?

[Akane]: It’s dangerous, but I think you are right. I think one of us should go back first.

[Aoi]: You go back first. I can endure it.

[Akane]: Thanks, Onee-chan. See you later.

Nothing happened…

[Akane]: Huh? That’s weird. I can’t go back. What’s happening? Onee-chan you should try.

[Aoi]: I can’t either. I don’t like this. I hope it’s temporary.

[Erika]: What is that!?

In the distance, a huge eel appeared. Around 20 meters long and huge thick scales.

[Erika]: Why is this so big and why it looks like it have some kind of armor.

[Akane] Wait, what? This is a species that should be extinct for a long time. Did one of them somehow survived, for so long?

[Aoi]: No, that should be impossible. It was prying on others huge animals. It’s unstainable for it to live on the smaller prey.

[William]: It’s there a chance, that It will attack us?

[Aoi]: I doubt it, It shouldn’t have any interest in so small prey like humans.

[Erika]: Wait, so if you are saying, that it should be extinct. How this one is still alive and why no one noticed this big creature earlier?

[Aoi]: I don’t know, but I don’t like this. This is really a bad sign.

[Akane]: Whatever, let’s just don’t think about it. It’s not a danger for us. We should ignore it for now.

A little while later.


[Erika]: Aaaaa! What is that!? Why it’s so big again.

A huge bird flew above them. Around 5 meters high, with a 2 pairs of wings.

[Akane]: Stop screaming. You don’t want it to notice you. Another, species which should be dead for a long time.

[Erika]: It’s dangerous?

[Aoi]: I think it used to hunt humans, but not sure. It could be just a very old legend.

[Akane]: The worst thing is, that I no longer feel weird. I still feel everything, but now I enjoy it. Now, I feel alive.

[Aoi]: I feel the same. It reminds me how, I felt before I died.

[Akane]: *Yawn* Will you mind, if I go to sleep here? Huh? Why I do even want to sleep?

[Willam]: Aoi do you have a answer for this?

[Aoi]: I have no idea. Unless… No, it’s impossible.

[Akane]: Let’s talk about this in the better place. I already see the port.

[William]: Yeah, let’s talk about this on the land.

After arriving in the port and exiting the boat. Someone was waiting for them.

[Akane]: Ayame? Is that you?

A girl with a purple hair a little shorter than Aoi’s. Was standing there with tears in hers eyes.

She then started hugging Akane and Aoi.

[Ayame]: Yes, it’s me. I missed you so much. I spend so much time trying to bring you back. But, I did it! We can be forever together now.

Akane and Aoi was speechless.

[Erika]: umm. Nice to meet you. I’m Erika.

[Ayame]: I don’t care who you are. Just leave with this guy.

[Erika]: Oh… more similar to Akane I guess.

[Aoi]: What you meant Ayame? What did you did?

Aoi left Ayame hug.

Meanwhile Akane was cuddling with Ayame.

[Akane]:Ayame-chan you are so beautiful. Another Onee-chan I feel like, I would die from happiness now. Hehe.

[Ayame]: Thanks, but you are much more beautiful, than me Onee-san.

*Slap Slap*

[Akane and Ayame]: Ouch!

[Aoi]: You two stop it already! Ayame answer me already. What did you do.

[Ayame]: I just bring you back to life.

[Akane]: That’s my Ayame-chan, strong as ever. If anyone could bring us back it’s only you.

[Aoi]: How did you do this?

[Ayame]: I just connected other side with this world.

[Aoi]: So that’s why we couldn’t go back. You know what did you did? You just unleashed things, which should be long dead. Some of them can easily make humans extinct.

[Akane]: Onee-chan don’t be mad at Ayame-chan. She just wanted to bring us back.

[Aoi]: You don’t understand. Now, when you die you disappear instead of ending on the other side. How could you do that Ayame?

[Ayame]: Don’t worry Onee-san. I will protect you both. I’m really strong right know.

[Akane]: See, it’s fine. She will protect us. Ayame-chan is such a strong person now. I still remember, when she was just a child. I think, I will start to cry. She grow up so fast.

[Aoi]: 300 years is not fast. Stop, doing this Akane. What about William, Erika, Fiora or any other person in this world. She can’t protect them all.

[Ayame]: Who cares about others? I care only about you two.

[Aoi]: That’s the problem.

[William]: Cold down. There is no point in blaming her. We need to do something instead. Ayame can’t you just fix it?

[Ayame]: Nah, I can’t and you just leave us alone. I will just….

Suddenly time was stopped…