Chapter 13:

God of Time

Ghost Siblings

No one was able to move, not even being able to lift a finger. Suddenly, everyone was transported into new place.

An empty dark place, nothing was there except them.

[Ayame]: So, this is where my happy life is ending. Not even one day.

[Aoi]: Do you know where we are?

[Ayame]: Soon, you will meet them. So, annoying.

[Akane]: Ayame-chan come here. I will cuddle you in the meanwhile, I still don’t have my daily dose of Ayame-chan.

Akane cuddled Ayame.

[Ayame]: I’m sorry Onee-san. I thought, we would get more time together, before they intervene.

[Akane]: You only wanted to help us, there is no reason for you to say sorry.

[Erika]: When, did Akane started to act like this? William, did she ever acted like this?

[William]: No, but I’m not surprised. It’s hard to get mad at someone, when you didn’t saw them for so long.

[Aoi]: She still should. What Ayame did was stupid. There is no good reason for that. Akane just feels guilty for leaving her alone, back then. Even, if this wasn’t her fault, she still want to overcompensate time lost. This will probably not change soon or ever.

[Erika]: I would except this more from you.

[Aoi]: When someone does something stupid, you should scold them, especially when you love them.

[Willam]: Ayame, do you even know what should we do here? Is there a way to get out?

[Ayame]: Why are you even talking to me. Go away! It’s my time with Onee-san.

Ayame started to cling to Akane, even more.

[Akane]: Ayame-chan, you should be nicer to William. You know he is part of ours family now. Especially, after we already consumed ours relationship.

Ayame stopped cuddling to Akane and she started to fell anger.

[Ayame]: Did you do this too, Aoi-san?

[Aoi]: Yes, but there is no reason to get mad over this.

Around Ayame started to appear flames.

[Ayame]: How could you touch them! I’ll kill you, you will met the most painful death, I can imagine.

[William]: Well, umm I didn’t force it, so let’s talk about this?

[Ayame]: Hahahaha! Just, be silent. Maybe, I will be more gentle with you then. You know, I can always heal you even after severe damage. So, be quiet or this will last for longer.

Aoi came to Ayame slapped her, then she starts hugging her.

[Aoi]: Do you know what are you even saying right now? Why do you want to hurt man, we love?

[Ayame]: He forced you do this. He probably was like sleep with me, or you will be back to the other side. Everyone, will do that then.

[Aoi]: Even, if he wanted he can’t force us. Still, he is too nice to force us to do anything like this. We did this, because we wanted to do this. Honest question, if I and Akane wanted to hurt each other. Will you be happy then?

[Ayame]: Of course not, I don’t want to see persons I love fight each other. How could I be happy then?

[Aoi]: So, why are you acting like this now?

[Ayame]: I see, you are right.

[Aoi]: Now, apologize to him for yours behavior.

[Ayame]: I’m sorry William. For the sake of Akane-san and Aoi-san, I’m accepting you as part of the family. I will treat you slightly nicer.

[William]: Well, let’s start this again Ayame. I hope, we will know each other better in the future.

[Erika]: 6th wheeling, yay great job me.

[Ayame]: Who are you? What you mean by 6th wheeling.

[Erika]: I already introduced myself. I’m Erika and let’s not talk about 6th wheeling.

[Ayame]: Huh? Whatever. Oh. I remember you now, you was the gal, who get in the way, when I had family reunion. I almost killed you right there.

[Erika]: You what?

[Ayame]: Yeah, I almost blew up your head. But, I immediately forgot about you, so nothing happened.

[Erika]: Whew. This is first time I’m glad, that I’m so easy to forget.

[Aoi]: Be nice to her too, Ayame.

[Ayame]:Sure, if you wish so.

[William]: Leaving this aside. Why is nothing happening here?

[Ayame]: Well, this place is out of time. So, nothing can happen for eternity.

[William]: Huh? Are we stuck here forever?

[Ayame]: If, I was here alone or with Ayame-san and Aoi-san. I would thought so, but because you and Erika is here. I don’t think so. You shouldn’t be punished, because you did nothing. Something, will happen eventually. Not sure when, let’s hope it’s soon.

After no time. An eyes appeared everywhere.

[Erika]: Gyah! It’s terrifying, stop looking at me. What is that?

[Ayame]: They are coming.

A mysterious figures appeared everywhere. Theirs parts of bodies kept changing. Making them impossible to recognize.

[Ayame]: The god of time.

A speech started to resound from every where.

[God of time]: Welcome! Ayame you made a big mistake. Fixing the world, is not that easy for us, and intervening is really boring. But, the world was in the state where we had to. What punishment, should we give you? Eternal solitude? Eternal pain, living in the last moments of your sisters death over and over again? Being eaten alive over and over? Huh, so many options.

Akane hugged Ayame.

[Akane]: If you need to punish someone, punish me instead.

Aoi hugged Akane and Ayame.

[Aoi]: I will take all responsibility, for her actions.

[William]: If they are being punished, punish me too with them.

[Erika]: Well, count me on it too. But, please skip this eating part.

[Ayame]: Thank you all, but there is no need for this altruism. If, they wanted to punish me, they will not bring William and Erika here too. So, what you want?

[God of time]: So predictable. We are god of time after all. You still have punishment. First, everything will go back before you merged worlds. This means, yours sisters will no longer be alive. Second, you all will do something for us.

[Ayame]: I prefer eternal torment and letting them be alive.

[Akane]: Ayame-chan is okay. We got used to being dead. You can still interact with us, we just can’t go too far away from William. Nothing will change, except that we would no longer feel the world. And, we don’t want you to be suffering.

[Aoi]: Will Ayame be able to live in the world, after we do something for you?

[God of time]: Yes, we will forgive her. And, act like nothing ever happened.

[William]: Deal, so what you want?

[God of time]: Well, there are parts of us in the mortal world. We want you to fulfill theirs wish, then bring them back to me. Bring 3 of them and We will let you go.

[Ayame]: How are we supposed to know, who they are?

[God of time]: We will bring you close to them. Then, you can say to them I’m here to fulfil your wish and bring you back. They will always respond laŭdo estu. Nothing more, nothing less.

[Ayame]: Can we get their appearance too?

[God of time]: Age and gender. Farewell, for now. Tomorrow, we will bring you to the first person. Prepare yourselves.

Everyone was back at the port, like nothing happened.