Chapter 14:

First part

Ghost Siblings

[Akane]: Back, to normal I guess.

[Ayame]: Agh! In the end, what I did was pointless. You are still dead, and I brought you new problems. I’m sorry.

[Akane]: It wasn’t pointless. In the end we met each other. For me getting back my Onee-chan, is worth any additional burden.

[Ayame]: But, I failed you both. I spend so many decades trying to bring you back. I can’t even do that. I’m pathetic.

Akane began cuddling Ayame.

[Akane]: Please, don’t say stuff like this. You are amazing, you spend so much time and energy trying to bring us back. It didn’t work out, but it doesn’t matter. We are together now. That’s all that matters.

[Aoi]: We only need to deal with 3 parts of this god. That’s a small payment for meeting you.

[William]: Honestly, in the end no one was hurt and we got family reunion. So, win-win for me.

[Ayame]: Are you really fine with this? You can no longer have pleasures like food or drink.

[Akane]: It doesn’t matter. We got used to it and to be honest, I could lose much more just to be with you.

[Ayame]: Onee-san thank you.

[Erika]: Should we get ready for tomorrow encounter?

[William]: How can we even prepare for this?

[Erika]: Earn some money? I’m pretty sure, whatever this person want can be really expensive.

[Ayame]: Money is not a problem for me.

[William]: I think, we should just get some rest. I’m already barely awake. Whatever happens, I doubt we can get ready for that.

[Ayame]: I can rent some rooms for us. One for Erika, one for William and one for me, Akane-san and Aoi-san.

[Akane]: No, we should get two rooms. Willam should be with us.

[William]: No, it’s fine. You should spend some time together. And, you don’t need sleep, but I do. So let’s go with Ayame plan.

[Ayame]: See, it’s great plan. Hehe. A night with you both. I can’t wait for this.

[Akane]: Haha. Me, Ayame-chan and Onee-chan. I already have few ideas, what can we do.

[Aoi]:I already know you meant something naughty.

[Akane]: What? No, Ayame is still not ready for this. I can’t do this to her.

[Ayame]: Something naughty? I never did it. But, if you want to do it I have no problem with this. Ah. I can already fell yours love. This will be the best night of my life.

[Akane]: Oho. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t want to force you to anything. But, if you are fine with this I should be more direct with you, from now on.

[Aoi]: Can I decline yours invitation?

[Ayame]: *Sob Sob* Do you hate me? You don’t want to spend time with me?

[Aoi]: Please, don’t cry. I will go, that was a joke.

[Erika]: Ayame already is on Akane path in this aspect. Poor Aoi. I’m surprised this cry worked on her. When, Akane did it she was just annoyed by her.

[William]: Well, Ayame knows how to correctly imitate cry, when Akane did it, it was obviously forced. Anyway, let’s go, I want to sleep so bad, right now.

The next day… Everyone met in front of the building.

[Aoi]: I feel outnumbered. Can we adopt Erika, as a 4th sister? I want to have a chance.

[Erika]: No, thanks “actually maybe this is not a bad idea. Should I agree?”

[Akane]: What a hilarious idea Onee-chan. Haha.

[Ayame]: Well, if she can survive that. Why, not.

[Erika]: “Yeah, better not to agree to that.”

[William]: Leaving this aside. When, exactly something will happen?

Suddenly everyone was teleported, to unfamiliar city.

[Ayame]: Woah. Teleport magic. I wish, I could use it.

[Erika]: Why can’t you?

[Ayame]: Well, imagine trying to visualize exact place, where you want to go. Even, the smallest mistake can borrow you in the ground or in the wall. I can’t risk it.

[Erika]: Yeah, you should never try it. I didn’t know magic is so hard to use.

[Ayame]: Most people don’t born with any magic power, and even if they do. There is big chance, that they will accidently kill themselves.

[Erika]: I guess magic is not that great after all. Now, I fell better about not being able to use it.

[William]: Let’s start looking for this person. Shouldn’t we get their age and gender?

[Aoi]: Look at the ground.

In front of them was engraved two words. Girl and seven.

[Erika]: Oh, are we supposed to deal with a child?

[William]: I guess so. Let’s look around.

[Akane]: Oo. I see a girl with a mother. Let’s ask her.

[Aoi]: Akane wait…

[Akane]: Hey, I’m here to fulfill your wish and bring you back.

[Mother]: What are you saying to my child. Go away kidnapper!


Mother and girl run away.

[Akane]: Ouch. That was rude.

[Erika]: Haha. That was so funny.

[Aoi]: That was stupid. You should expect this.

[Akane]: eh, I just want to do it as fast as possible.

[Aoi]: We don’t want to bring attention to us. And, we should start by looking for someone who is alone.

[Ayame]: Like this girl sitting alone in the bench?

[Aoi]: Exactly, let’s talk to her.

Everyone walked towards the girl.

[William]: I’m here to fulfill your wish and bring you back.

[Girl]: laŭdo estu.

[Erika]: We got her. That was fast.

[William]: So, what’s your wish?

[Girl]: I lost my family, when I was very young, so I want to spend this last day as part of family.

[William]: Ok, so what’s your name?

[Girl]: I don’t know. Just call me Eliisaria. Actually just call me Eli. It will be easier and it sounds cuter.

[William]: Ok, Eli. Are you fine, if we will be this family?

[Eli]: Yes, dad.

[William]: Great, I see I got father role. Not bad. It’s weird feeling, but it’s okay.

[Akane]: What about me? Who am I?

[Eli]: Mom.

[Akane]: I’m so happy. Hehe. We finally have a child William, even, if temporary one.

[Aoi]: And am I?

[Eli]: You look like a mom, so a 2nd mom.

[Akane]: What a wonderful child. Me, Onee-chan and William as a parent. Can we permanently adopt her?

[Ayame]: You know it’s impossible. She will be gone after today. Ok, tell me my role.

[Eli]: You keep looking at mom and 2nd mom like a parent, so you are grandma.

[Ayame]: Huh? Did I heard it correctly? Grandma? I don’t look that old. Can’t I be a big sister?

[Akane]: Hahaha. Technically you are the oldest here. So, make sense grandma.

[Ayame]: Hey! That’s rude. Anyway, you was born before me.

[Akane]: That’s true, but we died long time ago. So, you are alive longer than us.

[Ayame]: Gyah! Whatever. I can be the grandma.

[Erika]: Don’t worry grandma is important role. “Haha. I can barely hold my laugh. Anyway, too bad I’m not the mother, but I can get a sister role. That’s much better than a grandma haha.”

[Erika]: What about me?

[Eli]: Family friend.

[Erika]: Huh? Are we not supposed to be a family?

[Eli]: Every family, needs a family friend.

[Erika]: Well, that’s true, but did I get friend zoned again?

[Ayame]: Haha. At least I’m part of the family. Better than to be friend zoned by a child.

[Erika]: I would argue, that child calling you a grandma is worse. Don’t worry, you don’t look that old. Haha.

[Ayame]: Better watch yours words. I heard a rumor, that sometimes people start to burn alive for no reason. What a weird rumor.

[William]: You both stop acting like this. It’s hers day, not yours. So, let’s just make the best day ever for her.

[Eli]: Can I decide what we do today?

[William]: Of course you can.

[Eli]: So, let’s spend the entire day as a big family.