Chapter 15:


Ghost Siblings

Eli showed everyone hers favorite place. It was a building. There was still traces of fire.

[Eli]: I’m always wondering. How my life would look like. If, my parents never died.

William hugged Eli.

[William]: Can you tell us, what happened?

[Eli]: I don’t know. I was too young to remember anything about this. I just know that my parents died back then. And, somehow I survived. Grandma was taking care of me for years. She couldn’t speak, so I never asked her about details. Not sure if she even was my real grandma. It doesn’t really matter she still took care of me and hired a teacher to teach me a lot of things. I wish you could met her but, unfortunately she passed away recently. So, I was alone again until I met you.

[William]: You didn’t deserve it. No child should ever lose a parents so early. Is there anything we can do for you?

[Eli]: Just be with me for today. That’s all I want. For now can we go eat something?

[William]: Sure, let’s go.

After arriving in the restaurant and placing an order.

[Erika]: What about going to theater, next? Do you want to go?

[Eli]: Yes, I want to.

[William]: If, you will want more food. Ask your grandma, she will buy you anything you want.

[Ayame]: Hey. Don’t call me a grandma. I don’t like this.

[Akane]: Today, you are a grandma get used to it.

[Eli]: *Sob Sob* You no longer want to be my grandma? Why? Did I did something wrong?

[Ayame]:No, I will be your grandma, so please stop crying.

[Akane]: You made my child cry. How could you. You are bad grandma. Hehe. Just kidding Ayame-chan, but act better in front of her.

[Ayame]: I’m sorry. Eli if there is anything you want yours grandma will buy it for you. So please forgive me.

[Eli]: You are the best grandma. I can’t be mad at you.

Eli hugged Ayame.

A little while later. On the way to the theater. Eli stopped at the local stall.

[Vendor]: Do you want to buy something, young lady?

[Eli]: Grandma, can you buy me this necklace? It’s so pretty.

[Ayame]: Sure. One necklace, please.

[Vendor]: Here you go. That will be 100 gold.

Ayame throw the bag of coins at him.

[Vendor]: Thank you, miss. But, aren’t you too young to be a grandma.

[Ayame]: Not for this child.

Ayame took necklace and put on Eli.

[Eli]: Thanks, grandma. Love you!

Eli hugged Ayame.

[Erika]: What a wonderful sight. I want to cry now. Childs are too pure for my weak heart.

[Akane]: hehe. She inherited this love for her grandma, from me.

[Erika]: Let’s hope its not that type of love.

[Aoi]: Akane don’t take my child to the dark side.

[Eli]: What type of love? What you mean, mom?

[William]: Don’t listen to yours mom. Let’s go to the theater.

After performance in the theater.

[Erika]: What’s next destination, Eli?

[Eli]: Can we go to the place, where we met?

[Ayame]: Why there?

[Eli]: I want to end in the place, where it started.

[William]: Sure, if you want to.

Back in the place where they met.

[Eli]: I have a request 2nd mom. Can you tell me a story?

[Aoi]: What kind of story?

[Eli]: With adventure and happy ending.

[Aoi]: Long time ago. There was a prince, he was…….

After awhile.

[Aoi]: Then, they lived happy life after. The end.

[Eli]: What a wonderful story. I wish, I could spend more time with you. I really don’t want to say goodbye! I want you as my family forever. I don’t want to go.

Ayame hugged Eli.

[Ayame]: I’m sorry, It’s all my fault. Now, because of me you will get back to them.

[Eli]: No, It’s not! Don’t feel bad. At least I could have a family for a day. I’m really happy!

William, Akane and Aoi hugged Eli too.

Everyone was transported back to god’s place.

[God of time]: You did a great job. Eli, you can say yours last words to them.

[Eli]: I want to thank you again. I never thought, I could have a real family, even for a day.

[Ayame]: *Sob Sob* I hate saying goodbye.

[Akane]: Remember about us.

[Aoi]: Don’t take yours mom as a model.

[William]: It was nice to have a daughter, even for a one day.

[Erika]: Instead of saying goodbye, it’s better to say till next time. Because, we will meet each other again, right?

[God of time]: Now, come to us.

Eli approached a god of time. Then, something unthinkable happened. God of time started to devour her alive. Everyone was stunned.

After he finished his meal.

[God of time]: What a wonderful meal. Once again, thank you for yours service.

[William]: You bastards! How could you do that! Why, you couldn’t make it painless!? Why, did you do it in such a cruel way!?

[God of time]: There’s no reason to be mad. She was just one part of many. Now, she is once again part of us. Right, father? Now, after meal, We see this wonderful memories you made with her. Thanks, again you have met my expectations. We expect similar result with next target. Prepare for next part tomorrow.

[William]: You are sick!

Once again everyone was back at the docks.

[Erika]: Excuse me. I want to puke.

Erika left…

[Ayame]: I don’t care that they are the god. I want to kill them, so bad for what they did. No one deserves end like this.

Akane began hugging Ayame.

[Akane]: Ayame-chan don’t do something stupid. There was nothing, we could do. Just 2 more parts and it will all be over.

[Aoi]: We know it will be over after a day. We shouldn’t get attached. Even, if I say it. It still hurts.

[William]: That bastards. They could end her live painless. But, they wanted to see ours reactions. They are sick.

[Aoi]: You and Erika should go get some rest. There is nothing, we can do anyway.

[William]: I know, that’s why it hurts even more. We couldn’t do anything. We could only watch. They are a god. They shouldn’t act like this.

[Ayame]: I’m sorry. You went through this, because of me. If, you never met me, You will never had to saw that.

[William]: Stop blaming yourselves. Sure, you did something irresponsible. But, to be honest I would do exact thing for Akane and Aoi, even you Ayame.

[Ayame]: Thanks, but if you think I would now jump to bed with you. You are mistaken then. I will never look at you as a man. Only as a bug, who is flying around my sisters.

[Akane]: Tsk. William you could pick better moment to hit for Ayame-chan.

[William]: Agh. I didn’t meant it in this way. Whatever, I’m going to sleep. Same place, as yesterday?

[Ayame]: Yes, same plan as yesterday.

[William]: See you later then. I will walk slowly, you can catch up to me.

William walked away.

*Slap Slap*

[Ayame]: Onee-san why are you mad?

[Akane]: Ouch. Onee-chan you wasn’t so hard previous night.

[Aoi]: Why can’t you both be serious for a moment? After what happened you are still talking like that. William is already in bad mental state. You should be serious and supportive in a moment like this. He never saw anyone dying. Do you know how he now feels?

[Ayame]: I’m sorry, but I didn’t wanted for him to use this situation to try to get me.

[Aoi]: I don’t know why are you treating him like this. He is not type of guy, who would force every woman to get to his bed. Today, I’m staying in his room. He needs someone normal who he can talk to.

[Akane]: Onee-chan don’t be mad at Ayame-chan. It’s my fault.

[Aoi]: Stop! You don’t need to protect her over everything. She is an adult now, not a little child. No one forced her to say this.

[Akane]: But, this is really my fault. If, I was a more normal person, she will then be too.

[Aoi]: Don’t speak to me nor William today. Let’s catch up to him now. Ayame go get Erika in the meanwhile.

[Ayame]: Ok, Onee-san. I’m sorry.

Aoi and Akane went to William, Ayame went to look for Erika.

After searching for a while. She found her.

[Ayame]: Erika, are you fine? Do you need a bucket or something?

[Erika]: I could use a bucket earlier. I’m better now. I’m useless as always. It reminds me of the day, when William fought. Back, then I could only watch too. At least you, Akane and Aoi are strong and can do something, when needed. Meanwhile, I can just look. I’m useless. I think I should just disappear.

[Ayame]: We could only watch too. Are we really that different? Sure, we have some powers and you don’t. But, does it really matters?

Ayame gave a hug to Erika.

[Ayame]: Everyone likes you Erika, even Akane. Don’t say stuff like this. You are just as needed as everyone.

[Erika]: Haha. In the end you can act more like Aoi. I guess you are really similar to them in the end. Thanks for your kindness. I feel better now. It still hurts, but William is in worse state. He never saw anyone’s death. How could they do it. Are we really sacrificing people for them? Is this even right?

[Ayame]: They could transport them directly. At least we are giving them last wish. I think this is the best we can do.

[Erika]: You are right. But, they probably enjoy ours struggle. We can’t gave them any satisfaction, not anymore.

[Ayame]: For now let’s go back. You should go to bed. And forget about this too.