Chapter 16:

Second part

Ghost Siblings

Next day at the port.

[Akane]: Are you feeling better now, William?

[William]: Yeah, I talked this through with Aoi.

[Aoi]: Erika, did you talk with Ayame?

[Erika]: Yes, we talked a lot. She is much nicer, than I thought.

[Ayame]: Let’s deal with second and third part, then forget about what happened.

Everyone was moved to a different location.

[Ayame]: Where are we now?

[William]: I think this is a border city. There are a bunch of people with different clothes.

[Erika]: Where is the clue. Nothing is on the ground.

[Akane]: Look up.

In the sky clouds formed two words. Woman 46

[William]: Huh, I don’t see any middle-age woman here.

[Ayame]: Let’s split up and search for her. I will go with Erika. It’s better to not let her walk alone.

[William]: Good idea. So, we would go west and you east.

[Erika]: See you later.

Erika and Ayame went east.

[Akane]: Did something happened between them? Previously, Ayame-chan would not care about her at all.

[Aoi]: She just accepted her. You can just ask Ayame about this later.

[Akane]: Huh? I feel envy right now. I can’t let someone take my Ayane-chan, unless it’s William.

[Aoi]: It’s good for her to spend some time with others.

[William]: We should start looking.

[Akane]: You are right, Onee-chan. Let’s find this woman for the sake of Ayame-chan.

Few hours passed.

[Akane]: Gah. Where she is? We was supposed to be transported close to her. Meanwhile, we can’t find anyone like her.

[William]: Let’s go back, where we was teleported. Maybe Ayame and Erika found her.

After getting back Ayame and Erika was waiting with a woman.

[Erika]: We found her. Her name is Emma. She was hiding from us, but we managed to catch her.

[Emma]: Of course, I would hide from suspicious people. You stinks with troubles from kilometer.

[Ayame]: Leaving this aside. We have a bigger problem. She doesn’t want anything.

[William]: Huh? Is there really nothing? You don’t want anything, Emma?

[Emma]: I worked really hard in my entire life. I have everything I want. I don’t need anything from you, now go away.

[Akane]: Hmm. Everything? I really doubt that. You looked like someone, that never had any friends.

[Emma]: Friends and family are distraction. I don’t need them.

[Akane]: So, what about doing a party? I’m sure you never had anything like that. You should try it.

[Emma]: Will you leave me alone after that?

[Akane]: Yes, we will.

[Emma]: Fine. Let’s do this party.

[William]: Great job Akane. You finally did something useful.

[Akane]: Hey! That’s rude. I do useful stuff very often. Anyway, Ayame-chan can you stay with her? We would get this party ready in the meanwhile.

[Ayame]: Sure, I will not let her escape.

Few hours later at the party. William, Ayame and Emma get drunk.

[Akane]:I hate this. Why alcohol doesn’t work for us? They are having fun, meanwhile we are just sitting here being sober.

[Aoi]: At least we can look out for them, so they don’t do something stupid.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room.

[William]: Ayame Ayame! Listen to this. You will not believe me, when I say it. When my and Akane first time happened you know what she told me?

[Ayame]: Probably something like do you want to do it hard way?

[William]: I expected something like this. However, she just said please, be gentle. Haha! I didn’t believe it.

[Ayame]: Haha! No way. Tell me did she then blushed or something saying things like that?

[William]: Yeah, she did it. Haha! This contrast was so funny for me. I never thought she could show me face like that.

[Ayame]: Hahaha! I need to ask her something.

[William]: No no no. Don’t call her.

[Ayame]: Akane-san can you come here for a moment!

Akane walked to Ayame and William.

[Akane]: Do you need something?

[Ayame]: Yeah! Haha! Can you show me yours face?

[Akane]: Face? What you mean? Are you too drunk already?

[Ayame]: Face, when you said please be gentle. Haha! I need to see it.


[Akane]: You was supposed to not tell anyone about this.

[William]: It hurts. I’m sorry. But, it’s ok she is yours sister. She can hear it.

[Akane]: This woman heard it too. Gah. I should take this alcohol from you.

[Emma]: Haha! There is no reason to be mad, young lady. Don’t take alcohol from us.

[Ayame]: Yeah, Onee-san don’t be a party destroyer. And, don’t worry I will be gentler with you too, from now on. Haha!

[Akane]: I’m leaving.

[William]: Hey! Don’t be mad. At least call Erika to bring us more.

[Akane]: Gah! You are so annoying today. Erika bring them more!!

[Erika]: Ok, wait a moment!!

[Emma]: Can you tell me more?

[Ayame]: Yeah, William tell us more. Maybe about yours first time with Aoi.

[William]: Aoi acted normal. Nothing unusual happened. However, I have a better story for you. So, I have a sister…. and then…

[Ayame]: She did what!? Haha!

[Emma]: Haha! Maybe, I mad a wrong choice in my life. Instead of working so hard. I should build a harem, like you. Haha! Live will never be boring then.

[William]: Harem!? I guess it’s true. How I did never noticed it. Hey! Ayame! When, are you joining my personal harem? There is still a place for you.

[Ayame]: Haha! What a stupid idea. Is better for me to just kill you. Then, I can have a harem without you.

[William]: Oh. Don’t be tsundere. I know you like me. I will get you later anyway, so instead you can join now.

[Ayame]: You better not try anything, or yours bottom half will burn.

[William]: Yeah, I will get you later. The best for the last or something.

[Emma]: Leaving this subject aside. Tell me more stories.

[William]: When I and Fiora was younger. She was too scared to sleep alone, so she often came to my room.

[Ayame]: Haha! You are so blind. She probably wanted to sleep together with her Onii-san.

[William]: Hmm. Maybe she did. I guess it makes more sense. She never was scared of anything. Guess, I was blind.

[Emma]: Haha! You shouldn’t left her, back then. Your adventure could be much more hilarious.

[Ayame]: She will constantly hug him and Onee-san will be like get off of him. I want to see it from my eyes. Haha! Should I go get her? Tell me where she is exactly.

[William]: No need to. I promised her to comeback and take her with me.

[Ayame]: Haha! If you say so. Don’t wait for too long.

[William]: Ayame tell us some stories.

[Ayame]: I was alone for the most part, so nothing interesting happened. O! I can tell from theirs memories. Not sure, how true they are, but It doesn’t matter. One time for Aoi birthday. Akane left her note to find her. Aoi after awhile found her entire naked and Akane jumped on her. Saying stuff like hehe. I’m yours birthday present. Aoi throw her out of house then.

[William]: Haha! Tell me it was a winter or something.

[Ayame]: I don’t know. Anyway, Akane-san was back then even more direct. She did this kind of stuff often.

[Emma]: I wish, I had a sister. Sounds hilarious. Now, William drink this in one go.

The next day…

[William]: Huh, where am I? What happened? I don’t remember anything? I’m in the bed? Huh?

[Akane]: Oh! You are finally awake. You and Ayame-chan made me very mad.

[William]: I’m sorry. I don’t remember what we did.

[Akane]: You started to strip me naked. I was so scared, when I saw yours eyes. You acted like animals.

[William]: Wait wait wait. I’m really sorry. Gah. How could we do that? No one tried to stop us? Wait? Can anyone even stop Ayame? Oh. I’m really sorry. You can punish us however you want.

[Aoi]: She is lying. Nothing like this ever happened.

[Akane]: Onee-chan why you say that.

[William]: You… I should expect that. Eh. Whatever. What happened to Emma?

[Aoi]: After you and Ayame went unconsciousness, she said that she feels fulfilled and we was transported again to a place where this god is.

[William]: Oh, so we succeed after all. It doesn’t feel good. What happened next? .

[Aoi]: They thanked us again. And, said third part will be the hardest one. He is part of bandit’s group, so we should prepare.

[William]: He is a bandit, huh? I don’t like this. Let’s hope it will be not be that hard. We need just one last part, then we can be free.

[Akane]: Go get some rest. Tomorrow, will be last day working for them. After this is over be ready for punishment with Ayame-chan.

[William]: Huh!? Why? We did nothing after all. You lied about earlier after all.

[Aoi]: I’m agreeing with Akane here. You deserve some punishment. After all you both acted in a wrong way.

[William]: And you against us? Whatever. Do whatever you want. I’m going back to sleep.