Chapter 17:

Third part

Ghost Siblings

Next day everyone appeared at the bandit’s camp. Blood trails are everywhere.

[William]: Huh? Why is only person here? Shouldn’t there be a bunch of them? Why there is blood everywhere?

[Ayame]: They could fight with someone here or just torture a bunch of people. Nothing uncommon. Anyway let’s go ask this lonely man.

They walked to a man.

[Akane]: We are here to fulfil yours wish and take you back.


[William]: Huh? That was fast.

[Akane]: What’s your name?

[???]: ROCK

[Akane]: ROCK, what happened here? Where are others people?


[Erika]: Huh!? He did what? I heard it correctly, right?

[William]: Makes sense why are there so much blood.

[Aoi]: Considering his speech, He probably doesn’t even understand that what he did was wrong.

[Akane]: Haha. This is what they get, when having this type of guy in theirs group. Damn, I wish I could see theirs pain.

[Ayame]: Who cares about a bunch of bandits. Back, to important stuff. Rock what you want to do?


[Akane]: It’s pointless to talk to him like that. ROCK, WHEN YOU HAPPY?


[Erika]: I hope the last part is not what I’m thinking. Anyway, ROCK WHAT HAPPY NOW?

ROCK began to walk towards Akane.


[Ayame]: Like I would let you do this.

[William]: Ayame wait!

ROCK body started to burn, then turned to ashes.

[William]: What did you do? We was supposed to bring him back, not kill him.

[Ayame]: What have I done. I’m so stupid. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t let him do anything to my Onee-san. Gah! What to do know. I ruined everything.

[Akane]: It’s ok. You did for me. I would probably act the same way in your spot.

[Ayame]: Gah! Maybe, they will accept this outcome. For someone like him this is fulfilling end, right?

[Aoi]: Cool down. They never said we can’t fail, right? Maybe they would just let us bring someone different.

[William]: Yeah, being mad will solve nothing. Let’s see ours consequence.

[Erika]: And he deserved it. It was to communicate with him, so maybe there is no losses.

Suddenly, everyone was brought before God of time.

[Erika]: They already know. Nice timing! Does they always spied on us?

[William]: Please, forgive ours sins, but it was fulfilling end for a bandit, right?

[God of time]: Unacceptable outcome. We are really disappointed.

[Akane]: That was unfair! Even, if he didn’t died. How could we full fill his wish!? When, he barely could speak. Please, give us another chance with a normal person this time.

[God of time]: We already prepared replacement for yours mission. This time is a familiar person to you. She is currently a princess.

[William]: “Please, don’t say is Fiora. I can’t do this.”

[God of time]: Her name is Fiora. Fulfill her wish and bring her back to me.


William fell to the ground.

[William]: No no no no! Please, have mercy. We can exchange her for more peoples. It’s good deal for you.

[Ayame]: I decline. Just punish me. It’s my fault.

[God of time]: You all accepted this rules. If you break them all of you will be punished. Farewell, We will bring you to her tomorrow.

[Ayame]: Wait! At least bring me alone to her. I will bring her myself to William. At least let me do that.

[God of time]: After yours failure, you are still putting condition? Know ours mercy. We will do what you wish for.

Everyone was back except Ayame.

[William]: No no no! I can’t do this. Is this real? This have to be a nightmare, right? She can’t be part of them. She is my little sister after all. She always was. Agh! I shouldn’t let her leave, back then.

[Akane]: I know it hurts. But, we have to do it.

[Aoi]: How could you say it?

[Akane]: Listen, if them want her to die. She will die no matter what. We can’t help her no matter what, but we can still help Ayame-chan.

[Aoi]: I know you are right, but saying stuff like this is not right. How is William supposed to do this?

[Akane]: We can at least make her last day happy.

[Erika]: Akane is right, but there is reason why Ayame went for her. If, we will keep running she will never bring her to us. Remember, what she said. She is supposed to bring her to William. If, this never happens technically we didn’t break any agreement with them.

[William]: This will solve nothing. They will force us to meet anyway. We can’t run forever. As much as it hurts. We have to do it. I could see myself sacrificing for her. But, I can’t sacrifice you all for her. And, they could always force her to come back to them anyway. Making ours sacrifice meaningless. I have decided, at least I will make her last day happy.

[Erika]: Is there anything, we can do?

[Akane]: Probably not. I’m sure her last wish will be to spend time with William. There is nothing we can do. We should probably get of their way.

[William]: I want to go to sleep. I need to not think about this or I will break.

William lost consciousness.

[Akane]: Onee-chan. Why you did that?

[Aoi]: It’s better for him. He shouldn’t be with any thoughts alone. Who knows what he could do then. Humans are unpredictable then. I will wake him up when Ayame and Fiora arrive.

[Erika]: Isn’t it just escaping a problem? This will solve nothing.

[Aoi]: There is nothing, we can do anyway. I don’t have a heart to see him in a miserable state. I could act unpredictable then too.

[Erika]: Can’t you just fight with them?

[Akane]: Are you stupid? You want us to fight with a being, which can freeze and reverse fight? Even I know this is impossible.

[Erika]: I know it was stupid thought, but I just want to do something.

[Akane]: I wish we could. Anyway, let’s just take him to a bed. We can talk about this later.