Chapter 4:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

In the subway kingdom of the iron leaf

#31103 the little red ant belonged to the working class, when you are an ant at birth you are assigned your life role and #31103 like most of the ants in the colony, she had the honor of being selected to live as a worker.

"Work, work, work!"
-She repeated all day every day inside her little head, like the rest of her companions, an army of labor force composed of hundreds and hundreds of workers arranged in an endless line doing their assigned work, all day, every day for the rest of their lives.

But that day, it was different, a news arrived to the subway kingdom of the iron leaf, in the mines of the subway kingdom, right in the center of all the roads, stood the great enclosure, the most important place of the colony, where the great mother queen, lady of life, lady of the proud red ants of the kingdom of the iron leaf, and right in the middle of the enclosure was guarded, a great throne of shining metal, a great empty throne, always empty because the queen was busy all day every day for the rest of her life, giving birth and filling the colony with life, she had ordered to build that throne, as a symbol, pure decoration for some, so busy she was living, a messenger ant arrived, talking fast as the ants always did, saving even in words.

-Queen, news, sunflower kingdom, accepts foreign students.

Immediately an echo was heard, giving an answer without delay, without bureaucracy, only actions, as it was customary in the life of ants.

-Strengthen ties" shouted in unison the committee of 3 old ants that helped the queen to make decisions of all kinds, quick decisions necessary to keep running a population of 7,777,777 inhabitants of the kingdom of the iron leaf.

Just at that instant of all instants, #31103 was passing in front of them, with her load of food on her back ready to be deposited in hold #17 as scheduled, with ants exactly like her in front already depositing their load in the hold, as behind standing in line, like every day, for the rest of their lives, and yet, with all odds stacked against her, the queen was heard to say.

-You, the little one who just unloaded in hold #17 say your number.

-#31103 - shouted the little ant loud and clear, without fear, without ambition, without life.

-By my highest authority I modify your role of worker to "student for detective" go this very moment to the kingdom of the Sunflowers, putting our name on high.

-She deposited the rest of her cargo in hold #17 for the last time of her life, and at that moment she changed her internal phrase of rhythmic and constant repetition.

- "travel, travel, travel"-

-#31103 wore Antverses tennis shoes of black cloth, with a tree leaf on the toe, her clothes were working class clothes, of the lower class, khaki color, functional, austere, on her hands gloves with the tips of the fingers trimmed, ants only know how to work hard, she used to say, -I don't know how to do anything but work hard- but then she remembered.

Once, while collecting in sector #g55. During the spring, he heard a very particular noise, while marching with his heavy load on his back the sound was becoming clearer and clearer, his feet, his little legs moved by themselves, -what kind of sorcery is this- he could not control himself.

-How well you dance, little ant, so you were kissed by the fire, coloradita!" cried the cicada that played that sound called.... music.

As she moved away and stopped listening to that strange sound, her little marching steps returned to normal.
"dance, dance, dance!"
-he thought for an instant, to return to his life, to return to his
"March, march, march, march."