Chapter 5:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

-What are you doing sister?

-I can't, I can't, I can't. .......

-Stop it, stop hitting your head, you scare me.

-Let go of me! I just can't remember.

-Remember what? And why does it have to be now, go to sleep.

-The word, the word from another world.

-What are you talking about? Go to sleep.

-That old story that dad told us once when we couldn't sleep, he said that when he was a child and couldn't sleep, our "abu" his mom, told him about her antics when she was a child and couldn't sleep, he said, she said, that once at night, she escaped from her hexagonal bed to take a night walk through the panalacio, in which she found her mother, the former great abejoid queen, chatting with a traveler who seemed to be from another world, his body without exoskeleton was scary, on his head without antennae he wore something circular of black cloth, which covered his head fur, he called him "beret", yes beret - shouted the little one,

- that is the word from another world. -

-no, no, that's another one, "abu girl" hid behind an armchair and managed to listen to the strange conversation full of otherworldly words, until she fell asleep and was discovered.

- In my world, we had a similar problem, many years ago, each country or kingdom in insectoid terms, each territory had its own currency, issued by its central bank and recognized by the laws of their country as official currency, no doubt a chaotic financial system where a country could issue as much currency as it pleased, when that happened, it upset the subtle and fragile machinery of the financial system, as a result of these events, several crises with terrible results where many people lost their lives, occurred, chaotic events, one after another, until someone invented them.

-old queen: what?

-traveler: Cryptocurrencies, they call them in my world.

-Cryptocurrencies! That's it, that's it, that's the word.

-That's what? sister
-That's what we have to find out if we want to save all insectopia.