Chapter 376:

Chapter 376: The New Look Council of Demons

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 376: The New Look Council of Demons

Narrator: In Hell.

*In a large fancy room with a long rectangular table, the Dark Goddess holds her Council of Demons meeting*

*The Dark Goddess sits in a throne chair. There are ten members of the Council of Demons in attendance. They are Korobu, Gentorious, Sherra, Zepto, Sane, Misha, Vollmond, Kopmon, Kogen, and a new member*

Narrator: New Council of Demons member – Grom.

(Author’s Note: As a reminder, Grom was a captured semi-successful Enigmus by Gen in chapters 174/183.)

*Grom now has many demonic features to him. These include having dark blue skin with even darker blue scales on some parts of his body and face. He has short two-inch-long horns on the top of his head. His irises are a glowing green color*

Dakame: I would like to thank you all for being here today. You may have heard but the forces of Heaven defeated the vampires in the country of Vandox and it left two of our council members, Leonis and Asina, dead.

Vollmond: I say good riddance. Those vampires rarely ever listened to orders.

Dakame: Oh, believe me, I’m not crying over their loss. It was obvious they preferred my mother over me.

Zepto: Still, warriors as powerful as them and Kazan don’t grow on trees.

Misha: They can only blame themselves.

Korobu: Some of us have undergone intense training over the last 42 years so even Kazan might have become a little overrated in the rankings. I, Hamura, and Gentorious have probably all surpassed him.

Gentorious: And then there is Scythe who was already more powerful than Kazan but never attends these meetings.

Sherra: But unlike Leonis and Asina, Scythe actually follows orders. You tell him to kill, he kills.

Kopmon: I agree. Losing the vampires won’t be a big deal in the long run because they didn’t follow orders anyway.

Dakame: Moving on. I want to discuss our next invasion attempt.

Zepto: I’m actually surprised at how long it is taking us to have a successful invasion.

Dakame: It’s for that reason why I have respect for Harmona. Even if she won’t admit it, she is like me. She will do anything to accomplish her goals. Unlike her mother, she is not easy to figure out.

Kogen: I just want to get my chance to fight in an invasion.

Grom: As do I.

Dakame: Don’t you worry. It will happen. It only failed the last time because Korobu made the mistake of letting Harmona know of our plan to use Armageddon to start the invasion. I have noticed that many of you are going through quality training. I am willing to wait to start our next invasion attempt until you are ready.

Korobu: That would be appreciated.

Sherra: I just want to mention that it means the enemy has time to get stronger too.

Gentorious: Let them get stronger. They can’t match us and they will feel even more hopeless.

*Suddenly, the big doors to the room open. An injured Helen enters the room*

Dakame: What is this interruption? We are having an important meeting.

Helen: *huff huff* Please excuse me. I want to join the Council of Demons.

*Everyone around the room looks speechless*

Vollmond: So, let me get this straight. You got your ass handed to you by Heaven’s forces, come back to Hell all injured, and ask to join the Council of Demons? Give me a break.

Helen: Please, I must! I want to avenge Kazan!

Vollmond: That kind of loyalty to Kazan is why the vampires aren’t well-liked among the Council. You put your own goals before the Dark Goddess’s.

Helen: I promise I will follow orders!

Vollmond: Bullshit! This is ridiculous—!

Korobu: Hold on, Vollmond. I don’t think she is a lost cause.

Sane: I say adding a new member would be fun.

Korobu: Do you have more to say, Helen?

Helen: Avenging Kazan is not the only thing I want. I also want to become stronger than him too!

*She forms Kazan’s trident in her hand*

Helen: I even have his trident.

*Some of the council members look impressed*

Dakame: How amusing. Very well. You can join the council and you will receive training. You will now take the place of Leonis and Asina on the council.

*Vollmond looks surprised at Dakame’s decision*


Narrator: Meanwhile, at an unknown location in a meeting room. The Crow Beak Divine Killers make their plans.

*Dayna meets with her five advisers, one of which is Haunch who doesn’t look like he has aged much in the last 42 years*

(Author’s Note: Just a reminder that Dayna has Dark Divine Eyes and a Crescent Moon Stone on her forehead now.)

Dayna: How is our lunar device doing?

Male Adviser 1: Progressing as planned. It will take a few more months to complete, however.

Dayna: Good. I will finally get to avenge my father.

Haunch: We all look forward to seeing that day. Our defeat 42 years ago was a setback, but it was nothing that we can’t overcome.

Female Adviser 1: The power of werewolves will guide us to victory.

*Dayna smiles*

Dayna: The crescent moon will shine.


Narrator: Back with Poleon.

*It is the middle of the night. Poleon steps out of a cave*

Poleon: Korobu’s seal delayed, but did not stop, my goal. In a few months’ time, I will move forward and complete my goals.

Narrator: The Dark Goddess has decided to delay her next invasion attempt but both Dayna and Poleon prepare to put their plans into action in a few months!

Chapter 376 END

To be Continued in Chapter 377: Important Discussion