Chapter 375:

Chapter 375: Welcome Back!

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: We now begin the 12th arc, The Crescent Moon Shines Arc.

Chapter 375: Welcome Back!

Narrator: In a dark dungeon hall.

*At a twisting dungeon staircase, light from torches allows two shadows to be seen of people going down the steps. Those two figures walk down the steps and soon reach the bottom. They walk through the hall until they reach a door. Their shadows are cast on the door from the light behind them*

*They open the door and one of them finally speaks*

???: Lord Korobu?

*Korobu is seen sitting with a large number of skulls throughout the room. He has a powerful black aura surrounding his body with flame elements, skulls, and even black electricity. Korobu does not appear to look much different than he did 42 years earlier*

*Korobu opens his eyes. His eyes are like a black void but with red skulls in them*

Korobu: What is it? …Sachi and Ben.

*The two people that opened the door are indeed Sachi and Ben but now they have demonic features. Sachi has small horns on his head and Ben has rough green skin*

Sachi: Excuse us, Lord Korobu. We don’t mean to interrupt your training but you have been summoned by the Dark Goddess for the next Council of Demons meeting.

Korobu: Is that so?

Sachi: Yes.

Korobu: Very well. I shall leave momentarily.

Ben: My lord, your power is so much stronger than it ever was before.

Korobu: I’m glad you noticed. It means my training is paying off. Of course, I must also thank the progenitor for me being blessed with this magic.

*Korobu’s aura dissipates and his eyes return to normal*

*Korobu stands up and puts on a red cape with a skull design on it to go with his black uniform*

*Korobu smiles*

Korobu: Let’s go.

*The three of them leave the room*


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*The heroes return to Heaven. Many angels are lined up and give a round of applause to welcome them*

Various Angels: It’s Zenfaro! He really is back! Welcome Back! I knew you couldn’t go down that easily!

*Zenfaro almost looks shy returning for the first time in over 60 years*

*Harmona is in front of the heroes and her top two generals, Zentano and Grinton, approach her. (Author’s Note: It’s been many chapters since they last appeared so here is an appearance reminder for them. Zentano is a female angel. She has blonde hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears royal red-colored armor with ancient symbols and patterns on them. She is a winged angel. Grinton is a male angel who has flat, light brown hair and green eyes. He wears armor that looks similar to Zentano’s but it is a dark green color instead. He is also a winged angel.)*

Zentano: My goddess, we welcome you as well as the princes and the princess back.

Harmona: Thank you. There certainly will be a lot to discuss over the next few days.

Grinton: Yes, we have received the quick report. Goma’s daughter having Dark Divine Eyes and a Crescent Moon Stone on her forehead leaves a big mystery and also the mysterious Spring of Youth.

Harmona: We are in the dark on both. We will get into those discussions over the next few days but I have family matters to take care of first. Zeth, Zaydra, Zenfaro, Sasha, Emily. You five come with me.

*As they leave, Kurt looks at Joe*

Kurt: There is something on Earth I want to do. Our friendship means a lot to me so, Joe, do you want to come with me?

Joe: Where to?

Kurt: You’ll find out when we get there. Do you want to come too, Keith?

Keith: Nah. I need to stop by and see my family in the Swamp Underworld to let them know I’m okay.

Kurt: Alright. Tell them we said hi.

*Keith grins*

Keith: Of course!


*Harmona leads the others to a palace building*

Harmona: As you know, this is the palace where we live. But Zeth, it’s time you got a room. We made you one during the 42 years you were recovering.

Zeth: Huh… I guess I left Heaven so fast after waking up from my coma that I didn’t get to find out where I would be staying until now.

Harmona: Nothing wrong with that. Now is as good a time as any.

*They go inside the palace building*


Narrator: Inside the palace building.

*They go to where Zeth’s room is but there are two doors*

Harmona: This is your room Zeth.

Zeth: Why are there two doors?

Harmona: The door on the left leads to your room. The door on the right leads to Sasha’s room.

*Sasha is surprised*

Sasha: A room for me?

Harmona: Yes. You don’t have anywhere to stay and you have divine power. I see nothing wrong with you staying here. Now, go on and check out your rooms.

*Zeth and Sasha go into their respective rooms and are in awe. The rooms have everything they could need for a great room. The large beds look comfy and they have plenty of shelves and wardrobes. They also have a fairly large desk for doing any kind of work. They each also have a large walk-in closet*

Zeth: This is great!

Sasha: I could certainly get used to living here! The carpet is so soft too!

*Emily looks at Harmona*

Emily: But why did you bring me?

Harmona: After I show Zenfaro his long since renovated room, I need to discuss your vampirism with you.

*Emily has a nervous look on her face*


Narrator: Meanwhile, somewhere in a dark and unknown location with black mist.

???: It’s time to start making my move. My power is now too great to fail.

*The black mist clears and reveals the one talking is Poleon who now looks like a humanoid dragon*

Poleon: Soon, all pieces of the puzzle will be in place and then the beginning of the end for both Heaven and Hell will start.

Narrator: Korobu has been summoned for a Council of Demons meeting and the heroes have returned to Heaven. However, the sinister Poleon will soon make his move.

Chapter 375 END

To be Continued in Chapter 376: The New Look Council of Demons